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Submitted by CZUM 770d ago | review

Killzone Shadow Fall Review | G4MERS

G4MERS: "This is not a system seller, who will lead sales of consoles PS4. Killzone: Shadow Fall is also not a game of the genre's "must have". (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4) 6.5/10

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showtimefolks  +   770d ago

its atleast a 8/10 if not 8.5/10. The only true next gen FPS with a proper story and online modes with stunning graphics


to be honest i think that has more to do with new system and it being exclusive than anything else. It also depends on what time you are playing, on weekends there are so many people online. During weekdays working hours not many are online but as we get past that 5PM time slot the online activity goes way up


its the only true next gen FPS, its the only FPS without major glitches yes i am looking at you BF4/EA. EA should get sued big time for false advertisement, everyone who has bought BF4(and a lot of people have)have pretty much become the beta testers, now people joining in 2014 will get a much smoother experience

so at launch we are expect to pay premium while being the beta testers. And none of the Gaming Publications had the balls to call out EA/BF4, i guess those checks cleared because i don't get how the game got 8.5-9/10
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Irishguy95  +   770d ago
Only next gen FPS and it still sucks. Being first to release doesn't give it leeway on how it's a bad game compared to the last 5 years of FPS games

@ Hicken. Sales =/= quality. PS4 gamers aren't exactly spoiled for choice either at the moment

Edit - I didn't think it was possible but GG went from a Masterpiece KZ2, to a passable game KZ3, to this piece of garbage. Somehow with all the new bells and whistles of the Ps4 GG messed up even more

Edit -
I haven't bought COD in a long time showtime. Just because Cod sucks doesn't mean Killzone SF doesn't also suck.

And I didn't mention Xbox One or it's ****y set of games either. You're just getting defensive over the fact that killzone SF is a poor game and are looking for excuses to protect it.
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showtimefolks  +   770d ago

its people like you man who don't mind buying the same crap in COD or sports game and that's fine but when a launch game actually tries new stuff and succeeds at most of it than its called a bad game. Great logic

so you mean to tell me xbox one users have more choices? really what about all the free to play stuff on psn? that you don't need plus membership to enjoy

its funny how indies mattered but now that most of them are doing something exclusive for ps4, all of the sudden indie games don't matter


awesome game yet sucks oh wait you must be talking about the broken game that is better known as BF4. play a KZ game before calling it the worst. To give your opinion it requires you to atleast play the game, but how could you when you don't have ps3/ps4


i atleast give COD some credit, their single player story has been better over the last few games while anything under EA/FPS has been bad
guitarded77  +   770d ago
@Irish... You most likely haven't even played the game.

Shadow Fall is one of the best shooters of the year. It does some new things like adding the OWL, which makes it unlike any other shooter out there, it has a good story, beautiful visuals, unique levels, different enemies which have different weaknesses (unlike most shooters where it's same old shoot and kill).

The only FPS that I would say is better (in campaign) this year is Bioshock. Killzone has great MP, a kind of hybrid of Battlefield and CoD. The only people not liking the game are those who just play CoD and its ilk. If you want to say it sucks, at least back up your talk and say how it sucks. I have yet to see one legitimate complaint from anyone who doesn't like the game.
Studio-YaMi  +   770d ago
You're just a hater Irish,you know that and you like to "act" like you're giving a solid reason when most of the time it's just a bunch of bull that you like to pull out and place on the table.

I have no problem with this rating,it's decent,yeah I would rate it higher(7.5 or 8.5 out of 10) but saying that the game "sucks" when you didn't even play it yet,you're just full of it.

I finished Killzone Shadow Fall on Hard Difficulty(PSN name: YaMiSeNsEi) and It was a blast to play,you just like to hate on everything Sony,you even have problems with "The Last of Us",a game that was acclaimed as best of 2013 by many websites and reviewers.

Short answer?
Stop hating!

Anyone who didn't play this game and likes to hate on it is just a prick,if you didn't play it then your short-sighted review on it doesn't hold a candle.
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sgtGanGreen  +   770d ago
LOL this game has awesome graphics but game sucks. Worst KZ so far
TruthInsider  +   769d ago
I thought graphics weren't great either, i don't get what all the fuss is about.
I was more blown away by KZ2 on PS3 than KZ SF.
Bored me silly, just played it to finish it, i didn't even bother to do the last mission after the credits.

So, got BF4 and whilst it has quite good graphics in places it looks just like an upscaled, very clear PS3 game.
The lack of AA is jarring too.

FIFA, same as PS3 version but shinier and clearer.

COD, couldn't play its narrow scripted story past half way.

Just leaves AC4, am quite worried about playing it in case this also underwhelmes me.

I just hope Infamous and DriveClub can impress me.
Total anti climax so far, i'm so glad i didn't get an Xbox, if i'm not impressed with any of this then playing at 720p would seriously depress me, what is the point in moving to next - gen?
Bathyj  +   770d ago
Agreed. CoD and battlefield have laughable campaigns while Killzone is engaging, gorgeous and offers a little strategy in your choice of playstyle. Only one title gets marked down for not redefining a genre while the others get by with rehashed mediocrity.
Evil_Abed  +   770d ago
So there is a conspiracy against Killzone again then...? Average games get average scores. It is that simple.
Wish PS fans would stop with this BS about how only their exclusives are harshly judged, it is getting rather old and tiring.
dsswoosh  +   770d ago
I 100% am certain you havnt completed COD Ghosts campaign. I know this because surprisingly it actually turned out to be rather good.
Septic  +   770d ago
"Rehashed mediocrity"

I'm sorry but Killzone fits this description very well. Killzone's campaign is not engaging and neither is it's multiplayer. I don't get it, what's engaging about it? The only thing going for it is are the visuals.

Tell me, which part in the campaign, apart from the on rails section with great visuals is actually noteworthy? It couldn't be the convoluted and rehashed plot, the poor voice acting or tired gameplay mechanics with the owl being the only saving grace from the mediocrity.

What in the multiplayer is actually engaging? You want to compare this to Battlefield which has MASSIVE scope, hundreds of attachments for several guns, vehicles, land air and sea? A game that promotes teamwork, features great visuals, features a commander mode? Even in it's broken state, it absolutely eclipses Killzone and it's painfully obvious last gen attempts. It is so obvious that so much more work went into crafting those massive levels than the 10 odd uninspired maps on Killzone.

I actually don't get it. I know it boils down to opinion but Killzone is an average game at best with excellent visuals. I don't get it.....what am I missing here?
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IHassounah  +   770d ago
This is a real review bu Angry Joe , believe me when I say he give his honest opinion about games :
Majin-vegeta  +   770d ago
Dude i saw his stream.He would run in like an idiot thinking it was COD or some crap and b*tch when he would die cuz of his own st*pidity.

So his review is full of it,
showtimefolks  +   770d ago

that's the issue KZ is just not COD or BF. In BF if you run and gun you will die quick, only in COD you can run and gun and be successful

KZ:SF is very under rated yet an excellent FPS game with a proper single player and really throughout MP


what bothers me is most will give opinion about a game they haven't even played, i mean give your opinion but atleast try the damn game first
Jovanian  +   770d ago
Would people stop posting this guys reviews like he is 'the voice' of gamers or something

he is just an obnoxious idiot who moves his hands around too much and is very unprofessional (watch him get owned by geoff keighley)
LOGICWINS  +   770d ago
I'm a big Angry Joe fan and I enjoy watching his reviews whether or not I agree with them


some of the things he complains about are of his own incompetence as a gamer. The freefall sections aren't frustrating once you READ the onscreen text on how to shift your weight in the air. I only died ONCE on the Chapter 8 freefall, which I thought was a nice change of pace.

Also, the campaign isn't the meat of Shadowfall, its the MP (which I'm enjoying more than Killzone 2's).

Now that thats out of the way, I'd give the campaign a 6 or 6.5 and an 8.5 or 9 for the game as a whole considering that the multiplayer, which is excellent, is the star of the show that will get free updates/maps for the next two years.

I would say the campaign is barely above average simply due to the creativity that went into the Forrest level and the prison escape level(particularly the section where Echo hacks ATACs so they can be used by you against enemies). If the entire game were as good as these two levels, the SP would've been a 9 from me.

Chapters 1-7 were at least engaging despite the wooden dialogue and underdeveloped characters. I respect GG for ATTEMPTING to tell a more meaningful story. They succeeded in changing the direction of the franchise towards a more mature route...but they're just bad at storytelling. No where close to a Naughty Dog or Irrational Games. This goes for Infinity Ward/Treyarch/DICE as well. Theres no reason in 2013 that we can't get awesome FPS campaigns that have rock solid stories/characters.

Moreover, Chapters 8-10 were trash. With the exception of the freefall, Chapter 8 is one giant chore in which you have to dodge half a dozen different attack bots. Chapter 9 was just about sending endless waves of enemies at you. Chapter 10 didn't make any sense and was clearly put in at the last minute just so GG could tell Sony they made 10 Chapters instead of 9. Why would the ONE person in the game that was advocating for peace between the factions kill out of revenge, thus further intensifying the war?

Although I got my money's worth with the MP, I'm happy Shadowfall received mixed reviews. Maybe it'll give GG a nudge to improve the SP for the next KZ game. It's sad that five years after KZ2, we still can't get a campaign that surpasses...or even equals it.
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Hicken  +   770d ago
Odd, cuz with the game's attach rate, it certainly appears to be a system seller. And the lack of glitches and bugs- coupled with the improvements over the last iteration- mark it as at LEAST better than the rest of the next gen offerings.
Gabenbrah  +   770d ago
But you could also bring the argument of the MP population of KZSF, it certainly isn't anything near what the sales represent. At times, I've seen the population at 300 people online.
Tru_Blu  +   770d ago
It's the same people on every night for me. Most I've ever saw online is around 3000 also. If it's sold a million copies that isn't to promising.
Majin-vegeta  +   770d ago
I'm guessing it;s where you live.
JBSleek  +   770d ago
This games sales/attach rate shouldn't have anything to do with what it is scored.

Also judging it on whether or not it is less buggy than other games is also a criteria that shouldn't be used.

6.5 seems fair. There has been plenty of mixed reviews for this game. With Metacritic of 74 a 6.5 seems rather normal rating for this game.
RIP_Weazel  +   770d ago
..what? So a tolerance of 10% is acceptable? Sorry, in most professions, to be called representative you have to fall within a 3% range.
Hicken  +   770d ago
"This is not a system seller, who will lead sales of consoles PS4. Killzone: Shadow Fall is also not a game of the genre's "must have."

I was referring specifically to this, with zero mention of the score. The score may match the review, but the reality of the game doesn't. If I remember correctly, Killzone reached the million milestone before any other XB1 or PS4 game released; it'd be reasonable to estimate a maximum of 3 million or so units sold for the PS4 at that time, giving Killzone a minimum of about a 33% attach rate.

Sounds like a system seller to me.

I'm not even gonna get into the metacritic debate. On the whole, I think it's a broken system, particularly when intentionally inflammatory sites like quartertothree are included. Still, "normal" for Shadow Fall wouldn't be a 6.5, but a 7.4. That's... kinda why it's the average?
XboxFun  +   763d ago
"cuz with the game's attach rate, it certainly appears to be a system seller."

Or it could simply be because it really is the only game remotely interesting out for the PS4.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   762d ago
You are totally right bro!
ELCUCO  +   770d ago
Gabenbrah  +   770d ago
Was an okay launch game, decent campaign and MP, I'd give it a 7/10, could easily be an 8/10 if Guerilla Games release a TU that fix some of the issues within the MP. KZSF is very pretty in terms of graphics though, makes me optimistic about future PS4 titles in terms of visuals.
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sandman224  +   770d ago
I'm loving every minute of killzone from campaign to multiplayer. 8.5/10 all day.
JBSleek  +   770d ago
7/10 seems to be a fair score.
sgtGanGreen  +   770d ago
Worst KZ so far, except graphics
brettyd  +   770d ago
Really with they didn't listen to critics who said it lacked color blah blah. I love KZ for the gameplay and atmosphere. Shadow Fall is good but a disappointment as a Killzone game.
sgtGanGreen  +   770d ago
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   770d ago
The SP is trash. The levels get worse as you play. It's just boring. The MP is decent at best. It's only selling so well because there are no other games to play on ps4 at the moment. Anyone who doesn't see that is in denial. This game is about a 7 if you ask me.
showtimefolks  +   770d ago
than what is Bf4? we can't be harsh to one game and give another a break?
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   770d ago
Maybe u should read my comment history about what I've said about bf4 befoe you assume. But bf4 imo is a far superior game to boring kz. Outside of graphis kz never offered much. Even kz 2 wasn't all that great. Soon this game will be forgotten like most average shooters. You can say I'm being harsh but I'd call it being real.
showtimefolks  +   770d ago

ok i was about to take you serious than you said KZ2 wasn't all that great, seriously dude. KZ2 is one of the best FPS of current gen

perfect online
perfect 10-12 hours story
stunning graphics
FlunkinMonkey  +   770d ago
Anyone who actually believes this chump has actually played through any of the KZ games he has just mentioned needs their head checked.
CrossingEden  +   770d ago
blk september, You do realize that just saying "perfect this" "perfect that" doesn't make your opinion valid right? Especially when it's common knowledge that killzone 2's story is not in any way shape or form perfect or even 10-12 hours on normal difficulty.
LOGICWINS  +   770d ago
Hmmm..I must be in the minority because I'm loving the multiplayer. I've never been so immersed in an MP suite since Rainbow Six Vegas.

I agree that the SP gets worse and worse during the second half of the game though. And yes, your right. Shadowfall is doing well because it has little competition on the exclusive front on the PS4. If this was coming out in Late 2014 alongside UC4 and The Order, it would be a different story.

Its good that its selling well though. I want the KZ community to grow as large as possible.
Tornadobounce  +   770d ago
No need to go next gen just yet
Majin-vegeta  +   770d ago
What a load of crocket.

BTW the demo is on PSN if you guys are still unsure of it.
DoesUs  +   770d ago
Everyone has an opinion. IMO its an 8.5. It looks gorgeous (always a given with GG), terrific sound, lengthy campaign and I don't play multiplayer on any game 95% of the time. There are things I'd like GG to incorporate from KZ2, but that is for another discussion.
DivineAssault  +   770d ago
The game was an 8 at the least for me.. The story kinda grew on my for the campaign (though it wasnt that great, it was decent).. There were things i didnt like with the platforming & weight physics but it was a decent game & i could sit through & beat it again.. The multiplayer wasnt bad either
Many-hat5  +   770d ago
Personally,I think 6.5 is being a little over generous for this game.I purchased the PS4 'shadow fall bundle' at launch, and I am currently, unimpressed with the whole deal. Specifically though,this game is just poor imo. Graphics? Very average guys, sorry, but if you ever get round to owning a half decent PC gaming rig then you will understand that statement. Still, graphics aside, because it's not just about graphics, right? This game for me, is just a mishmash of old worn out FPS cliché's poorly patched together. I'm sure PS4 will bring us some classic stuff in the coming years, but shadow fall isn't one of them. Consign it to the best forgotten pile, and quickly move on. Sony, where the hell is My WIPEOUT for PS4 ?? I'm waiting.......
_FantasmA_   770d ago | Off topic | show
imt558  +   770d ago
Quote from article :

I realize that this is a completely new hardware, and KZ: SF is one of the first games that were released him, but I was hoping at least for a qualitative leap that observed during a transfer from PS2 to PS3...

No! There is no generation leap. From 720p to 1080p and this :

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DigitalRaptor  +   770d ago
This is why people like this should not be reviewing games. Period.

It's okay to have opinions, but not when they're invalid.
mayberry  +   770d ago
I am a hugely devoted KZ fan, so I read most reviews and comment sections concerning KZ. What I have found is the people who have bought a KZ title and subsequently say things such as..."I returned it", "didn't like it" etc... almost always say these things after only a few weeks of playing. Ok, I am fan and every KZ title I play takes me longer than that to really level up my classes to the point where I can start to see where GG's devs "vision" for KZ really shines! This is not a title to casually play and quickly level up with 30+ kills a match! I have come in first on my team many times with a 18 kill count match. KZ takes patience and cunning to start DEVASTATING the opposition online! When that happens to you... I guarantee you wont be able to put it down! Killzone is BOSS! Adult gaming at its finest!
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_FantasmA_  +   770d ago
I think the campaign just wasn't shooter enough. Only the last two chapters, and The Doctor felt like a shooter. The multiplayer, on the other hand is absolutely badass. Can't get enough of it. I just wish people would play custom warzones. It sucks that everyone goes to official warzones because the 24 player team deathmatch only has 6 maps in its rotation. It left out The Factory and The Spire, those maps get intense!

Still I don't get why this game is being judged by its single player when it is cleary a multiplayer games. Battlefield and COD always get a pass with their recycled campaigns and multiplayers. They should named the game Call of Duty Shadow Fall 7 and they would have gotten better review scores.
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Gamer-40  +   770d ago
Killzone Shadow Fall very boring single player campaign. Very nice game, but boring game.
Allowen  +   769d ago
I found the 1P mode in KZ Sf to be very boring in general.I finished it once on the normal difficulty and then I moved on to play other games.

It is funy to me because I'm a huge fan of KZ franchise and I got 100% trophies complete in the 1P mode from kz2, Kz3 and Kz Mercenary.
The KZ sf was not the kind of FPS I was expecting it to be.
Anyways I still need to give it a try on the MP modes.
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