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Submitted by Abriael 779d ago | rumor

Watch_Dogs' Release Date Listed for March 21st by Retailer, with Delivery Date Guaranteed

Retailer Shopto listed today a release date for Watch_Dogs, going as far as to guarantee the delivery date with a compensation of £5 (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Riderz1337  +   779d ago
Same day as inFAMOUS Second Son? Why would they do that lol?
Abriael  +   779d ago
wouldn't be the first time big games get released on the same day. The end of february and march are very, very packed this coming year.
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BALLBAGS  +   779d ago
Sony should release infamous a month later if they have any sense....

watchdogs is hyped to the max many people can't afford £110 on two games at once

infamous needs a release date all to itself
Unreal01  +   779d ago
Isn't FF10HD also due out then? That's going to be one expensive day.
minimur12  +   779d ago
shopto are infamous for stuff like this. Marsh is in q1 anyway which is different from what ubi have said about the release timeframe. I remember them advertising infamous as a launch game. shopto are a bit dirty when it comes to stuff like this. I highly doubt this being the official date

also, they didn't list this today (or yesterday, whenever this article was written) it's been like that or about maybe a week?
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adventureghost124  +   778d ago
Hey Ballsy
Infamous SS is one of the most anticipated exclusives for any console plus Sony was there first, after the whole debacle of Ubisoft delaying Watch_Dogs to boost the sales of they're the ones who should move over.
Rimeskeem  +   778d ago
Oh god dammit

i have the money i just dont know what im going to do to play both at the same time
guitarded77  +   778d ago
If it's true, it's a double edged sword... I'm hyped for both, but wish they'd be spread out a little bit... especially 2 open world games that take time to complete. May have to just get one on launch day and get the other when I finish the first. Whenever I buy multiple titles like that, one usually gets lost in the backlog. Trying not to make the same mistakes this gen.
xPhearR3dx  +   779d ago
Watch Dogs is on 6 platforms, Infamous is on one. They hardly have to worry about anything.
KAEM7  +   779d ago
Agreed. Watchdogs sales won't be hurt much by Infamous.

For me personally, I will buy whatever turns out to be great (so probably both for ps4)
nukeitall  +   779d ago
If anything, Infamous will be hurt by Watchdog and vice versa on PS4.

Other platforms won't be affected by this, but Titanfalls releases March 11 so Watchdog might be slightly hurt on Xbox One/360 since it is soo close.

People have only so much money to spend on short notice, but this might not be significant enough when the time frame is 10 days apart.

That said, wasn't Watch Dogs suppose to be released in May?
admiralvic  +   779d ago
@ Nukeitall

It was delayed until "Spring 2014", though many people not so secretly believe the delay was bull crap. Not that it was delayed (though that was), but that Watch Dogs was delayed to make sure Assassins Creed IV would shine. If that was indeed the case, then releasing it sooner or later isn't a big deal.
hollabox  +   779d ago
Watchdog for me on either the PC or PS4. If they look and perform similar, the PS4 for resale value later on down the road. But the good thing about March, its tax season so people should have a little something extra in their pocket.
OlgerO  +   779d ago
Wow ubisoft is really fucking sony over. First they delay watch dogs from launch, and now they are going to canibalize sales of infamous.
Eonjay  +   779d ago
Actually im willing to bet that this isnt the US date. Also May 21 is only US release date for Infamous. Europe is TBD.
Watch Dogs may release before Titanfall in the US.
Rimeskeem  +   778d ago
This isnt going to stop the sales of infamous and i can guarantee you this
Sarcasm  +   779d ago
It depends on if Watch Dogs is actually any good.

A lot of things point to Infamous SS being a good game. I enjoyed both 1 and 2.
quaneylfc  +   778d ago
shopto are arguably the best gaming retailer on the web but they do just use any date to fill the release date part of the website, this is not trustworthy because i have seen them do it with a few games. the last one i remember was sleeping dogs (dogs is just a coincidence)
FunkMacNasty  +   778d ago
also three days after Metal Gear Ground Zeroes as well
OpieWinston  +   778d ago
Because Ubisoft KNOWS that it'll stomp Second Son in Quality and sales.
KwietStorm  +   778d ago
You mean you *want* them to stomp inFamous in quality and sales.
OpieWinston  +   777d ago
Brand new Innovative IP that has had 5 years of work done on it vs Super hero action adventure that never really did well
Aiden vs Delsin...No contest
Aiden = Baws
Delsin = Whinney bitch

We'll have to wait to see when they come out, but Delsin is a complete bitch and Aiden has come across as a total baws. Person of interest the game.
showtimefolks  +   778d ago
its suppose to be Q2 2014 so i wouldn't put too much into this.


let's see one game is a new IP on new consoles and could turn out to be okay while another is established and has a fanbase and is exclusive so i don't think that matters as much. I for one will pick infamous before watch dogs if both come out at the same time

watch dogs is still not a true next gen game. its out on current systems too. For true next gen experiences, we have to get the next gen exclusives like wicther 3,infamous 2nd son,the order,drive club etc,
KwietStorm  +   778d ago
What do you mean why? They have a right to sell their game too. It's not like inFamous is going to shut down the market. I know I'm getting both that day if this date is real though.
dmonee  +   774d ago
If it does release on the same day as infamous then march and April will be busy for gamers. Let's not forget MLB the show and possibly Sony's "the order" scheduled to release in the same time frame. Plus Capcoms game deep down. I expect the order to be pushed back to next fall however March should be great. Spring is the official kickoff for Next Gen
cloud495  +   779d ago
Titanfall, infamous and watch_dogs. March seems to be a good month!
aiBreeze  +   779d ago
Don't forget MGS and Dark Souls 2
Rimeskeem  +   778d ago
weekev15  +   779d ago
Delivery date guaranteed......till Ubisoft delays it again. I do have faith in Ubisoft though, they have been very on the ball recently with the quality of the titles they have been pushing out.
darkstar18  +   779d ago
this and MK8 are gonna be amazing cant wait to play both on wii u! ;)
IHassounah  +   779d ago
I hope it releases in May instead , I really hope it releases then cause I'm gonna be buying MGS and Titanfall in March
Gamesgbkiller  +   779d ago
Infamous, Titan fall, MGS:GZ and now this ?!

What a great start :)
shuuwai  +   778d ago
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's March 25th, PC date. No Console date.
Maxor  +   779d ago
How are they going to top Assasin Creed? The hacking mechanics seems boring. Running around with a gun and and cell phone isn't exactly my idea of cool and bad ass.
KwietStorm  +   778d ago
But annual releases of more or less the same game is "cool and bad ass?" I honestly don't think it would take a whole lot from Ubisoft to top Assassin's Creed at this point. They have a lot of GREAT looking new IPs coming next year, all of which have my attention more than yet another AC. Don't even get me started on The Division.
Rockefellow  +   779d ago
The delivery date might be guaranteed with compensation, but that doesn't mean a thing-- they can change the date on a whim and still offer the same blanket policy. I don't know what kind of moron looked at these and decided to make a bunch of articles based on a simple retailer policy, but they're placeholders, without a doubt.
jay2  +   779d ago
Ouch my wallet
FoxHound_  +   779d ago
If this is true I have to buy MGSV:GZ, FFX/X-2 HD, inFAMOUS:Second Son, and now Watch_Dogs all in the same week. I'm screwed...
Football-Soccer  +   779d ago
So many comments, chance of winning = 0.876 %
RytGear  +   779d ago
Honestly, if being forced to choose between Infamous and Watch dogs, I am sorry Ubi but Sucker punch will get my money :(
Drakesfortune  +   779d ago
Same.....I will eventually get watchdogs but Infamous looks slick as hell
Manic2014  +   779d ago
I checked shopto couple weeks ago when pre-ordering some ps4 and xb1 games. It had Quantum break listed for May 23rd Release date now it shows TBC. This watchdogs release date could be the actual date.
GentlemenRUs  +   779d ago

Just wait for an official announcement.
theXtReMe1  +   779d ago
Retailers have this scheduled anywhere from March to June. Im guessing they will wait til fall to release it, if it doesnt hit the spring release. Summer is an odd time to release such a hyped title. It would be better suited for a fall or Christmas season release. Again, if it misses this spring target.

I am hyped for both Watchdogs and Infamous. Was very disappointed when Watchdogs was delayed, but do want it to be all it can be.
extermin8or  +   779d ago
Not really summer usually only has 1 or two titles that are big in say june time then a drought over till september. If they want to give the game space to try and guarantee sales may or june might be tthe perfect time the only other game I can see maybe releasing around then would be witcher 3-personally I think watchdogs will release mid april.
theXtReMe1  +   779d ago
Summer seems to be the time when everybody's out and about on vacations and doing different things. Not a great time for sales. While it may separate it from the pack of AAA games to come, it still leaves it in a position to be looked over and forgotten at a time of year when people generally aren't at home playing games. Though, truthfully, I hope you are right about the April release. I've been wanting to play this game since it was first announced and it was the reason why I bought a next-generation system.
extermin8or  +   778d ago
This is true although somw games (ubisofr ones henerally) jave riskedbit andbsold fairly well considering other factors like the then impendinf next gen-the recent splintee cell for instance. Personally im the samw as ypu this game sold menon next gen. However as a uni student I cant affoed two new games day 1 atm especially considering the prices being charged in the uk (disgraceful overcharging vs usa etc) and I will be buying infamous over this and waiting at least a month for this thats if i dont wait till after exams and buy it in june. Mgs ground zeroes is week before too. I suspect many ps4 early adopters will also get infamous firsr-remember early adopters probably favour sony exclusives...
forkliftfoot  +   779d ago
They also have Uncharted 4 down as a May release!! HAHAHA
souljah45  +   778d ago
Haha we probably wont even see a trailer untill after that
KakashiHotake  +   779d ago
Wow their launching the same day as Infamous? They've got some balls I'll give them that. However I don't think that's very smart. I'll still be getting both, but I don't think that was a good idea.
ForgottenProphecy  +   779d ago
I'll be getting both this and infamous day one, but honestly I'm more hype for Watchdogs.
sarcastoid  +   779d ago
An entire year... and all these games coming out within a couple weeks of each other. And then which ever one(s) don't meet the high standards set forth by hype, the publishers will wonder why sales are flatter than expected and then once again look to mobile gaming as the savior. Publishers are so stupid.
Zizi  +   779d ago
If it is unconfirmed, it is unconfirmed. Just don't make speculation. Nobody predicted Ubisoft decided to delay this modern-day game.

And, anyway, if Watch_Dogs is executed well, it will be one of the Game of the Year contenders next year. I hope so. However, I'm afraid it will be milked like Assassin's Creed. :(
saber00005  +   779d ago
If So, I'm GLAD that they delayed. Unlike some other game companies out there..... And I was one that pre-ordered Watch Dogs. I rather they have a solid, glitch free game, than something that constantly crashes, struggles to keep up with popping updates to fix their mess..
BanginBiscuitz  +   779d ago
Well Infamous isnt going to sell as well now lol. Watchdogs is one of the most hyped games especially after it got delayed, i highly doubt many people are going to buy Infamous over watchdogs.
MikeGdaGod  +   778d ago
i would
KratosSaveUs  +   778d ago
I doubt this is true but if it is looks like I won't be getting g it on day 1 because InFamous Second Son is out that day.
Infamous ss & watchdogs on the same day?! "Boom" my brains just hit the roof!!
aLiEnViSiToR  +   778d ago
March of Games... see what i did there :]
GrizzlyAutopsy  +   778d ago
March is shaping up to be a great month for the Ps4. MGS: Ground Zero, Infamous and Watch Dogs! I cant wait!
_FantasmA_  +   778d ago
Yes. Just a few days before my birthday. My most anticipated game is Drive Club though, so I hope that comes out sooner.
LAWSON72  +   778d ago
Dark Souls and FFX got that month for me. I will probably wait til sale
souljah45  +   778d ago
So in march we have Watch Dogs,Infamous,MGS ground zero's and FFX vita? All within couple weeks and some launched the same day? goodbye wallet lool
J-SLIQUE187  +   778d ago
Will wait for an official date from Ubisoft but that would be one packed month if it's true, wish one of these would come out sooner there's a bit of a drought up until then. But at least PS+ will hold me over with DMC and Bioshock!
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