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Nintendo still trying to re-market the Wii U

Over a year after its initial release, Nintendo still feels the need to clarify exactly what the Wii U console actually is. They may have finally got the message right, but is it too little too late? We discuss where they went wrong, and why the console is still a worthwhile purchase. (Mario Kart 8, Nintendo, Super Smash Bros. 4, Wii U, ZombiU)

iamnsuperman  +   458d ago
It is a bit late to have to clarify what the Wii U is (it has been over a year) but I also think the message is wrong. I don't know why they are clarifying what the Wii U is since people do know what it is. It is understandable around the reveal and launch there would be confusion but consumers are not that stupid. We are stupid in how we believe buzzwords and marketing tricks but not what a product is. The average consumer would Google it (I generally see the "consumer think the Wii U is a peripheral" is a poor excuse and ignores the real problem)

What they need to do is advertise the games right. The problem is the games they have released and how they have advised them has created the issue they are in. I think Smash Bros will appeal to the core Nintendo fan base while Mario Kart will appeal to the masses (seriously this should have come out near launch) but they need to do more. They keep advertising the system as a family device and suitable to children but that market is being attacked by mobile game (and in a way being serviced by the 3DS). They need to start gunning for the early teens and young adult market too (their adverts just don't scream that demographic). Especially the young adult market as they have a larger disposable income
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weekev15  +   458d ago
This is one of the most sensible posts I have read regarding Nintendo's marketing, bubs up.
aixao  +   458d ago
All the Best to U!
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   458d ago
Well, to be fair, there are still a lot of people in the casual crowd who haven't seen the Wii U's commercials as something entirely apart from the original Wii, and Nintendo DID state that their efforts towards the core side would begin in earnest in 2014, which is still a few days away.
I'd give them till the middle of Jan or the beginning of Feb before I think they'll start doing commercials oriented towards older gamers.
Right now it's still all about the holiday and families.
Blacklash93  +   458d ago
Even so, the Wii U will benefit from more advertising period. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a Wii U commercial before this holiday season.

The Wii U has its little corner in stores and a few demo stations, but there has been just a lack of awareness and attention toward it.
3-4-5  +   457d ago
Wii U will be easier to market in 2014 when Mario Kart & Super Smash Brothers are out.
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Thepcz  +   458d ago
im interested to know how the wiiu did this christmas
BosSSyndrome  +   458d ago
Pretty damn well.
WilliamH  +   458d ago
I sold my wii U a few weeks ago, it's just not an interesting console. Cut your losses Nintendo and start again, this thing ain't selling
Klad  +   458d ago
Here you go...

Media Create Hardware Sales:

3DS LL – 164,078
Wii U – 109.113
3DS – 68,522
Vita – 50,087
PS3 – 24,573
PSP – 9.905
Vita TV – 5,504
Wii – 1,711
Xbox 360 – 763

Famitsu Software Sales:

[3DS] PazuDora Z: Puzzle & Dragons Z – 271,947 (806,729)
[3DS] Pokémon X / Y – 231,112 (3,820,346)
[Wii U] Wii Party U – 128,026 (431,504)
[Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U – 113,773 (890,663)
[PS3] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 113,493
[PS3] Drakengard 3 – 103,487
[Wii U] Super Mario 3D World – 92,993 (338,882)
[3DS] Monster Hunter 4 – 46,279 (3,252,974)
[PS Vita] New Dynasty Warriors: Gundam – 44,889
[3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 44,691 (3,979,859)

Famitsu Hardware Sales:

3DS (Both original and LL) – 245,046
Wii U – 119,159
Vita – 49,366 (Both original and Vita TV)
PS3 – 23,493
PSP – 7,697
Wii – 2,444
Xbox 360 – 607

Source: http://www.dualshockers.com...
WilliamH  +   458d ago
The Wii U is worst €350 I have ever spent, such an awkward console. when I first got it, it took SEVEN hours to update it, horrible battery life in the gamepad. Before the Wii/Wii U Nintendo always created cutting edge consoles. Give me a Gamecube 2 any day.
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Knushwood Butt  +   458d ago
Way to go Nintendo! In Japan, where the XBOX One and PS4 have yet to be released, and Nintendo have been advertising the Wii U on TV night and day for the last few weeks.

Let's wait and see what happens after Christmas, after Nintendo have dropped their huge ad campaign, and after the competition has arrived.
Klad  +   457d ago
I posted my above comment in response to this "this thing ain't selling". even tho i have shown FACT & a link to SOURCE, that Nintendo's product is selling well in Japan RIGHT NOW, people still disagree.

I want PS4 to do well when it arrives in Japan too. Nintendo & Sony are most favourable in my book. Japan isn't Xbox Territory, so we know how that's gonna go. Elsewhere, Xbox One will do well.
Jay70sgamer  +   458d ago
Lol yeah right you never had one lol it did not take 7 hrs you are lying ...so because the gamepad battery life is a few hrs it sucks come on man you never even owned one stop with the falsehoods lol
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WilliamH  +   458d ago
How do you know. Do you really think I would waste my time commenting on this site of all sites just to troll. Also it's no secret during the Wii U's first months on sale that it took hours to download the update.
Jay70sgamer  +   458d ago
I bought a wii u at launch and it took an hour and a half the most to load ...you are lying about 7 hrs ..so yes I think you would come on here and troll ....and also when the gamepad dies you. Only have to plug it in to a socket to play without any interruption in your game and it charges at the same time ....
BosSSyndrome  +   458d ago
7 hours? What's your internet speed, 1KB per second?
mhunterjr  +   458d ago
It looks like the WiiU actually did pretty well this Christmas. But then again I don't know of this is a sign of things to come because so did xb360 and the ps3...
MasterCornholio  +   458d ago
Hopefully after XMAS sales will continue to be positive for the Wii U instead of flatlining. But it won't be easy for Nintendo since they have some pretty strong competition in the market and very poor 3rd party support.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   458d ago
Third party devs had the entire launch window, almost entirely free of big name nintendo franchises, to appeal to core gamers on the wii u.
Instead they brought old ports of games with missing content to the system instead of fresh, new core games.
I think its safe to say that nintendo cannot rely on the AAA third parties to save them.
Nintendo needs to work with more small third parties like platinum and more indies, because most of the big wig third parties like Bethesda and rock star and EA aren't willing to go the distance and support the system right.
Maybe ubisoft can make a turnaround, but there isn't much hope for the rest.
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Morbius420  +   457d ago
I just wish the third parties can see the potential of the tablet-controller and develop new IPs to take advantage of it.
Realplaya  +   458d ago
I think their marketing approach is starting to pay off. The Wii U at launch had no brand awareness. Since the commercials brand awareness and an increase in sales. So yep keep doing what they are and it can only get better.
clyde san  +   458d ago
I got a ps4 for Xmas and to be completely honest I wouldn't t trade my wii u for it. I won't be getting Microsoft's system this time around. All previous gens I had all major systems. But this time I think ps4 and wii u is best for me. Hooked up my ps4 Xmas morning then went back to playing wind waker.

Played resogun a bit but there's nothing on ps4 that can compare to pikmin 3 Mariobros U, wind waker, mario 3d world. Very soon donkey kong tropical freeze.

But soon there will be nothing on wii u to comoare with infamous second son.

But I would honestly recommend wii u over ps4 right now
GT67  +   458d ago
U sound like a OLD school gamer clyde recommending wii-U over ps4 im sitting on fence waiting on NINtendo break out with more games than Pikmin 3,Mario,Zelda,Donkey Kong. now when GRADIUS,CONTRA,R-TYPE,G-DARIUS ,BATTLETOAD,EINHANDER,FIGHT KING,STREETS OF RAGE.METAL SLUG,GUNSTAR HERO come to wii-U not as a DLC i'll buy one.
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scissor_runner  +   458d ago
I man I miss those games... yet we no longer have that type of talent.
cesuf  +   458d ago
PC+WiiU for me
Picnic  +   458d ago
They should go all out tastefully sophisticated, mean and moody with the marketing.

Show an example of every major genre as if showing something that's in a modern art museum rather than just a current piece of pop culture.

I'd go more in the direction of early Gamecube advertising really. Leave the family image on the backburner for a bit- just show a young man and his girlfriend in their nice house- not the usual bland minimalism, something classy to aim at the artsy middle class. And they might get the WiiU as their second console then if they are avid gamers, or their first if they don't tend to spend so much time on gaming anymore but want something that gives each one something to look at.
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mmj  +   458d ago
They're charging a next gen price for last gen hardware, that **** won't fly with both 360/PS3 priced considerably cheaper.

Drop the price and the rest will fall into place.
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ZainreFang  +   458d ago
300 dollars is a "next gen" price? What does that even mean? + There are a crap ton of 220 - 250 dollar Wii U's around. Too much denial.
mmj  +   458d ago
It means that 360/PS3 are better products in pretty much every department and are cheaper, the only thing Wii U has on its side is Nintendo's first party titles and for most people those aren't worth getting ripped off over.
darkstar18  +   457d ago
at least the wii u has games -_-
mmj  +   456d ago
Because PS3 and 360 don't? their catalogues are already magnitudes greater than the Wii U.

Nintendo (and their fans) need to stop kidding themselves that the Wii U is competing with the next gen consoles and accept that AT THIS POINT its nearest rivals are the previous gen, which both have it well and truly beat in most departments.
KratosSaveUs  +   458d ago
Wii U is an awesome console and this is coming from a primarily PS player. I'm hopefully getting a Wii U soon. And other is a lot of exclusives coming and there is a lot out. I got my PS4 on launch but I really want a Wii U too.
OsirisBlack  +   458d ago
I must admit I own all three next gen consoles and a gaming PC and I have been playing Super Mario 3D world since christmas... Wii U is not a bad machine they just need more must own games.
clyde san  +   458d ago
I'm not really a old school game. Or into retro games. But the games mentioned for wii u in my previous post have just struck me as fun. Great gameplay and fun times. Have had a wii u since lunch I went through the drought and took the opportunity to pick up some wii games since the wii u is backwards compatible.

Its because if that I played Kirby epic yarn and return to dreamland for the first time. As well as dkc returns was my first dk game and I ended up 100% ing that game and can't wait for tropical freeze.

Interestingly, wii u does some stuff better than the ps4! The internet browsing and its the best YouTube on my tv. Ps3/4 still has best Netflix tho IMO.

When I got ps4 and resogun. The manuals for the system and game were both digital. It was a horrible experience trying to view and navigate them from the ps4.

The irony, picked up the wii u game pad and it was amazing the difference and how much better. Wii u game pad best for viewing ps4 game manuals?!? Lol
Kos-Mos  +   458d ago
The only next-gen console that runs games at 1080p and 60 fps. There you go kids.

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RPG_Lover  +   458d ago
Nintendo is fine.
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DivineAssault  +   457d ago
Good.. Keep at it while dropping great 1st party games in the process.. Im glad i have one.. No game installs, fun & brilliant puzzles, & challenging stages (if your like me & try to find everything in each stage & wont leave until u do!) Its easy to complete by passing up all the secrets so kids can play it but to find all the secrets is no easy feat by ANY means... Target everyone but mostly the fans & please them w what theyve been promised... Core 3rd party with exclusive features

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