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I Lost All Interest In DayZ

Justin of Pixel Gate writes:

''The standalone DayZ has just launched on Steam, and I feel like I’m currently the only human in existence that doesn’t see the appeal, and can’t bring myself to actually check out the game, or even the mod for that matter. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love the concept and the whole idea behind the game, but there’s just something preventing me from booting up the mod; or stand-alone and checking the game out for myself (I bought Arma II and the expansion to actually play the mod in 2012).'' (DayZ, PC)

GamerEuphoria  +   199d ago
I just get bored of walking miles and miles. Least it's not full of bull shit pay to win options like War z...or what ever it's Called itself now, P-Diddy? Z-Diddy?
Kryptix  +   199d ago
They had to change the name to something completely different because of the World War Z movie. I think it's called "Survival: The Zombie Adventures" or something very generic like that.

The writer of the article is just stating that he won't try the standalone because he got burnt out from watching too many DayZ videos and it might not work out playing alone without friends. Also asking if he should wait or try it right now.

My opinion to the question is giving you two answers.

1: The experience is always going to be different than watching videos or watching a friend play it. So once you end up trying it out, you might actually like it and immerse yourself into the world.

2: If you thought DayZ looked slow paced or boring after a while...wait for the updates that are coming to the standalone project. They're adding more zombies in every area, better respawning, more players on each server, a good resource gathering system, and a lot more. Hopefully you eventually do try it if those updates are of any interest to you.
Maxor  +   198d ago
I lost all interest in this game when I realize that the vast majority of player interactions are based on PvP.

There is no survival aspect to this game at all. It's all about spending hours looking for random gear, then using the said gear to gank some other mofo who is running around scavenging for the same shit. Then sprinkle in hundreds of zombies for flavor.

If what I really want to do is shoot strangers in the face then there's a ton of FPS that are much better than this game.

In short there has to be a greater purpose. I need something to build toward other than ganking unsuspecting noobs. A community, a house, a strong hold. Anything.
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LordDhampire  +   198d ago
GundalfDeGrej  +   198d ago
The long walking distances can be annoying but it makes it even more exciting when you finally meet someone.

It really comes down to how much you can immerse yourself in the experience.
OhReginald  +   199d ago
lost interest since playing for a couple of days on the mod version of arma 2.
SilentNegotiator  +   199d ago
If they expect us to pay for a standalone, show us some new modes or multiple maps, or SOMETHING. Running around with little to do but scrounge for items, created mostly on the back of another game, is not going to get my $30 when there's a free version with a few minute things missing.
SilentSolid  +   198d ago
It's an alpha.. what did you expect? Give it some time.
SilentNegotiator  +   198d ago
For $30? More than some tiny improvements over a totally free mod. Even as an alpha, they could have included another map or something.
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SilentSolid  +   198d ago
Don't buy it then and wait for the full game. simple.
CrossingEden  +   199d ago
This game is MUCH better with friends.
Blacktric  +   199d ago
Every multiplayer game is much better with friends.
kingduqc  +   199d ago
Cool story? I thought it was News for gamers not blog for gamers here..

Currently got over 35 hours log into the standalone alpha, can't stop playing. I guess it's not for everyone.
Linko64  +   198d ago
Errrrrr you do understand how wrong you are about N4G? News is one of many subjects rofl
SilentNegotiator  +   198d ago
News, Reviews, Interviews, Screenshots, Videos, Previews, Interviews, Trailers, Rumors, Podcasts, Opinion Pieces, etc are all acceptable submissions to N4G.
NarooN  +   198d ago
I got bored of this game before I even played it... Watched vids on youtube and began to wonder how this is even as popular as it was. It's just humans (players) running around finding random items, only to then go out and be douchebags by killing other humans who are also looking for random items. It's like the zombies are an afterthought.
DanielGearSolid  +   198d ago
"I" , "I" , "I" ...

self absorbed, meaningless article
NovasRevenge  +   198d ago
try watching some of FRANKIEONPCin1080P videos. the game is what you make it.
taiyed80  +   198d ago
this dude wrote an article about how he never played DayZ..

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