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PS4 Continues To Outsell Xbox One Via Retailers, eBay

Small bits of small data from various sources have rolled in that indicates that the Xbox One is falling behind the PS4 in sales like Americans trail just about every other important (and unimportant) country when it comes to education.

Techfaster spotted news from both Ars Technica and BGR, where it's noted that the PS4 is still a hard item to find in stock the world around. This isn't particularly new news, but it's further reiterated with a quick glance over on the Now In Stock page for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

A snapshot of the Now In Stock page for both Sony and Microsoft's newest generation consoles reveals that the PlayStation 4 is, indeed, selling out and continually sold out, just as Sony had mentioned previously about supply being in such high demand that it would be sold out through Christmas. Check it out below. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

badboy776  +   609d ago
It's Sad when you consider Sony is having all this success with out having to push out all these Big Budget Ads Microsoft's keep kicking out like McDonald's and Xbox One Commercial's during NFL Football games. Stating things like "Xbox is the official Console of the NFL".
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re2_apocalypse  +   609d ago
Yea, M$ is gonna do crap this generation. The PS4 is just the superior system this time around, and will continue to have the best 1st party games and Support
BALLBAGS  +   609d ago
omg the gif at the bottom of the page in the actual article is epic
hakeem0996  +   609d ago
Are you kidding me ? this how articles are written nowadays no hard numbers to prove their claim ,just a screenshot that shows that the PS4 is sold out everywhere .Didn't Sony admit that they were having problems meeting demands because of how long it takes to built a PS4 ? Isn't fact that Microsoft flooded the US market in order to make sure they win their territory .The Xbox One was available threw out the holiday season while Sony has been struggling to make PS4's available in a timely fashion . I don't really give a damn whose leading because at the end of the day it won't matter to me but at least do your damn job right . Post some official numbers and stop guessing.

same as the eBay numbers the one that is hard to find will sell more on eBay .why would you pay a $1000 for an XBOX ONE when MS made sure there was plenty in stock ?
mikeslemonade  +   609d ago
I never heard of those.. Why don't you back up the facts that the PS4 is harder to make and X1 flooded the market?? Sure isn't consistent given the sales.

Official Console of the NFL would mean more if Madden made a leap forward in their game.
nukeitall  +   609d ago
MS just has more consoles diverted to fewer regions so stock will be better. Sony spread themselves very thin with almost 3 times the regions released, so stock will be hard to come by.

MS and Sony's supply chain will be very similar. It wouldn't surprise me if MS sold more consoles in the US and potentially in the UK, due to stock availability, but that Sony sold more overall.

That said, I think the numbers for both will be very close and insignificant in 2-3 years time.
TheFallenAngel  +   609d ago
MS is trying wayyy too hard. The reason they won in the US last gen was because it had a year head start and it was cheaper than PS3.
AceBlazer13  +   609d ago
Not to mention comedy central being littered with xbone commercials every other minute.Nothing beats word of mouth.
kidhero99  +   609d ago
C'mon people don't make MS sell off the xbox division, buy some stuff
miyamoto  +   609d ago
Market Cap $234.83 B
As of May 2013
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At a Glance

Industry: Software & Programming
Founded: 1975
Country: United States
CEO: Steven Ballmer
Website: www.microsoft.com/msft
Employees: 94,000
Sales: $72.93 B
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington
Forbes Lists

#2 World's Most Valuable Brands
#41 Global 2000
#105 in Sales
#18 in Profit
#202 in Assets
#10 in Market value

Market Cap $17.6 B
As of May 2013
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Industry: Consumer Electronics
Founded: 1946
Country: Japan
CEO: Kazuo Hirai
Website: www.sony.net
Employees: 162,700
Sales: $78.52 B
Forbes Lists

#80 World's Most Valuable Brands
#506 Global 2000
#87 in Sales
#171 in Assets
#547 in Market value

no contest in the spending contest :-(

PS4 is really has the trust of more gamers than Xbox

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ifistbrowni  +   609d ago
I find it absolutely unfathomable that no one has written an article complaining about psn being down for the past 2 days.

Every little negative thing about xbox gets published on this site and gets top news and top comments of the day. Yet, when ps4 shits the bed, "no news here." I'm not trolling, im just pissed i cant hit up some multiplayer. Thought, ill check N4G to see whatsup. To my surprise, a 2 day outage is not news-worthy. This site really has turned rabid.

I know im going to get disagreed HARD on this post! Probably going to get tagged as a troll. Meanwhile, my comment history has been all "pro-sony"
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Lord Anubis  +   609d ago

sorry to tell you but investors don't like xbox and they want to sell it. They are not willing to bleed money for gamers as they have several times with the original xbox and xbox 360.
cyhm3112  +   609d ago
you are stupid, richer companies doesn't mean better products.
MasterCornholio  +   609d ago
You make it seem like it's a David vs Goliath scenario.

Microsoft has so much money but they did a poor job (IMO) with the Xbox One in terms of hardware specifications.
Boody-Bandit  +   609d ago

There have been a couple articles discussing the "intermittent" problems PSN has been having the past couple days. They are not shut down.

I was having some issues the past couple days seeing my friends list but I gamed online for 10 hours, surfed the net on the browser for a couple hours and accessed the store a few times the past couple days. FAR from shut down. It's more of a friends list and trophy thing. At least it is on my end.

I'm on PSN right now with no issues.
I can see my friends list and sync my trophies.

It's nothing like what happened a few years ago with XBL when it went completely down for 11 days during the Christams break. http://www.internetnews.com...
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MysticStrummer  +   609d ago
Those "official console of the NFL" ads make me smh and chuckle.

All they've done is spark "I want a PS4" conversations between me, my brothers, and my nephews.
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TruthInsider   609d ago | Trolling | show
TheFallenAngel  +   609d ago
I continue to laugh at Major Nelson's "Fastest selling" comment.
Tigan  +   609d ago
MS is doing fine. Don't worry fellas. They have been out for how long now? Not even 6 months and sony fans claim victory. So desperate from the ass kicking it got last gen. this gen the x1 was just as much as the ps3 was at launch last gen but sold much much better. Sold out actually and its still more expensive. Just imagine a price drop.
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LGM313  +   609d ago
You have no idea what you are talking about, but keep dreaming anyway
Hicken  +   609d ago
First, when did the PS3 get an ass kicking from the 360? Before it was released? Cuz that's the only time the PS3 sold less systems.

Second, the XB1 is the same price but also cheaper than the PS3 was, as the latter launched with TWO SKUs. And though it may be outselling the PS3(which isn't all that impressive, since it was only second fastest last gen; the Wii was first), it's not outselling the PS4, which is selling much better than the 360.

Third, it's not sold out- well, it might be by now, given Christmas just went by. But it wasn't sold out when Microsoft said it was, nor has it been sold out at many, MANY outlets for the majority of this holiday season. And still, with all that stock on shelves, it's being outsold by the PS4, whose manufacturer simply can't keep up with the overwhelming demand.

Fourth, there isn't a price drop coming any time soon, realistically. And IF there was one, what makes you think Sony couldn't also drop the price to keep things "equal" and maintain their own momentum? Hell, what makes you think Microsoft can afford to cut the price within the next few months and not wind up taking a massive loss on hardware which wouldn't be guaranteed to be made up on software? And, again, what makes you think Sony- who may well be making a profit per console, or close to it- couldn't afford to drop the price as well and maintain their advantage?

Nobody's claiming victory. But there's obviously a lead, a sales advantage that people are declaring. There's a difference, and it'd be nice if you Xbox guys figured that out sooner rather than later.
MysticStrummer  +   609d ago
"So desperate from the ass kicking it got last gen."

360 started in first and ended in third. That's an ass kicking.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   609d ago
Dont see how ps4 can be out selling the x1 because of limited inventory. Sony"s jack Tretton has already admitted that their mass shortages of ps4. Next months NPD will tell the truth.
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Majin-vegeta  +   609d ago
Lol Someone said the same thing for Black Friday.Look who came out on top in NPD.
Bathyj  +   609d ago
I don't know why people have this mindset that because ps4 is sold out everywhere and Xbone is available everywhere that Microsoft is supplying more stock. Did I read it wrong or did ps4 sell about 3 times more on Amazon?
jessupj  +   609d ago
It would be very interesting to know if Frigid actually believes what he just typed, or if he's just desperately defending MS for some bazaar reason?
DoesUs  +   609d ago
Prepare to be shocked by Dec NPD numbers 8)
LeCreuset  +   609d ago
"I don't see how this product that is flying off the shelves is outselling the competition."

That's basically what you just said.
Clarence  +   609d ago
I see the success of the PS4 is hard for you to deal with. It will get easier with time.

The fact of the matter is that the Xbone is not selling as fast as the PS4. Most likely the people are buying the Xbones that have been sitting on the shelves, while the PS4 are selling out as soon as they become available.

No matter how you slice it the PS4 is outselling the Xbone. Its the peoples choice. If you can't deal with that, its going to be a long gen for you.
DivineAssault  +   609d ago
if devs are already having trouble utilizing xb1's power with these current gen ports, it will be far worse later on.. I dont know who theyre targeting with this console but its not hardcore gamers.. Maybe casuals because of the forced inclusion of kinect 2.0?
LGM313  +   609d ago
With the m$500 price on it? I don't think so
FrigidDARKNESS  +   609d ago
I hope you realize that these consoles are still new to the developer community and don't have all the tools to tap or take advantage of these consoles power.
pwnsause_returns  +   609d ago
I didn't realize x86 hardware was new....

Fact is, ps4s are flying off the shelves and the x1s are on shelves waiting to be bought by someone. Want proof. Call any gamestop in nyc and ask them if they have a ps4. They will tell you they have no ps4s in stock! but they still have x1s.

As for power, the fact that a game like assassins creed IV and cod:ghosts (-_- yea, a crappy looking game based on an id tech 3 engine) can't even push for 1080p native on the x1'pretty much states that this system was not made for you or for me or anyone else.

It was made for the soccer mom, and dad who wants to view tv in a whole new way. And right now, they don't care about it....it's a $500 product. Kinect is upping that cost.
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darkpower  +   609d ago
Sony needs to be careful, though. They GOT to get some more units out there or people WILL go to the Xbone for the sheer notion that there's not much else to buy outside of the failing WiiU. They've already been accused of making an artificial shortage to ramp up the demand and/or price, but it's extremely hard to find ANYWHERE, and retailers are selling out of the console within seconds of getting new stock. They did say that it would be better after Christmas, but the Xbone DID sell out, as well, during the first week of its launch.

It'll be hard NOT to accuse Sony of limiting the amount they send to ramp things up. Either that or some of these ebayers need to be investigated of how they are getting these consoles to sell for ridiculous amounts and regular customers are left wondering what the hell is going on here!
colonel179  +   609d ago
The assumption that people will buy an Xbox because there is not PS4 in stock is wrong. That's not how it works. It might be possible that someone wants both but can't afford them so buys the first one available, but that is a minority.

People will buy what they want and will wait for it. Also, since the Xbox One is more expensive, it's not likely that someone would just spend $100 more instead of waiting few days or weeks.
darkpower  +   609d ago
I don't expect them to wait that long, though, especially when you got the suspicions that there are eBay trolls out there buying systems in bulk as SOON as the "available" button lights up, and no one even asks why it's even going on. I assure you that's a major issue, because how are they getting all these systems to just sell while retailers can't keep a single unit in stock for more than a day or two, if that?
colonel179  +   609d ago
Yeah, there are a lot of people in ebay that are hunting for PS4 and Xbox One just to resell them at a much higher price. I actually know one of them personally.

I still don't think people will go to a store and say, "well, there's no PS4 so I'll buy the Xbox One instead" if they are not interested in the Xbox One in the first place. The only scenario I could think of that it might happen is if a kid's dad tells him that either takes one of them, or none, so he will settle with whatever console is available. Otherwise, I think that people will either pay in advance or have them notified when their console of choice is available.
LeCreuset  +   609d ago
And the odds of that scenario happening decrease dramatically after Christmas.
HollywoodShowbiz  +   609d ago
Microsoft has failed rather miserably these past few years in the software department. I'm sure the ''tv-tuner,'' and "original xbox tv content'' will turn the tide in MS' favor... (sarcasm implied)

Kinect is apparently an NSA portal to your living space lol...

Maxor  +   609d ago
It would be nice if it can out content the Xbox One too. Come'on let's get some new games on the PS Store.
TristanPR77  +   609d ago
The most impressive thing is how some Xbots diehard fans on the comments still denies reality, there is evidence EVERYWHERE, everyone has reported the same, NDP confirmed, every study, report and poll shows how the PS4 is beating the Xbone and yet they make the most pathetic excuses ever and even dares to deny reality. Wow, that takes a very high level of desperation to do that.

I Guess the Xbots has lost all sense of reality and don't care to be humiliated by their own excuses.
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tudors  +   609d ago
Got both and they both rock, amazing consoles, I feel lucky really I do, I got them for my kids, they both offer a great deal, I love the design of both also, Xbox One looks really well made and just looks like a right piece of kit, and the PS4 design AMAZING! what a fantastic looking console, enjoy whichever console you buy, trust me they are both fantastic, the UI on both does need work though.
JimCom95  +   609d ago
Does anyone think the PS4 could pontentially outsell the number one selling console ever in the PS2? I believe the PS2 has sold over 150 million units.

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