PS Day: No XMB update

CVG writes: "It's 5:30pm (BST) and the PlayStation Day has ended. But to the shock of almost everyone in attendance, Sony made no mention of an XMB update.

We're off now to troll the show floor and get our hands on some of PS3's biggest games of '08. Screens from the event will be going up on the site throughout the evening so make sure you look out for them."

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niall773873d ago

game news reporting is weird sometimes

Maddens Raiders3873d ago

we have In-shirt XMB. Now top that. :P

Expy3873d ago

They will update when it's ready. Why tell us "we're working on it" when we already know it?

Bladestar3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Really? god... I was hopping they would release it when is not... people are complaining because it's a feature it should of be in place when the PS3 was launched... can't blame people for waiting almost two years for something and counting.. and still not know how long more they have to wait.

Let me guess... you don't think Sony knows when they are going to released this feature? they have schedules you know... but what do you think people would say if Sony would of tell them the truth about the date? mmmm... back at e3 (2006)... KZ2 will be released in 2009... or when Home will be release in 2009... or XMB will be here in 2 years when the PS3 was release... mmmm... lots of people would be pissed... this way people keep hoping and while at it buy a PS3.

SUP3R3873d ago

Don't you get tired of being angry about nothing?
You get a check from MS to go through every news article and act like this?
It's really sad and annoying.

etownone3873d ago

i gotta agree with BLADESTAR,

i mean no XMB still?!

And why announce HOME would be coming in Fall 07 if they had to have known that was a lie? I mean doens't that piss off sonyfans? ANd now Killzone 2 in Feb 09??

So now HOME, KZ2, GT5 and FF are NOT being released this year.
Looks like everyone braggin about 2008 being PS3 is going to have to start changing their tune to 2009 being Sonys year.

Jack Meahoffer3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Don't you ever get tired for blindly defending Sony no matter what they do?

Bladestar is 100% correct. They're being vague becuase the truth would piss everyone off (except you because you love Sony so much) if they revealed the real release schedule. XMB is probably not working very well thats why its not out yet. GTA IV doesn't even have enough cache to run the game let alone run XMB in the back ground.

SUP3R3873d ago

Where did I defend Sony?
You have a serious talent cuz you seem to be reading between lines I never put there.

I'm commenting on how imbecilic Bladestar and others like him, eg. you, are when you constantly go back and forth with the same comments about this brand vs that brand as if you all get some kind of paycheck at the end of the week, fortnight or month from these companies.

My comment simply shows just how stupid you all act over nothing.
You knows nothing and act like you knows it all, when no company gives a damn about you and only care about your money.

I'm not saying don't be a fan, I'm just saying this 'go for the jugular' attitude is sickening and annoying. But of course none of this means 'diddly squat' to you so I'll just stop now.

spooky2053873d ago

seriously aren't you sore from riding MS all day long? if you dont own a ps3 this is irrelevant to you so please stop trolling or take it to the open zone.

Jack Meahoffer3873d ago

When did Bladestar or etownone "Go for the jugular"?

They stated their opinions in an acceptable open zone format yet you jump in to call them names and defend Sony.

Where did you defend Sony? How about every single comment you've ever posted? How about that? How about when have you been balanced about anything?

All you can do is throw around canned flame comments and call people names. You never make a point. Its all Sony defence and posturing to attempt to make your biased self look impartial.

You obviously have no leg to stand on to call someone else out and call them names. Talk about pot calling kettle black. You're b3yond black. You capture light like a black hole.

SUP3R3872d ago

Once again you seem to read text that is CLEARLY not there.
When did I call Bladestar any name other that his nick?
That's your friend and you're defending him so whatever.
You do you and I'll do me.


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thor3873d ago

Another disappointment

BeaArthur3873d ago

Agreed, things shouldn't even be mentioned unless there is some kind of significant information. No news is not news.

lodossrage3873d ago

you're always "disappointed" with ps3.

Why do you even act like you're a ps3 owner anyways?

kewlkat0073873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

2005, I mean FEB 09 looks like might be the release date, barring any delays or setbacks...

That's a long fn time bro, in all, that game better make some COD4/GOW/HALO like sales/money. well if it does not beat some records, then I don't know.

Looking to be quite the expensive project.

thor3873d ago

You can understand me when I am disappointed that release dates have slipped, home looks like it's _never_ going to come out and there's _still_ no cohesive friends system where I can just jump into someone else's game. OK so it's there in, say, warhawk, and that's fantastic. But when things are promised, then given a rough release date, then we get no word for ages until they announce some release date a year after, then as that approaches the game gets delayed again... sigh.

I own a PS3 and a high-end laptop. I don't own a 360 or a wii, nor any handhelds. Sorry to keep moaning :P

Afterburn3873d ago

how many is that today fanboy? 15? 20?
Shouldn't you be off playing your "superior" version of something?

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Anything but Cute3873d ago

Killzone 2 delayed into 2009, what a surprise. Resistance 2 gameplay video that didn't look all that impressive.

What's PS3's biggest game for Holiday 2008 now? Resistance 2?

Right now, I'm not seing the huge push that was promised in 2008.

DomUltra3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Hilarious your basing things of the Resistance 2 gameplay that had the rez of a gameboy, get real buddy.

Theres still MGS4, dunno if you forgot a big contender for GOTY, Haze which I'll be soon to play the demo of (not goty contender though) theres a handful of other things, so please shut the trap.

Skerj3873d ago

How was KZ2 delayed when it never had a date to begin with?

Double-Edged3873d ago

if you dont have that... you dont have PS3.

It's the only game worth getting.

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