Many PSN Users Complaining About Their PSN Friends List Disappearing

Junkie Monkeys: It appears that there are still a couple of issues going on with the PlayStation Network, one of the problems is the ability to see the PSN friends list.

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Cra2yey31574d ago

Yupp. Noticed this but didnt think anything of it. It also sent a notification saying "PSN is busy."

Utalkin2me1574d ago

I can still play multiplayer but can not access anything else.

bradfh1574d ago

It's the playstation network going down. It's was off and on all this month. The psn service should be better for what we pay for or give us something for this headache.

guitarded771574d ago

It was gone for me, but is back as of a few minutes ago. It was just on PS4 though (for me). It was fine on PS3 and Vita for me. Now all are working again.

I'm still not getting ANY in game trophy notifications on my PS4 though, and my PS4 trophies don't update to Facebook. Works fine on my PS3 and Vita though.

Giul_Xainx1574d ago

Keep working out the bugs for us.

LeCreuset1574d ago


Please stop repeating something you heard someone else say, because you don't know what you're talking about. It's not a bug causing problems. It's a sudden increase in traffic causing the problems. So we'll keep enjoying our systems for probably about a year before you buy yours at the same price, only to realize when that next blockbuster hit comes, that has everyone jumping online, that you'll be experiencing the same issues.

kreate1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I read the article. and it seems like another
epic failing article with no details.

as soon as I saw the title yesterday I logged onto psn with no problems. checked my friends list. checked the playstation store. checked youtube, Netflix, etc.

I logged on today just to double check.

didn't find any problems.

if this is a ps4 specific problem, or a region specific problem, than that needs to be mentioned somewhere which I don't see unless someone edited something after im writing this comment.

I realy don't understand some of the users.
I bet a week later, if I told ppl on twitter:

"hey guys psn is down for the new years"

almost everyone would believe and go on about it and start arguing over nothing.

*here is the source that the article mentions

"social media sites like Twitter, complaining that their PSN friends are gone"

someone on twitter mentioned their psn friends are gone? now there is a article about that? wtf?

DeadlyFire1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I think its region specific. Likely high volume PS4/PS3/PSVita purchasers slugging down the network. It should recover in a week or so at most from the Christmas buckle.

Welcome to news world of 2013 every remote hint of negativity or slightly possible rumor lands on a website from any source possible.

thorstein1574d ago

The Christmas Crunch people. I bought mine launch day and had similar problems because so many people were accessing PSN. Then we saw a similar outcome in Europe when it launched there.

Christmas Noobs abounded and of course we saw a taxing of the network again. Things will settle. But you have to think about the entire continents of North America and Europe being "off" for two days with their new Xmas toys and you get a crunch.

MWong1574d ago

Same here was out for a few minutes I restarted my PS4 and everything popped right back up. I haven't had any PSN issues until yesterday.

TRGMatt1574d ago


Yup...I had my PSN friends list disappear on me a few days ago. It happened. And then it popped back on, all by itself, about an hour later.

It's no cause for alarm. I don't know what caused it and don't really care. Some kind of glitch in the system. Nothing to lose sleep over, people :)

DOMination-1574d ago

Online down. Only on psn!

kreate1573d ago


friends list disappearing is nothing new. its been happening from time to time since the launch of the ps3.

u just have to reboot ur ps3 or play a game for a hour or re-sign in. and ur psn friends list shows up again.

that doesn't make this article any much better.
if u read it, this is not even a article.

its just someone making a comment about someone else's comment that was mentioned in twitter.

which makes this piece the most epic failing piece on n4g.

but here's ppl complaining about all sorts of non-existing issues related to psn.

the article only mentions about a friends list disappearing, not that psn is down or anything.

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MastaMold1574d ago

This happens to me but only on PS4 not on my PS3 or PS Vita

Sent from my Xperia Z

fredrikpedersen1574d ago

Why does it matter where you sent it from?

dontbhatin1574d ago

its a signature. automatically does it.

joab7771574d ago

Its been a sign the last few days that psn isn't working but I logged on dcuo just fine. All that isn't working is my friends list.

thekhurg1574d ago

I can't log on DC online. You're lucky. Getting tired of this shit to be honest. Past two days have been a complete nightmare for PSN on my end.

Cha0tik1574d ago

@thekhurg take it back or sell it then. They are coming from a free multiplayer model and this caused a weak network. Now that they are charging for PSN it will take time before it will ever become comparable to the stability of XBL after having so many new users.

Kingthrash3601574d ago

xbl on xb1 kinda sucks too i hear.

USA0071574d ago

@Kingthrash360 Haven't had a problem with Internet yet on XB1. 2-3 times so far I've had trouble logging on or doing things on PS4.

The trouble with XB1 is that a bunch of simple features that should be there (and are there on 360) have been left out, making doing certain tasks a pain and others completely impossible.

thekhurg1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )


WTF are you fanboying on about? I've had my PS4 since launch it would be impossible to take it back. Also what kind of idiot would suggest to someone they take a console back because that individual is unhappy about one specific aspect of the console over the past couple days?

Get a better defensive response, "take it back" or "sell it" will never properly apply to someone that is specifically wanting a feature to be fixed.

Cha0tik1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

@thekhurg not fanboying... just saying. If you're unhappy enough to complain then take it back. Instead try being patient like everyone else (including myself). All I see is complaining on N4G. It's a flood between fanboys and just straight up complaining. I'm far from a fanboy. When one thing doesn't work guess what I do? I play my PC or I play my Vita. HELL even play the PS4 on Single Player. I don't hop on the internet complaining. Now if you read the entire thing I explained why they are having issues. The PSN Network has grown at an incredible rate because of the success of the PS4. They need time to improve the service. A fanboy would have said "It's not that bad". They have done what I expect any service to do. Take it to the internet and explain what the problem is so I'll be aware that they are working on it. I expect the same for my PC games and my Xbox games. Let me know what the problem is so I'll know that I'm not left in the dark.

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Cha0tik1574d ago

It's maintenance... you can never see your friends list during a maint. period

nunley331574d ago

That must be a new PS4 thing because I've been through a many maintenance on PS3. The only things I couldn't do is go into the store, Home, account management.

Cha0tik1574d ago

@nunley33 it is a new PS4 thing. It does one of two things... it says "Sony Computer Entertainment Network is Busy" or it just gives you an error message when trying to view your Friends list. I've already spoke with AskPlaystation on Twitter and they confirmed that it's unexpected maintenance meaning that there was a problem but they are working on it.

dale_denton1574d ago

@bradfh you give you something like bioshock infinite and DmC for free this month? something like that for your headache?

Rimeskeem1574d ago

It works sometimes for me.

MikeGdaGod1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

i've been having problems as well...i have to completely turn off my ps4 and restart it to view my friends list....doesn't affect ps store or live from ps....but i've had some issues syncing/viewing trophies

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1574d ago

LMAO.. only the Sony fanboy can spin this so good. "Noticed it but didn't think anything of it."

So someone notice that their friends list is gone.. missing. Done for. And yet they didn't think much of it.

My butt.

If what has gone down with PSN this Christmas on Xbox Live.. N4G and other well known sites would be raising hell about it. Most of them wouldn't have an Xbox or be affected, yet they would be so upset about it and N4G every top story would be about how Xbox Live is down, and how on Xbox Live the friends list has disappeared and whatever else.

Classic here though. Oh,.. I noticed my friends list was gone.. but who cares!

The_Troll_Whisperer1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

When PSN was breached in 2011, every single gaming site reported the hell out of it, even sites that aren't gaming: CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, AP, Yahoo! News, etc.

You've been posting things on N4G that go along the lines of: ''N4G is pro-Sony'', yet you are still here :S

Get out if that's your opinion. Or better yet, keep posting things like that, because i'll just be the 38th person who blocks so i'm not affected by your hypocritical comments.

I have spoken.

kenshiro1001574d ago

Oh give it a freaking rest. What, you came out of your cave just to start trouble?

UnHoly_One1574d ago

Agreed and Well Said, Sir.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1574d ago

@the troll birther...

I still come here because there is still Xbox news. Keep your head buried in the sand though and pretend it's not pro Sony here. I like the underdog odds.

Kinect camera stupid idea, spying and games suck!

Eye toy camera... cool idea, give the games a chance and some are kinda cool!

rainslacker1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

A couple years ago, when I used MSN Messenger a lot, there was a time for about a month, where I would log onto the program and my contacts would not appear. Logging out and back on, or restarting the program did not fix the problem.

At the time, I didn't not think anything of it, and just considered it a network issue, or a bug in the program that would get fixed. I never tried to find out what caused the issue because it was pretty intermittent. After a while it just seemed to work fine again.

Isn't it possible, that in this scenario, that many people thought the exact same thing? Only those completely inexperienced with networks or the programs that use them would automatically think that there is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

Only a fan boy tries to call out hypocrisy on such a thing. Most of the people here aren't even bringing MS into it.

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Jessika_S1574d ago

It's not disappearing, It's just not loading up sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't and sometimes you get and error.

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shorty74a1574d ago

Definitely not submitted by Maria. S**t happens. I am sure that the $50 PSN fee will come in handy for Sony when they troubleshoots the issue. More money means more support. This probably only effects a small number of users. No news here.

Donjune1574d ago Show
bomboclaat_gamer1574d ago

wow bro
talk about denial

:no news here makes it sound like your take any shyt sony gives you

dumb ass

PurpHerbison1574d ago

In all honesty there really is no news here.

uGLYmE1574d ago

Booerns. My girlfriend is having girls night out and i'm wanting to drink/play nba2k14 and battlefield. Worse Timing Ever

Utalkin2me1574d ago

What does that have to do with anything, roflmao? Multiplayer works just fine or it doesn't render single player useless, so i am not understanding.

WillGuitarGuy1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Multiplayer doesn't work fine. My friend wanted to play Borderlands 2 on psn recently and I couldn't connect to him because it said that he wasn't on my friends list (which he was). We had to find a workaround by adding another one of our friends so we could all play together.

It's annoying...

Utalkin2me1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Ohh ok im on PS4. So i gotcha, but borderlands 2, lol. PS+ users just now playing. But you guys are right i'm not playing online right now, roflamo.

What game and screenshot you all want with date and time of my username? Just to satisfy the haters.....rofl?

WillGuitarGuy1574d ago

Not PS+ actually. I've had the game since it came out and my friend's had it for a while as well.

MegaRay1574d ago

I doubt you have a girlfriend, cuz you're ugly

Nick55381574d ago

Are you saying "boo" or "boo-urns?"

Shakengandulf1574d ago

"I was saying boo-urns" :)

KingKongKilla1574d ago

Solution Throw The Shit OuT The Window! Go To Walmart And Get A Xbox 1!!!!

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Sm00thNinja1574d ago

Psn has been buggy for 2 days now

TheFutureIsBlue1574d ago

I actually started playing BF4 campaign since I can't play Killzone SF mp. Probably the only time I'll touch it so I might as well beat it. It's got some funny dog tag unlocks though.

1574d ago
TheFutureIsBlue1574d ago

So far it hasn't gotten deleted and I'm near the end. I didn't touch the campaign earlier when it came out because I didn't want to go through this. I hope I can beat it before it gets erased. If it does I'll just replay through Killzone Shadow Fall lol.

Skate-AK1574d ago

Back up your save on the cloud before you start multiplayer again.

Dpooly1574d ago

i was just playing the bf4 campaign and surprise surprise game crashes corrupted my save file >.<

Shakengandulf1574d ago

I really liked the audio logs, every time i picked one up, it felt like i was holding it in my hands.

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ifistbrowni1574d ago

I find it absolutely unfathomable that no one has written an article complaining about psn being down for the past 2 days.

Usually xbox and ps fans are at each others throats. This would be fuel. Though, i think it should be news worthy, since every little negative thing about XBOX gets an article approved.

2v11574d ago

i dont know whats wrong with your psn connection but i just played bf4 about 5 hrs ago and played yesterday too

ifistbrowni1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

@2v1, Idk what i find more impressive, you're playing bf4 without it crashing or you're actually online. Are you on ps3 or ps4? Even sony have acknowledged that ps4 is having a lot of online issues right now. Ps3 isn't having any issues (apart from the friends list thing).

I can link you to gaming forums where ppl are complaining about it. But, im sure you scrolled through the comments and saw im not the only one "reporting" this.

Yet, on n4g it goes un-reported that the ps4 is having these issues for the past 2 days even though plenty of users are experiencing the issues.

If you're on ps4, consider yourself lucky.