Nintendo Ruins Christmas

Imagine Christmas day. Little Johnny comes rushing downstairs in his pajamas, excitedly ripping open his presents. “A NEW Nintendo!!!”, he shrieks, elated. His elation turns to confusion, and then boredom, as his parents try to set up his new system and are met time and time again with error messages from the Nintendo Network. Poor Johnny wanders off and starts playing with the empty boxes.

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Benjaminkno1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

As a Nintendo fan, I must say, implementing an online "what's the worst gift you'd gotten this year", campaign when your online store is down for what is now going on 3 days and counting is a bit ironic.

That's why your bundles need to come with external software or at the least, pre-installed software, like the Mario Dream team 3ds I bought...

I'm sure Nintendo has already gotten quite a bit of returns this holiday. They can sure be counted on to keep shooting themselves in the foot...
they're out of toes by now...


plsburydoughboy1606d ago

So what you're saying is, Christmas being good depends entirely on Nintendo. Playstation and Xbox don't count, only Nintendo can give gamers a good Christmas.

zeal0us1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

What the author is saying Nintendo ruin Christmas for those new WiiU owners due to network outage. The author isn't saying Nintendo is the only one that can provide a good Christmas.

Heck I had a good Christmas with my family and no console was needed.

Chrischi19881606d ago

Sad to hear that, I thought christmas is about meeting the family...

Summons751606d ago

Just like Sony and MS ruined Christmas for their users because ALL systems on lines were down or having trouble.
This is just a pathetic attempt to spit on Nintendo for something beyond their control. A lot of people flooded the servers of all systems, its no ones fault.

G20WLY1605d ago

No, PS and XB don't count because he's talking about little children, hence it's Nintendo that is the focus of the article.

Makes sense to me.

Scizz1606d ago Show
vakarian751606d ago

Every consoles nonlinear network was down.

NineKnights1606d ago

The main point of this story was the #replacewith3DS post from Nintendo. True all the major players were down, but Nintendo's PR campaign was bad timing.

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The story is too old to be commented.