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Chilling truth about the video games your children got for Christmas

Scenes include women tied to train tracks and a man's kneecaps drilled

One five-year-old was bought Grand Theft Auto to bond with his father
Another child spent two days in his bedroom playing 11-plus reward game

Study found violent games can make 12 to 14 year olds more aggressive
13-year-old boy in Glasgow slashed a rival's throat before quoting a game (Culture)

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Axonometri  +   652d ago
It is never the games fault. Ever. Study all you want. Blame all you want. Games do not kill people. Games do not make people kill people.
nikrel  +   652d ago
Games do not kill people.

I do think games enhance underlying issues with said human being.

Could be anger or anxiety, frustration, depression. Whatever the issue I truly feel games, music, movies being out issues & most people can deal with the issues that arise, others are not as stable and they lash out in the unstable state they are in.
ziggurcat  +   651d ago
No, the issue is the irresponsible parent buying an adult video game for their child.
thorstein  +   651d ago
@Zigg Exactly. I love how the article leaves out all the peer reviewed scientific research that shows violent gaming and media DO NOT make people more violent.
darthv72  +   651d ago
The influence of the various mediums is dependent on the willingness of the individuals mind. A person can be smart and know the difference between right and wrong.

there are weak minded individuals who are more prone to letting these outside influences dictate their actions as opposed to using their own natural response. Then there are those who are smart enough to know when something isnt meant to be taken in literal but more figurative response.

Music, movies, tv...games are being used more and more as placeholders for the youth instead of real social interaction. Now even in a real social environment there can be the influence of others that try to sway a persons view or belief but again it is really up to the willingness of that individual if those influences take hold.

i see gaming as a way to escape the events of the day. unwind with a game or two regardless of the content of the game, i know full well that it is just another form of entertainment. i may get upset that i keep losing or i will get excited because i finally beat a level i kept losing at. either way gaming has greatly improved my eye to hand coordination as well as dexterity and problem solving skills.

In life there is no game genie to cheat but you can sure use one in a game.
LeCreuset  +   651d ago

Not only that, but the article is very questionable in the way it presents the studies it referenced.

1) There are no links to the studies.

2) #1 could be forgiven had they actually included the names of the studies so that the information could be independently analyzed by readers. Telling readers that research, or a study, was done by a university, or appeared in a journal, is not very helpful, considering that universities do a lot of research and journals publish a lot of studies.

3) There is a difference between "aggression" and "violence." Playing air hockey increases my aggression, or as we are used to saying, it makes me more "competitive." Most games are competitive, whether you are competing against another player or against the game itself. Of course a competitive endeavor will increase aggression. That's a far way off from linking video games to VIOLENCE as this article attempts to do.
saber00005  +   651d ago
It's the parents responsibility to say NO to their child if they want an M rated game.
Edsword  +   651d ago
There are two types of parents, those who want the government and society to regulate their children's morality and those who take the responsibility to do it themselves. Why in the world you would play GTA games with children is beyond me. Parents need to be parents. Anyway, kids left to society and the government typically don't turn out as well as those who have parents that actually give a damn about them.
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joab777  +   651d ago
What parents are buying kids as young as 5 gta5 and payday 2? That isn't the games fault...its the parents. I doubt they bought them Eyes Wide Shut and the Sopranos to watch.
Koyes  +   651d ago
If you cannot do your job as parents, don't blame it on someone/something else
boneso82  +   651d ago
This article is written by a retard with an agenda!

"Yet nine out of ten video games like these are bought for children by parents."

9 out of 10, really? So only 10% of video games are bought by video gamers for themselves? What a pile of horseshit!

This sort of article makes me much angrier than any video game ever could, disgraceful, uninformed and filled with naivety and hate. Makes me sick.
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inveni0  +   651d ago
Shortly before Christmas, my older sister asked me if Call of Duty Ghosts had parental controls. I said, "Yeah, the parent controls whether or not they put it in their child's hands."

I don't think video games make anyone violent, but they can—like anything else in the world—feed mental instability.

If you ask me, people blame video games because they don't want to blame parents and bullying.
Salooh  +   651d ago
I have been playing violence ..etc games since i was 8. Why didn't they effect me ?. Because my parents teach me the purpose of life. I recognise what's good and what's bad , in this case reality and fiction . Nothing can effect me if i have standards. A lot of people don't have standards so they don't teach their children's that.

It's also not a good thing to let your children play adult games . Or at least before you teach them that. When you see your child get smart then let him explore life but always remind them with their standard. Some things must be forbidden to them though because even adults sometimes can't handle it like nudity..etc
ElementX  +   651d ago
I believe conditioning could play a factor in violence. Whether somebody is abused, hangs out with the wrong crowd, or acts out violence in a game could be an issue. I'm not saying there's an excuse, however there are many factors in behavioral development.
SilentNegotiator  +   651d ago
These studies are always crappy. Many of them forget things as simple as a control.

One I remember reading about had people play violent games and non-violent games and then tested to see how they would solve fictional problems. And surprise, surprise; the people that had just played the violent games had more frequently violent solutions to the entirely fictional story that affects nothing in real life. And of course, they decided that transferred to real life aggression.
static5245  +   651d ago
I've been playing violent games and watching violent movies even with nudity as far back as i can remember (thanks to my older cousins)and I'm not a murderous psychopath or even shows any true aggression. But my parents knew i enjoyed being scared and in return they knew I could handle violence.

These games need to be regulated by the parents. I don't think any 5 yr old should be playing video games in this day and age unless it's Dora the explore or something. Where's riding bikes? Playing ball? Go outside. Parents are too lazy. Stick them in front of the TV and walk away but as soon as something happens they point the finger to the ones showing the content.

And there's a big difference between 80's kids, 90's kids and 2000's kids. Parents are overly protective and expect TV, Games, and the internet to deal with the kids. It's sad really
3-4-5  +   651d ago
If playing games made people kill people, when why didn't 600 million gamers go out and shoot somebody the other day?

Exactly. You can't prove against that.

Case closed.

Wouldn't even fly in court.
v6volume  +   651d ago
I guess Super Mario made all the 80s babies to bounce around for coins....well looking at the strip clubs/twerking videos..I guess that's pretty accurate
ZombieKiller  +   651d ago
WOW! How about we change that title to
"Chilling truth about the video games YOU GOT your children for Christmas"

Since when is it the games fault?!

Oh wait...apparently it's always been....and we wonder why.... SMFH

I wish these parents would monitor their kids. In the worst way....but only because then I won't have to listen to their dumbasses spitting out curse words they don't even know the meaning of.
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JsonHenry  +   651d ago
If you are prone to violence or someone who has a hard time separating reality from fiction you're a walking time bomb anyway.

Playing video games, listening to music, watching TV, or even reading books does not make you do anything.

Just think of the BILLIONS of people that do one or all of the things above and then look at the actual number of rapes, murder, and violence in general.

Yeah, its a very small percentage of the population.

100% of violent people also take a crap and breathe oxygen. Should we ban those?
Evilsnuggle  +   651d ago
I have been in gamestop so many times and have seen parents of young children 12 and under buying GTA 5. I have seen many times children asking for extreme mature games with there parents standing next to them. The gamestop I go to never tells the parents the game's are for adults . But have been in other gamestop and they have warned parents of content in Mature games but it's the parents responsibility to know what their kids are playing.
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ZombieKiller  +   650d ago
My Gamestop warns the parents but the parents always look at the kid like "You swindled me into another one" look. Then okay's the transaction.

That tells me right there the kids get what they want when they want. If not, a few tears and raising your voice should do the trick.

Mission Accomplished....

It's the idiot parents that spoil their kids, let them F-up majorly, then blame something like this as the culprit because god forbid their lil' baby messes up....
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stuna1  +   652d ago
The fact of the matter is, there will always be someone out there lobbying against something whether it's one day found to be good for you, and the next day found to be bad for you.

Parents have a responsibility to their children to moderate every aspect of their growth, whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Parenting is a learned action! One does not automatically become a good parent, it's a learned experience! Anyone saying otherwise is lying, not only to themselves, but anyone who is willing to agree, but in the same instance it is the parents responsibility to use good judgement when it comes to raising and nurturing their offspring, relying on past experiences to act like a compass of sorts to ensure that their children don't repeat past mistakes that their parents may have made.

Anything done in excess can be bad for any individual, that why moderation and wisdom are key elements in raising children, but communication is always a element that needs to be included in every situation. Communicating the difference of Right from Wrong can go a long way in making informed intelligent decisions.
OtakuDome  +   651d ago
I love how parents and media blame the games. Look morons the rating system is in place and PLAIN SIGHT for a reason. So idiotic that this "video game violence" business is still in the news when it comes to kids who are underage. It's your job to censor your child from this, if you don't pay attention to ratings, then it's your fault I know no one wants to say "I'm a bad parent", but don't go looking for a scapegoat for yourself either.
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Whitefox789  +   651d ago
Indeed, once the parent ignores the ESRB, PEGI, CERO, rating then he/she deems the material to be viewable to their child.

Contrary to most popular belief video games are not strictly for children considering the median age of players is from the their early 20's to their mid 30's.
NiteX  +   651d ago
This is the biggest problem, and it will always exist. Ignorant people will never understand that not all video games are for children. Hell I remember when FOX News made a claim that if you're 30 and still play video games you're weird. I admit that's unsurprising of Fox though.
tanookisuit  +   651d ago
I've seen many parents (mostly moms) go into EB Games, and just grab a M-rated game off the shelf for their kid(s).

They don't even bother looking at the description(s) on the back, let a lone the M-rating logo in the front. That, or they chose to be completely stupid about it.
OtakuDome  +   651d ago
Exactly, it's usually the same crap. The kid tells the parent what they want, then they buy it. They're responsible for doing the prerequisite work on the game, such as ratings research and what not. Obviously the kid won't be honest about what the game contains.
SilentNegotiator  +   651d ago
The article should be "The irresponsible purchase you made for your child for Christmas"
saber00005  +   651d ago
Amen to that SilentNegotiator!
ErryK  +   651d ago
I'd like to call out these people who blame games when it is not the game's fault, it is the person who is buying the game. It is their own responsibility to account of how they are raising their children or themselves.

Blaming the game is like blaming the calculator.
Whitefox789  +   651d ago
Lets throw a nice quote from Rockstar,

"If you're a parent and buy one of our games for your child you're a terrible parent. We design games for adults because we're adults. There's a lot of kids games out there that we're not interested in playing. Just like you enjoy watching movies and TV shows with adult themes and language and violence that's the kind of thing we seek to produce."

The material they produce is not their fault, the fact their games are popular is not their fault, so the fault in the end lies with the parents for not being their to explain what their children are viewing and to help differentiate from fantasy and reality.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   651d ago
Daily Mail again.....
Just ignore and move on.
donwel  +   651d ago
I was thinking the same thing.
How anyone still takes anything written by the Daily Mail as fact is beyond me. Actually, how it's still in print is beyond me.
FanOfRootBeer  +   651d ago
Bad parenting and uninformed idiots are not things you can fault games for. This is a tired, futile argument, and a worthless article.
Majin-vegeta  +   651d ago
Guns don't kill people,Games don't kill people.

LeCreuset  +   651d ago
Guns are made to be highly efficient killing machines. Video games are not. Don't conflate the two.

I'm pretty sure there aren't many PEOPLE out there being killed by PEOPLE using a video game, consoel, controller, or related accessory as a weapon.

The Daily Mail is a far right rag, so they're scapegoating video games to avoid talking about guns.
Underworld  +   651d ago
Shouldn't be talking about the game or gun. We should be talking about metal health and the problems that some people have. Guns are made for many legitimate reasons which are used by good, law abiding people every day.

Guns are no more responsible for violence than games. Yes, in the wrong hands they can be deadly, but it's the idiots and criminals that use them for violence that are responsible. Some people always try to just blame guns and try to take away the right for people to use them, rather than talking about the bigger and deeper problem of the metal health issue, keeping them out of the hands of unstable people and getting tougher on gun crimes.

And don't pretend like some left wing people don't go after video games too. They do.
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LeCreuset  +   651d ago
@Underworld and @Kryptix

Last bubble so I'll reply to you both and end it here.

Here is why the original quote incorrectly conflates the issues. Gun control advocates are not saying that guns make people act violently. Critics of video games ARE saying that video games cause people to act violently. Gun control advocates are not denying whatever conditions would motivate a person to commit violence. Video game critics are saying that the video game motivates the person to violence.

In the case of the arguments against video games it is correct to remind gaming's detractors that the person is not just some mindless puppet controlled by the video game. In the case of the arguments against gun control, saying, "guns don't kill people" is nothing more than an artless dodge, a nonsequitur, to avoid dealing with the arguments of gun control advocates.

You talk about the problem being the people and not the guns, but you get upset whenever there is an attempt to limit the availability of these deadly weapons to PEOPLE. You can talk about mental health issues, but that too is really just a dodge on the part of gun lovers to avoid also dealing with the availability of guns. Just who gets to decide who is an "unstable" person? So how would you react if someone decided you were unstable and came to take you away for mandatory treatment? I suspect this would be even less well received than if they came to take away your gun.

Underworld, you are correct that the left has gone after video games too. No one is pretending anything. Is that why this right wing rag is going after video games? No, it is not. They are doing so because the NRA and the right have attempted to scapegoat video games following the Newton shootings to the point where the president had to call for a study of video games and violence just to placate the right as he pushed for other measures including tighter gun control. You know there is something wrong with this country when we are studying video games for a connection that has failed to appear time and again, but the CDC is not allowed to conduct research which shows the health risks of guns.

So, Kryptix, the last sentence in my original post which you took exception to is there for a reason: Take that gun defense stuff somewhere else, especially considering that the very reason games are under attack right now is because of an effort on the part of the gun defense crowd to scapegoat games for the violence committed so efficiently by people with guns.
Kryptix  +   651d ago

He didn't mean it like that.

I can pick up a gun and on the side, it's not gonna say "go kill whoever pisses you off."

No, the dangerous and misinformed mind of an unstable person kills people. That's why kids aren't supposed to be playing M rated games till 17+ or hold a gun till they are properly trained at 18+.

We have rules in this world and it can be a mistake when they're not properly followed.
LeCreuset  +   651d ago

He didn't mean it like what? From where I'm sitting, what he meant to do was tack on a pro gun talking point during a conversation about video games and violence. He conflated the issues, as if talking about guns in connection with violence is just as ludicrous as talking about video games in connection with violence. Therefore, I made the distinction quite clear between the two.

You don't have to pick up a gun and read instructions on the side. It's designed for real life violence. That is not the case with a video game.

We really shouldn't be talking about guns here, but since he injected that point I rebutted it. Considering that the Daily Mail is only doing this to take the heat off of guns in the first place, I really don't want to hear any cliche gun lover talking points, since they originate from the same crowd now trying to scapegoat video games.
Kryptix  +   651d ago
lol And here you are, still not understanding what he meant. What he meant is that it's up for the person themselves to make the decision to kill, but hey, whatever you say. :)
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LeCreuset  +   651d ago

And here you are still not understanding that it's an apples and oranges comparison. LOL. It may be up to the person to kill, but a gun makes it a lot easier to do so. It is an instrument of killing, unlike a game. The person also need not have intent to harm anyone, as accidental shootings often happen. The point that you seem to be missing is that there is a valid argument to be had about guns in connection to violence that cannot be poo-pooed away by regurgitating an NRA catch phrase. That is different from video games which have yet to be shown to have a significant role in violence, either as a source of violence or an instrument to facilitate it. Got it?
Kryptix  +   651d ago

I guess before guns existed, wars never existed neither. Jack the Ripper definitely had a gun when he killed all those women with multiple slashes and mutilation. Bad mental conditions and anger problems play a large role so it's the person itself. Like not having a gun close by will keep a person from using explosives and a knife instead.

Once again, he meant that video games and having possession of a gun won't influence someone to feel like he's invincible to go on a killing spree. It's the person itself that makes the decision, stress could be one of those factors. The lack of control of emotions, lack of mental care or lack of proper parenting.

Hope I don't have to explain it again using words with one syllable since you keep failing to comprehend.
LeCreuset  +   651d ago

Nice straw man argument—not that you even know what a straw man argument is.

Your little diatribe is rendered meaningless the second I ask you "Why were guns invented in the first place then?" See, regardless of your sophomoric reply, no one ever said killings never happened before the invention of the gun. What I said is that the gun is an efficient killing machine. A video game is not. Therefore, you cannot use the same premise to dismiss arguments against video games as you use to dismiss arguments against guns. It's apples and oranges.

Guns have been shown to be very efficient at killing (which they were designed to do). Video games have not. The argument against video games isn't flawed because, "Games don't kill people. People kill people." That kind of stupid logic would theoretically allow for the guy next door to have a nuclear bomb. The argument is flawed because there is no connection between video games and real life violence.

It's really not that hard to understand once you stop dumbing it down to justify your gun obsession.
Kryptix  +   651d ago
lol And your comment becomes invalid since you didn't know what he meant in the first place. Guns or games do not influence someone to kill anyone and history shows this since the beginning. When he meant by "people kill people," he meant their choices, the core, where it all comes from so the funny thing is, he is agreeing with you.

I think what bothered you was the "guns don't kill people" line and what you fail to realize is that part of my first comment was replying to this sentence: "The Daily Mail is a far right rag, so they're scapegoating video games to avoid talking about guns." which you're secretly stating that guns is where the problem is. I'm just fixing a misconception so I added more to the initial conversation by stating that it's the person itself lacking self control not having dangerous objects in possession. I'm agreeing with you, he did tacked it on but he only said it to give an example. I'll also agree with you, if guns didn't exist, things will probably be better but it's more than just guns...humans can craft anything with what's available so there's no end to it. I'll give you points for showing intelligence but it wasn't hard to expose your blind anti-gun stance. By bringing humanity's history, I was saying it's more than that. You can't tackle guns and expect that there's no alternative. If you left out that last sentence of your first comment, trust me, I wouldn't be here.
SolidDuck  +   651d ago
That's why there is a rating system. If parents ignore the rating, they are the ones 2 blame. Plus how is this any diff than movies, if u let your ten year old watch, just for example, the departed, it's prob very similar to letting them play gta 5. Again it's all about bad parenting and pushing blame.
arbitor365  +   651d ago
the games are specifically targeted at gamers 17+ years old and cannot be bought by anyone younger. if you buy them for your kids, its your own decision.
Callediceman  +   651d ago
Wait...... I have children?
CorndogBurglar  +   651d ago

You earn a bubble...whatever that does
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Hicken  +   651d ago
Author must have been to the future, cuz my kids aren't born yet.

Anyway, this, as always, lies on the shoulders of the parents. That's honestly it. Increased aggression does not mean increased violent behavior.

Oh, well. Just another article about nothing.
saber00005  +   651d ago
Shouldn't it be the parents responsibility NOT to buy games that are rated M for MATURE? It's the same with Movies. You don't let young kids watch R rated moves with Nudity, sex, and violence. It's the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY. PERIOD. You want to know why your kid is messed up? It's because of your parenting!
denkov  +   651d ago
Dumb. Uninformed. Was this written by fox news?
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Underworld  +   651d ago
Stop blaming Fox News for everything. If people actually took the time to watch it often rather than just listening to the Fox haters you'd see there's nothing wrong with it. But hey, it's not a left wing organisation, so it and the people on it must be evil and stupid. The discussion on games came up a couple of times on Fox a few months ago and almost everyone that spoke about it agreed that games don't make people violent.

And some people on the left go after video games too.
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Pintheshadows  +   651d ago
'One five-year-old was bought Grand Theft Auto to bond with his father'

Blame the game, not the parent. Daily Mail logic.

These guys employ complete nonces. If you want an example go look up Peter Hitchens. He and Matthew Perry talked about drug addiction on Newsnight recently. I'm surprised Paxman didn't end him. He writes for the Mail.

'The launches of the PS4 and Xbox One have prompted a surge in popularity for games like Pay Day 2'.

A game that is on neither system.
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quaneylfc  +   651d ago
The chilling truth about shit parents!!!!
Soldierone  +   651d ago
A child spent two days playing a game in his room and it's the games fault? Lmao how about the parent letting him do that and not teaching them it's just a game.....oh right we can't have logic in this topic....
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il-JumperMT  +   651d ago
Lets blame games not the parents who allow toddlers to play games which are 18+ Rating.
CorndogBurglar  +   651d ago
The article says this:

"But this year, the launch of two super-powerful games consoles — the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One — meant that, more than ever, video games like these were among the most popular presents received."

The funny thing is that most of the games mentioned here aren't even available on PS4 and XB1...

Just sayin'...
jon1234  +   651d ago
games dont kill people.... the goverment does
kevnb  +   651d ago
the frightening truth is that no matter what anybody does people will be violent. Did nazis, napoleon, genghis khan or the taliban play video games?
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AD705  +   651d ago
So i guess the reasons why the crusaders, vikings, mongolians, romans, spartans, hitler, and many other people were violent is because they played too many video games right?
kevnb  +   651d ago
maybe it was gangsta rap!
Dreadnort  +   651d ago
Murder, drug/substance abuse, alcoholism, muggings, robbery, hit and runs, assault, shootings, infidelity, rape, sexual violence, underage/teen sex & pregnancies, abortion, racism and domestic violence. This is just a random listing of the themes that kids can freely watch in those "family friendly" soap operas on TV. in the U.K. these are shown from as early as 5pm in the afternoon until 8:30pm Monday to Friday every week.

But of course the media is more than happy to ignore that in favour of the horrors of videogames. It's hipocracy at it's finest. In terms of adult themes and content, games are really rank amateurs compared.

I remember attempting to post something almost identical to this post when the Daily Mail were having a go at GTA V. Strangely enough my posts were never approved, funny that, isn't it.
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JohnS1313  +   651d ago
Forget about TV shows. You can see all of that on the evening news.
Lukejrl  +   651d ago
I agree that parents are the problem for exposing their underage children to terrible images.

The thing is, while video games are not the only culprit, what we do as a society defines us. People bring up the wars and stuff that happened back hundreds of years ago.... What are those eras known for?

I am sure none of us would go to a actual gladiatorial game as the Romans did. We would call it barbaric. Still sports like hockey and football promote the potential of hurting someone in a context where it is "allowed".

Why do we find enjoyment in games like Mortal Kombat? The sole purpose is to cause gruesome dismemberment. There is a market for fighting games, just as there is for boxing and UFC, the much "tamer version" of gladiator spectacles. Games like Street Fighter or Tekken while violent convey the competitiveness that does not end with someone looking like a medieval torture victim. The effect is the same: I beat you because my skill level was higher. In Mortal Kombat however the player is rewarded with a gruesome image as a bonus. Why is this needed to enjoy the game? Are we relishing in a display of violence, though not on a real person, that accurately depicts what happens?

There are different degrees of violence, there is no denying that, there are different degrees of anything. We have consciences to guide us. Words like desensitized are around because as people we suffer from the potential to let our consciences be scarred and torn. Do you think during Hitler's reign the German citizens couldn't have stopped him? Was a whole nation simply complacent? How easily was a massive group of people, including the Catholic Pope Pius XII, able to turn a blind eye to the mistreatment and Genocide of people?

These questions can follow through to what we choose for entertainment, because if we are entertained by it, we are letting into our minds. Advertising knows this, why do you think there are product shots in movies?

We may not go out and kill people. Our minds may be stronger than some who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy. But actually think about this: Why do I buy something, is it because I need it or is because I want it? If it because i want it, what is making me want it?
If we can answer those questions honestly we might find our minds are far more malleable to what others tell us, or what others want us to hear. And that has been the case since the beginning, Religion, patriotism, rich vs poor, and yes even fanboyism(while wars haven't been fought arguments have been, whether it be about consoles or football teams) are all sources of conflict. And that is inescapable fact.

So before we say the entire problem rests on parents, which as you know if a weak minded person has kids they will raise those kids most likely to be weak minded, think about why we enjoy a bloody spectacle and ask: Is it Healthy?
JohnS1313  +   651d ago
This article should be about bad parents instead of how bad the games are for kids. None of these games is even meant for kids. Parents, stop being lazy. Learn about what's right for young kids to play.
CaitSith  +   651d ago
I just finished playing Super Mario 3D World.

...BRB, gonna go jump on turtles and eat mushrooms.
CaitSith  +   651d ago
I also just played FF7.

...BRB, gonna stand in front of my enemies and wait for a command input done by my third eye.

...See how stupid it is pointing the blame at video games?
djplonker  +   651d ago
I love you because of that name and avatar!

best ff character and he began life as a scottish myth!
KingKevo  +   651d ago
But hey, do not skin your neighbors cats to get one of them catsuits ;) I did that in RL after playing AC and it was a bloody mess, at least we had something nice for Christmas dinner.

What was the article about?..
#25.2 (Edited 651d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ion53  +   651d ago
Just finished Fifa 14... I think I'm ready to sign up for Madrid
KingKevo  +   651d ago
„The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?“

- „The same procedure as every year, James.“

The thing is: games do have ratings for a reason (however there are children who may be younger than 17 that can play M, PEGI/USK 18 rated games, the law always tries to protect children, so the ratings are still fine) AND, and that's even more important, hence all caps, PARENTS ARE CALLED PARENTS FOR A REASON, THEY ARE MEANT TO PARENT THEIR CHILDREN AND LOOK AFTER THEM!! But as always, the games, the media, the school, the government, it's their fault, not the parents, if something happens, and in the end games are the scapegoat, because they are not as strong as the media or the government or whatever, so they are to blame.

Getting bored of these stories every year, yet parents do and the media doesn't get any smarter.

Anyways, just played some GTA V (aka murder simulator).. I think I'm gonna go outside and do stuff.. /SARCASM
KontryBoy706  +   651d ago
that's why there are RATINGS ON THE FREAKING BOXES. Blame your parenting not the games!
iliimaster  +   651d ago
it might DE Sensitize it to people but the same sHHHHH can be said for commercials now a days and tv shows and movies and well the internet kids are more aware of it
Cid33  +   651d ago
"Computer games were not always so violent. Super Mario was more about collection coins and mushrooms"

like a proper hustler
djplonker  +   651d ago
Lol a 13 year old from Glasgow slashed someones throat... because there was none of that in scotland before video games... oh wait swap video games for religion and it has been for hundreds of years in glasgow!
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