What’s done right and wrong in The Walking Dead: Season 2 (so far)

IGD - “But what happens to Clementine?!,” a sentiment most of us shared upon completing the last episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. With Lee’s mission to save Clementine from the stranger complete, Clementine was left with the difficult choice of shooting a dying Lee or leaving him handcuffed. Whatever your choice, Clementine flees, her fate left unknown."

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TricksterArrow1612d ago

Right: Almost everything. Wrong: Episodic format.

sdozzo1612d ago

nice article. the dog thing was lame. it's an easy take and they played it. isolated incident.

souljah451612d ago

Im glad that was over with. Was getting worried im gonna be playing the walkin dog.

P_Bomb1612d ago

I liked the dark turn the dog part took. Didn't see it coming. All that frisbee for nothing, heh. The rest of the episode was a bit predictable. Surprised no one checked on the shed earlier considering it sounded like someone was getting slowly murdered in there

PS3gamer4life1612d ago

This game is sick i cant wait for episode 2 i like playing as clemetine

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