360 outselling PS3 in GTA software 'battle'

55% of Rockstar title sales are on Microsoft machine in its first week in UK – but PS3 hardware grows 127%

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niall773878d ago

it isnt the mega lead you would expect from the 360 since in the UK it has a near 1 million lead on the ps3

Cwalat3878d ago

excactly... and who fu**in cares ?

ITS PS GAMERS DAY... go enjoy the footage and the newest details instead of worrying about sales figures!

ukilnme3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

You are both correct. We should all enjoy the PS Gamers Day. However, 55% for MS's console is not bad considering that GTA is widely considered to be a Playstation franchise.

Saigon3878d ago

you are right, if the lead was like would be another story...sad to say the PS3 still one this decision...

nbsmatambo3878d ago

it is very bad for MS becuz they paid 50M for xclusive content, and only get a +100K lead on sales -.-

dan-boy3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

because the 360 saw a hardware growth of 125% and the ps3 127%, it was too close to call. so there was nothing to shout about.

man i'm addicted to gta...gotta be game of the year.

you can see who hasn't read the link by their replys. just saw the title and yep, 360= software and ps3 hardware....not knowing that 360 saw 125% gowth lol.. as if the increase of hardware for both platform holders effects people on here anyway.

Chaos Striker3878d ago

You also have to consider the fact that the percentage rises were taken in relation to the rate at which each system was selling. For instance if the ps3 was selling at a rate of 50k per week then a 127% rise would go to about 113.5k. If the 360 was selling at a rate of 40k per week then a 125% rise would only raise it to 90k per week. Even though it seems that the difference between the the selling rate of the 360 and the PS3 would be the same, it is not. From 50k to 40k there's a difference of 10k, but from 113.5k to 90k there's a difference of 23.5k. This is all hypothetical of course because I don't know the exact rates at which they are selling at.

dan-boy3877d ago

thanks for that bud, i had no clue what it all meant until you enlightened me.

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Fishy Fingers3878d ago

55%, does that take the install base difference into consideration?

AlterEgo3878d ago

Its been said 100 times before.


Software rise for 360

Hardware rise for PS3

and given that the install base is supposedly so far apart, the PS3 definitely seems to be benefiting PLENTY from GTA regardless.

theKiller3878d ago

ps3 127% HW increase
360 125 or 124% HW increase!

i was hoping to see more hardware sold on ps3 since it needs it to catch up to 360!

gaffyh3878d ago

@theKiller - but I think the 360 has been selling less than the PS3 in the UK anyway so 125% increase is still a lot lower than 127% on PS3. I would have thought there would be an even greater impact on HW sales though.

theKiller3878d ago

yes, ps3 has been selling more than 360 for a while and the HW impact on ps3 was more than 360 but still, they both increased in same percentage of course if ps3 was selling 100,000 unit the week before GTA4 release and 360 50,000 then the increase of ps3 will be 127,000 more unit sold and 360 would have got 62,000 more units but the reality is different they were already close to each other i think ps3 was 80~k and 360 was 60~k and in the USA the effect probably the same but not sure, we have to wait for NPD numbers!

Expy3878d ago

GTA is more successful on PS3 (on a per machine basis). Not surprising.

crimsonfox3878d ago

up this time im glad they have it on 360 but they could have done so much more on blu ray it's not even funny

Expy3878d ago

Sony messed up by not outbidding Microsoft's 50 million?

DomUltra3878d ago

Expect DLC for both consoles, there's alot of unfinished stuff in GTA4.

deeznuts3878d ago

Rockstar offered Sony future exclusives to allow GTA to go multi. They agreed.

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