Worst of 2013: Announcements and screw-ups

GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: You know, I’m usually a pretty optimistic guy. I’m one of those people who likes to shrug off negativity and instead focus on the positive things in life. Still, it’s hard to ignore just how many unpleasant things happened in the gaming industry during 2013.

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Sadie2100859d ago

I'm OK with Watch Dogs being delayed. There are enough good games to play now, and if they need more time to get the game right, that's fine by me!

SolidGear3859d ago

Yup, I'd rather have a technical feat than a buggy disasterpiece right out of the box. Pretty sure I'm not alone either.

deantak859d ago

Well, they were pretty late to announce that Watch Dogs would be delayed. That was probably predictable earlier than they announced it.

Bruce_Wayne859d ago

Hideo Kojima's "surprise" for the pre-PS4 launch was a colossal disappointment. Not even worth half the hype.

cellur111859d ago

Spike's VGX awards, What a joke that was.