The biggest and most controversial Metal Gear news stories of 2013

MGI: 'The year is almost over. And what a year it has been! Looking back, it’s hard to believe how much has transpired during 2013. Here is a countdown of the five biggest, most controversial Metal Gear related news stories of the past year.'

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Eonjay1610d ago

It puts the lotion on its skin...

Pozzle1610d ago

Or else it gets the hose again.

Anthotis1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Metal Gear should have had well over a decade of controversy. What with all the scantily clad characters like Vulcan Raven, Liquid Snake, Vamp and Psycho Mantis with his figure hugging latex.

The femnazis and white liberal beta males should've been kicking up a fuss about Metal Gear since it's inception.

saber000051610d ago

@Anthotis... It's funny to keep seeing your avatar picture almost every post. lol ;)

Roccetarius1610d ago

Quiet probably just finished with a client, so you can't really blame her for jumping into warfare.

GrandpaSnake1610d ago

I think the most controversial thing is kojima totally keeping metal gear online under wraps. i know they announced it but damn....

nope1111610d ago

Kojima being Kojima, nothing wrong about it.

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