Top 6 Saturday: Reasons Why Handhelds Trump the New Consoles

Front Towards Gamer demands that next-gen funding be transferred to portables

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Oh_Yeah859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Top 6 reasons a mobile phone trumps a handheld.

1. You'll have it with you anyway, no need to carry something extra.

2. Screen resolution and size. Most phones have higher resolution than the handhelds and are also lighter.

3. Emulators, everything from a snes, psp, 3ds, n64, etc. and it doesn't cost you a dime

4. Has more uses, more apps

5. Faster

6. PCs and consoles have the better fully featured games anyway.

rmatthe5858d ago

Reason why Handhelds trump mobile phones for gaming.

1. Handheld games have a dedicated control scheme instead of relying on the touch screen.

rmatthe5858d ago

Where is there a 3ds Emulator ?

DualWielding859d ago

I like the handhelds better because the Japanese video game industry seems to be prioritizing handhelds I tend to prefer Japanese games over western ones