PlayStation 4, Xbox One Christmas Sales Show Sony Winning The Holidays

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the last generation consoles were all big sellers over the Holiday season. According to retailers, the PS4 outsold the “Xbone” almost two to one. It seems Microsoft just made too many mistakes to even outsell the console that reinvented the launch hardware failure.

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miyamoto1335d ago

"As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the recent Killer Instinct tournament showed us all that Microsoft never really did remove the DRM from their games. In the last round of the tournament, all of the players involved had to stop and sign in on Xbox Live just to prove they owned the game before the competition could finish. This may only be on first-party Xbone titles, but it’s enough to show us that Microsoft was at least partially lying about taking out DRM."


hellvaguy1334d ago

Dont u have sign in to play all digital download games online?

Hicken1334d ago

I dunno what it's like on the current gen, but it wasn't necessary to do so on PS3 or Vita. Only played Rock Band and Lost Odyssey on 360, so I don't know how it worked there.

On PS3- and Vita as well, I'm assuming- the copy you download pretty much comes with a built-in timer. Between that and the OS, it keeps track of whether or not your license for a digital game is valid, whether you sign in or not. As long as the relevant account is present on the hardware, you're good to go.

I dunno what the hell Microsoft is doing with the XB1, but it's definitely gonna make tournaments like this more trouble.

riceking1334d ago

well i know on ps4 you don't have too unless it online only.

Volkama1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

The tournament organiser bought the game once and downloaded it to multiple consoles for the sake of the tournament.

On the One your account has a "home" console. The digital content you buy can be accessed by your home console, by anyone. It can also be accessed on another console if your account is signed in to Live.

Somebody else cannot play your library of games on their own console without you signing in.

It's all fair and all ethical. But even after the tournament organiser came out to confirm what happened some people throw the term 'DRM' around like it is the ultimate evil.

nukeitall1334d ago

There is so much mis-information in that article, it is amazing it got approved, but then again, it is MariaHelFutura propaganda stuff.

zeee1334d ago

As much as I love my ps4, I can't stand this article.

Seriously, why is this even here... approved?

GT671334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

to ALL gamers on this site. like to APOLOGIZE for being SNES,PS1 gen gamer wishing for this gen be as ps1-ps2 gen after realizing my era is gone and dead i TRULY apologize. my time is up.... far as enjoying rpg,platform,side scrolling games once upon a time they reign gaming landscape.i must admit i know nothing about first person shooters and open world landscape gaming never laid hands on those games felt like to much real life military. open world racing Criterions Hotpursuit,Mostwanted, Ghost games NFS RIVALS games like those never end the race constant racing is a turn off/ basically this is a apology letter to all. sounding foolish or out of place in this NEW gen of gamers.

one old school gamer retiring after 34 years or
my gaming could go on with RETRON 4 play yesteryear games of my gen.

now i understand why im now to 3 bubbles out of touch with this gen thanks guys for bashing me im now woke. i wish ALL of you fun experiencing what developers have to offer this generation as they did in my era.

MysticStrummer1334d ago

@GT67 - You're judging the generation already? That doesn't sound like someone who has been gaming as long as you claim. Sure, FPS is still big, but there will be great games of all kinds just like there always has been. You say you've never laid hands on some other genres... well... maybe you should try them before bailing out.

OT - Last gen, PS3 would do well all year but 360 would come on strong during the holidays. This gen looks to be very different so far. We'll see if that trend holds in the coming days/months/years.

hazardman1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Yes any digital purchase requires you to go online. The drm issues was for every game at one point. When MS did 180. The drm then only went to digital purchases.

Or leaving it up to developers. As you now see with NBA2K14.

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Bruce_Wayne1334d ago

I can imagine that Microsoft's face is identical to the one on your avatar.

showtimefolks1334d ago

sooner rather than later MS will bring back many of these policies under different terms and different names to deceive casual consumers. What scared me the most was how some blind stupid idiot/fanboys were saying only xbox one is the next gen console since it has all those restrictions and drm policies or always online etc,

now down to sales, i live in new orleans and almost every store in my area has xbox one's sitting on the shelf while ps4's i am being told sell out within minutes of being available. Bestbuys around me always have lines on sunday morning if or when ps4's are gonna be available

sony said they expect to sell atleast 5 million and i wouldn't be surprised if they are already close to it, i think its a real possibility that ps4 will sell 12-15 million within first year. Just imagine when more games come out early next year how the demand will even get higher

than we have launch in Japan which sony will win hands down

cyhm31121334d ago

Sony can sell 20m if it can produce that much. MS probably 6 if it is lucky.

Prime1571334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Look, I agree, the xbone is an easy find. I also have hated Microsoft since the d3d campaign if not since I grew up on a Mac while all my friends owned win 3.

However, I'm hating this article as there is simply no factual evidence. I agree (and want it to sell better) that ps4 sells better... I WORK AT A WELL KNOWN GAMING STORE IN CENTRAL OHIO, I also tell many stories of it selling better, just click my name and browse my comments if you don't believe me.

But this article is lacking the empirical data I want.

Edit: yes, I think the ps4 out selling, butrereading the article made me feel worse as the content didn't match the title... nothing was brought to the table.

n4rc1334d ago

Simple question...

On one hand you say it's outselling and on the other you say there is no stock anywhere..

So which is it? You can't sell what you do t have

Flames761334d ago

You seem slow have you not seen the sales chart?For the 3rd week in a row the Xbox One has outsold the PS4 2 to 1 in america.Im sorry but you should really not pay much attention to childish sony fanboy articles.Also you say there are Xbox One sitting on the shelves.Gamestop,walmart and best buy has all said that microsoft is keeping the supply of the X1 in weekly.You can go to the numbers and see for yourself fact instead of a BS article.As for the PS4 there just isnt any demand for it here so sony is shipping it in other countrys

n4rc1334d ago

I love getting disagrees yet nobody actually has anything to

Disagree with facts all you want, doesn't make it any less true

showtimefolks1334d ago


always nice when users on N4G turn their opinions into facts.

bestbuy and gamestops around my arear get ps4's in stock every 2 weeks and they go fast, there is always a line because stores advertise in advance

amazon had ps4's available for 13 hours last week, i think some 55000 consoles were sold within those 13 hours.

so yes ps4's are not in stock but each store gets enough every month to outsell xbox one's. one is sitting on the shelf while other when available sells out within hours

now that's only in new orleans, so other areas maybe different.

n4rc1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

So your calling around every week asking?

And nice figure you pulled out of your ass for amazon sales..

Talk about turning opinions into facts..

You can't sell what you dont have... If it's outselling Xbox, then there is plenty of stock.. or there is no stock and it's not selling.. it's one or the other, it can't be both and that IS a fact

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Dehnus1334d ago

And Maria has a new buddy! This one keeps pushing something that everybody does with a digital download title. It was NOT played on the xbox of the person who owned the game, and some other people logged in. Ofcourse it asked if it could verify.

Steam does the same, if you log in with another account you cannot play the games on the first account. Unless that game happens to be DRM free and you add it from your HDD. In this case it also was the "good" people of Spawnfirst blowing it up.

If you really are anti DRM, you should buy LESS on steam and MORE on GOG. LIke many of us anti DRM people do, but don't whine at Sony or MS for having things in place that are comparable to what steam has.

MightyNoX1334d ago

Not this sheetu again


Neogaf post:


Except the lack of modding.

And the lack of communities that thrive on modding.

And the lack of low prices.

And the lack of control choices.

And the lack of customizable graphics.

And the lack of free online gaming.

And the lack of being able to download demos day one if you don't pay for online gaming.

But other than all of that IT'S JUST LIKE STEAM so why y'all actin' like y'all got a shaft in the aft?

I highly suggest you educate yourself because MS has you trained and trained well.

Volkama1334d ago

MightyNoX none of the points in your post even touch on DRM, let alone highlight differences between Steam and MS policy on it.

Do you know what DRM actually means?

Prime1571334d ago

Who is this Maria person... I get that there has to be an opposite of mister x, but Damn...

steam's drm wouldn't have kicked you from your tournament on a closed network or in offline mode... What don't you get about the implications... insert "always sunny" joke about how Dennis and Mac's boat implications are like MSFT's drm...

DCfan1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

EVO guys are probably gritting their fingers for going with MS.

hellzsupernova1334d ago

The xbone is already discounted at on online retailer here in New Zealand, and it's still not in the top ten, ps4 is back ordered until January or February and it's sitting at number 7 and this is overall not just the games section

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HomerJDog1334d ago

who cares who's winning I'm tired of these articles.

zeal0us1334d ago

Fanboys who spend more time with comparisons than playing games cares about these articles.

Also the fanboys who like to boast about their console of choice in every N4G article cares about these articles.

SilentNegotiator1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Xbox 360's relatively small initial lead over PS3 got Microsoft a LOT of leeway on their policies with developers.

You SHOULD care about who has the lead.

If you don't care, then why click on the article? And then comment?

Prime1571334d ago

Whoa, dude, I clicked your name and you are on here a lot too, zeal0us... pretentious much?

zeal0us1334d ago


I'll admit I do spend my fair share of time on this N4G. Though its one of many sites I pop in and out throughout the day and post an comment. However don't let the comments fool you. I do have job, currently going to college and spend 20-30hrs a week gaming.

Bigpappy1334d ago

The most ridicules part of the whole thing is all these submitted article are base off a snap shot of PS4 outselling X1 on eBay 2:1. it is base on "eBay" sales, where everyone goes to buy consoles of course. /s

mrpsychoticstalker1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

"Xbox, show me real gaming news!"

These articles are a waste of time, the real numbers are still far away, when a vast variety of games and new IP's are out.

Thr contributor who posted this, (at this point we all know Maria) enjoys lightning the flame of fanboys on this site about which console is better or sells more. That person probably doesnt even own a last gen system.

SilentNegotiator1334d ago

"I'll admit I do spend my fair share of time on this N4G. Though its one of many sites I pop in and out throughout the day and post an comment"

And why, pray tell, isn't that the case for people you disagree with? If you can manage to post on here so often by just "popping in and out", why are others supposedly spending more time on here than playing games?