GTA IV for the PS3. The frustration and the fix.

Last week, I spent a good deal of time playing, or should I say, installing and loading the PS3 version of GTA IV. I was pretty excited as I saw the loading bar slowly fill up on that eventful day. It was going to take about five minutes, so I stepped out to the kitchen to get a snack while the installation went smoothly on its way.

After I returned with a cold drink in one hand and a plate of Cheetos, crunchy style, in the other, I saw the loading bar fill up and switch over to the "new game loading" screen. I took a swig of my cold drink and popped a handful of bright international orange colored Cheetos in my mouth and waited for the loading screen to finish.

I waited one minute, then two, and before long I was at the 10-minute mark. "Should I wait longer?" I asked myself. I gave it another five and the new loading screen remained, apparently locked and frozen for all of eternity. Was this the problem that some PS3 owners were experiencing? I rebooted the game and saw the lady with the lollipop come on as the game repeated the freeze.

"Well this is just great," I mumbled. I ejected the disc and looked at the pristine game DVD--no scratches or blems so it wasn't the media. The next thing I tried was to delete all the GTA IV save files on the PS3 and attempt a fresh install. I did so and the "new game-loading" screen appeared once again. I have one of the early 60GB PS3s and these consoles may be the units that this bug specifically occurs on.

Lucky me.

This brought up the number of installation attempts up to five. I was running out of patience and Cheetos quick. I decided to put the game and my frustrations to rest and start again the next day. I returned with a fresh attitude (and a new bag of Cheetos) but after several more attempts, I was about to throw the GTA IV disc out the window when a little voice said in my head, Check the Internet." I fired up my computer and found a temporary "fix" for the game. All you have to do is to sign out of your online PSN account and voila, the game works!

That's the good news. Single player is now active but multiplayer is still buggy because when you attempt to join in a match, you are sometimes disconnected from the PlayStation Network for no reason. But to be totally blunt about it, even when mulitplayer was working, it was a big disappointment. And as an added commentary, it plays like a very bad last-gen game.

I've had several days to do a comparison between the 360 and PS3 versions and so far, the only real difference I can literally see has to do with the graphics. The 360 version is sharper looking and more detailed while the PS3 GTA IV is a little on the soft side. The PS3, if it ever gets its online multiplayer totally fixed, will be a freebie while the 360 version requires you to purchase a Gold (paid) account to play online.
So what did I learn from this ordeal? GTA IV for the PS3 is a fun game--if you can install the game. The other thing I learned is that crippled software should never be passed onto the consumer and that the next time Rockstar/Take-Two releases a big name title, I'll wait a few weeks until the dust settles and it is proven that the game disc isn't an expensive $60 drink coaster.

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Asurastrike3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I have owned GTAIV for PS3 from day 1 and have had no problems whatsoever. The same goes for my 4 friends with PS3's. None of us have had a problem.

I own a 60GB PS3, and they all own 80GB PS3's.

I am beginning to think these articles are just websites trying to get hits.

gamesR4fun3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

lol no one I know has any probs with this game freezing on the install either. The onlines a blast maybe a tad tighter than on the 360 just like the rest of the game... Sure a few people no doubt had "that" issues but id bet it a lot less than some would like us to think.

btw I have a 60 gig ps3 no probs other than two ingame freezes (you know the same one 360 owners get) did the ol factory reset on the ps3 and no probs after they fixed their servers that is... lol

This games great for everyone who need this bs crap I mean common most us here have clans full of ps3 owners that havn't had any of these issues...
But now all these two bit sites are posting 'news' right i buy it Microsoft.

Fact is if you have a ps3 your going to get this game if you got a set. Onlines the best thing to happen to gaming since counterstrike. Never had so much fun only prob is im almost out of friend slots that and i cant log in without a few multiplay invites needless to say story's been on hold.

pps Buy a mike b4 playing the team based modes lol.

Game13a13y3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

i can confirm that this story is true. i'm one of the unfortunate soul who experience this problem first hand. well, i just signed out of PSN, then problem solved. luckily, i didn't delete my game saves.

PS: and now, i sort of got the taste how 360 owners feel when their system crapped out on them.

crck3873d ago

on my 60gb with January 2k7 build date.

gamesR4fun3873d ago

Have you tried the 12 step fix yet? if not just uninstall your game and do a factory reset (hold the power button for like 10-15 seconds when turning it on) and it should work fine online or off...
pm me if it dont work...

prunchess3873d ago

I've only had one freeze and it was just a matter of resetting the machine. I own a 60gig Euro lauch model. It runs perfectly and that includes the online mode.

I had terrible problems with COD4 on the PS3 and it still isn't sorted to this day,(I was stuck with the default weapons all the way through the multiplayer online to the 1st prestige)so my heart goes out to anyone suffering this repeated problem.

Get your shop together Rockstar!

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thereapersson3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Sell your PS3 copy and buy it for the 360...

Seriously, Rockstar screwed PS3 gamers this time around. The only "benefit" to playing GTA IV on the PS3 over the 360 is having free online, and (to some, like me) the controller preference. Even playing with the 360 controller isn't bad at all, and you get used to it, especially after turning the controls to "classic". I was originally going to purchase GTA IV on the PS3 on day one, but after reading about all of these problems, and the fact that my roommate has it on the 360, i'm going to hold off until I can find it used for cheap.

No gamer should have to go through this bullsh1t, especially over a game that has been hyped to no end. For a series that got to where it is today on the Playstation, Rockstar sure didn't do their QA testing when releasing a PS3 version of this game.

Britjadg3873d ago

dont be an idiot. people are genuinely having problems on 60G playstation. i have said many a time that the problem is not as prevalent as everyone makes out. but ti doesn't change the fact that a fiar number of people are still having playstation install probs.

On article: the game looks sharper on 360? really... REALLY? think ur seeing things mate - its all those cheeto's.

Snukadaman3873d ago

I feel for you man...and your right..there should of been stricter quality control for ps3 and xbox.....biggest game of the year as we speak..a game that broke a million out the gate for the ps3...and this happens...sadly I think software sales will reflect the problem and more people will be doing exactly what you are saying to do.

thereapersson3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Some of the things that I say in my comments history might seem pro-Sony, but that's just because I started my 3-D gaming on the original Playstation, and my first "next-gen" console wasn't the XBOX 1, but the PS2 back when it launched. However, I will call a company out when the deserve it if the point in question is reasonable enough to coincide with my own personal opinions on a subject.

I'll bash Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft when the moment requires it, but as far as gaming discussion goes, I usually tend to stay out of 360-related threads due to the off-topic nature of any criticism that could be brought up (and does by many fanboys on this website), unless there is an article that piques my interest. It's the same with any section on this website. If I don't like something, I don't go into an article about it and spread FUD and negativity among the comments section just because it rubs the the wrong way. I find that if someone sticks to news that pertains to their own likes and interests and contributes effectively to this website, it benefits everyone in the end.

I suppose there's a reason why I have 10 bubbles...

gamesR4fun3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

lol I wouldnt worry too much about buying the ps3 version if you do game with your mates on that platform..
besides the games normal glitches that happen on both consoles the ps3 versions suberb. Really cant get enough of the game here sure had it freeze twice in the first couple days did a factory reset on my ps3 and it was fine. Onlines a blast best so far this year for sure...

Edit lol ya pc all the way only bought this one cause most of my warhawk clan bought it :D Still Ill wait on the pc version till the price drops by then the mod scene should have kicked into high gear.

thereapersson3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

In truth, the most online gaming I really do is on the PC, but since my PC is broken I play online on the PS3 every now and then. I've been so used to playing for free on the PC and the PS3 that I really haven't had the motivation to get a gold LIVE account yet (though 50 bucks a YEAR is chump change if you have any sort of source of income).

It just frustrates me overall that Rockstar would allow one of the biggest games of the entire year to ship with such a game-intruding glitch, regardless of what platform it's played on (that is, until Rockstar releases the ultimate PC version).

Lionsguard3873d ago

The beauty of gaming in this day and age is the fact that they can be PATCHED and problems can be FIXED. You act as if we're still in the damn stone age. Grow up this isn't the 80s buddy. Oh and the problem doesn't affect everyone just a limited amount of people. You make it seem as if it's the Black Plague when really it's not even that large an amount of people. Even so R* and Sony are working on a fix for those affected by the problem.

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poos33873d ago

i have the best fix pick up ur ps3 and throw it out the window then go and get a 360 with the real gta expreaince ebtter framerate better resolution better lighting better online and you wont have these issue also u get the benfit of have games to play in 2008 ps3 titles that may be good mgs4 yep that it nothing else this is just going buy the devlopers previous works while the 360 has fable 2,toohuma,gears of war 2,ng2,alanwake,banjhoo3,left for dead,apb, so the anser is easy of what your fix is

Muddyalcapones3873d ago

plays like a bad last gen game??? did he mean online or the whole game? really harsh either way. :(

LinuxGuru3873d ago

Yeah I'm a REALLY picky sonofab*tch when it comes to games, and this was the FIRST crime-centric game I've EVER loved.

That's saying a LOT.

Trust me.

LinuxGuru3873d ago

LOL I haven't had a SINGLE little teensy-weensy problem or issue with GTA IV, and I've played it for about 28 hours.

My PS3 is a 60-gig manufactured in March of 07, so it's a year and 2 months old now.

Yeah, the fans kick on fairly high when playing GTA IV, but I feel the console, and it actually feels COOL to the touch, because the huge-ass fan is doing a GREAT job of accelerating air through my system.

I love my PS3 and how unflinchingly reliable it is. It blows me away every day.

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