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On Saturday, Two gamers went to the EB Games near there house. While there they saw an inexpensive second-hand copy of Bioshock and proceeded to the cash to pay. They were refused.

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znu3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

that bastard wanted the game for himself

i can see where the guy is coming from though
you are not his guardian and u cannot decide whether he can play a game or not BUT if your brother isnt going to play the game then there's no excuse

easy solution would've been to pick up a $5 dora the explorer game and said that that one is for my brother :)

ReBurn3878d ago

Why? Retailers have the right to refuse to sell to people if their policies prevent it.

znu3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )


there is no policy that states that im not gonna sell you the game because you walk into the store with your brother

(btw i didn't disagree with you, people need to explain why they disagree not just click a button. I only disagree to extreme fanboy comments)

xhairs3877d ago

Stores can refuse service to anyone regardless of policies period. They don't have to sell you jack.

As for this being a bad thing, how is it? I think it's proving good salesmanship and in this day in age where parents and others are blaming media for kids growing up and shooting up schools, it's a perfect way to prove it's the parents fault for not raising their children properly.

As for the guy not getting the game, go back and get it later when your brother isn't with you, it's not that big of a deal.

Sarick3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

That may be the case but, this policy is for minors. If you walk into a store and a manager says we don't service your kind this isn't only unfair it could cause legal action to be taken.

In this guys case he didn't fall in the <18 category. So the underaged policy between the customer & the merchant isn't valid. In fact the sales clerks refusal is a lack of faith. It's not only insulting but a bad business practice imho. Yes, if it was an minor but as an employee he choose to extend that policy to an adult on the assumption that he was giving it to his little brother. In other words he's discriminating on assumed false pretence.

Just think of this as an example. You walk in a store with kids and pick up 1 or more of the following items.

1. Porn magazine.
2. Condoms.
3. Beer, or alcoholics.
4. Cigarettes.
5. Caugh medication.

At the register the clerk assumes your buying them for the kids and refuses to sale on those grounds even though you are of legal age and mentally stable.

No matter how things roll its an insult to you. To be accused of providing for a minor is prejudiced. "Justice before the fact" not only that but there is no faith in the customer this would discourage future visits to that shop. No one wants to be falsely accused of breaking laws or wrong doing.

This clerk was obviously acting outside the box and the right to refusal was personal judgement rather then company policy. This makes the claims null as it doesn't fall under the companies best interest to falsely assume/accuse customers beforehand. Such accusations are more representable as direct discrimination.

trinisouljah3877d ago

your allowed to buy condoms if you are under 18

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Tony240ZT3878d ago

I'm glad that Mature rated games are getting to be more difficult to get into hands of younger people. And not JUST GTA. If the system was perfect we'd see better games for M rated games without as many constraints.

Max Power3878d ago

a while back when we were younger roughly 16, 15,( we are now 25 and 24) and the clerk wouldn't sell the game to us (it was walmart), luckily there was a kind gentlemen behind us at the register and said that we were mature enough for the game and took our money and bought it for us.

MACHone3878d ago

Did I miss that part? Because that's the most important piece of info according to me. I'm assuming the kid had to be at least 17, or else he has no case whatsoever. So assuming he is 17 or older, that's total BS on EB Games/GameStop's part. Technically, if you're old enough to buy the game, we can't (speaking on behalf of Game Crazy) "refuse" to sell you the copy. If I was this kid, I'd raise hell. You might get a free t-shirt to shut you up about it.

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