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QuestRun Review: Run, Flee, and Don't Look Back (Twinfinite)

One thing about QuestRun is that it is very clear about what it is. Straight from Cuve Games’ description of the game, it asks “You like RPG’s but don’t care about dialogues and scenarios?” As advertised, this pre-alpha title is a roguelike of sorts currently going through the Steam Greenlight process, QuestRun is a tactical hack’n'slash where the player takes a trio of heroes through a series of random encounters over…and over… and over again.

Like the wonderful roguelikes of old QuestRun is extremely random, very difficult, and deals death far more often than victory. Unlike the wonderful roguelikes of old, QuestRun is not very wonderful. (Dev, PC, QuestRun, Steam Greenlight) 2/5

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