The 10 Worst Games Of 2013

It's the time of year when everyone is talking about the most spectacular and impressive games of the year...but not every game in 2013 was worth celebrating. As a counterpoint to all of the "best of" lists, this is a look at the most broken and abysmal gaming experiences the year had to offer.

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hankmoody1788d ago

I dodged ten bullets this year. Eat your heart out, Neo!

coolbeans1788d ago

Funny you should mention that because looking at the quotes for the choices shows GI's Dan Ryckert kept getting pummeled with terrible games this year. If he's still standing, he must be an even greater bullet sponge then the Devil's Hand bandits. :P

Angrymorgan1788d ago

Walking dead needs to be on that list...not the telltale one..

redknight801788d ago

oh my god yes it does need to goodness I hated that game with a passion!

FunkMacNasty1788d ago

I think CoD Ghosts need to be on the list, for the campaign alone. Playing through it was almost like a parody of overly macho military shooters. Laughable campaign that felt like satire the whole time.

Utalkin2me1788d ago

Says the guy that played through and finished the campaign.

True_Samurai1788d ago

Well it is a very very short campaign even on veteran

andron1788d ago

Yeah the easiest veteran Cod and shortest too. Didn't help the new lean mechanic made it even easier...

True_Samurai1788d ago

COD Ghost should be #1 on there for the copy and paste ending

bacrec11788d ago

Ride to Hell is a piece of trash.

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