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Submitted by Evilsnuggle 770d ago | article

"Is Sony’s PlayStation 4 Really Outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One 2-to-1? Who Knows."

To borrow from Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi, Christmas time is here, or nearly so, which means you’re looking at a scant few hours of frenzied final sleuthing — probably in vain — to find a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before 2013′s holiday window closes forever. All these reports that both systems are sold out everywhere bodes well for Microsoft and 60;Sony, and if both companies can maintain momentum through 2014, console gaming in general (PS4, Xbox One)

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pwnsause_returns  +   772d ago
Secondary Market means the same thing is going on.... of course Time loves to doubt...
GameNameFame  +   771d ago
It does say one thing for certain
from many news media and NPD, it shows that PS4 is out selling.
b163o1  +   770d ago
A blind man can see that...
HelpfulGamer  +   770d ago
PS4 available in 32 countries, shortage in USA. If Sony simply sell all PS4 in the USA, it'll probably be 4 to 1 by now.
andibandit  +   770d ago
secondary market dosnt say a whole lot about the actual market right now....ask any sony fanboy...theyve seen billions of unsold xb1 in the stores, why would you buy a used xb1 when you can get a brand new one from the store.
TomShoe  +   770d ago
In the US, not surprised that it's close. A lot of 360 gamers are comfortable in the Xbox ecosystem and are loyal to the Xbox as a result.

WW, it's a different story, as PS4 is leading by a good margin, and it's bound to grow when the PS4 launches in Japan and other countries.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   770d ago
Sales matter now to Sony and the Sony fanboy. NPD numbers for Sony all of a sudden.

Have to love front runners.
Charybdis  +   770d ago
I assume the demand for the xb1 is not as high as the ps4 which seems the overall sentiment, however Microsoft has spread their supply less thin than sony.

There are also rumours of xb1 launching later in (large part of) Europe this may mean that the demand is higher than expected, leading to further delays in these regions.
With Sony having a higher demand keeping up supply most be hard assuming both Microsoft and Sony have similar production capabilities.

Until demand and supply fully catch up it will be hard to say by how much ps4 will be able to sell xb1.
Majin-vegeta  +   770d ago | Well said

You mean just how xbox fanboys would gloat about them every time last gen?Funny how tables have turned and all of a sudden they don't matter anymore.

Talk about being hypocrites.
ABizzel1  +   770d ago
The main thing to remember is that it's still too early to tell what's going to happen with these consoles, but facts are the PS4 has an early lead, and it seems like that lead is only going to grow larger over the years, based on current sales and history.
n4rc  +   770d ago
Stupidity is strong in here.. lol
For all you experts with sales data that doesn't exist..

Care to actually justify your comments with..Ya know.. some actual evidence?

I'll help get the ball rolling by busting the most likely comment..

If the ps4 isn't in stock anywhere.. then it can't be selling.. it's one or the other..

And naturally for the above reason.. eBay sales are higher because what idiot buys from eBay when stores get new stock weekly?
shoddy  +   770d ago
Bu bu bu Teh Sales!!!!
GribbleGrunger  +   770d ago | Intelligent
Yes it is, but by a larger margin than 2:1. Here's the mistake people make time and again: They take the final sales and compare. You can't do that at this time of the year when all consoles are more or less selling out of stock.

What you do is follow the trends BEFORE the stock is sold out. To put it another way: Console (a) has 500,000 units to sell and console (b) has 500,000 units to sell. The PS4 reached total shipments sold at a rate of OVER 3:1 compared to the X1, but of course (because Sony can only produce a certain amount of consoles a week) the X1 eventually caught up ... well almost. This is the figure that's confusing some people.

Imagine two sprinters head to head. One sprinter runs faster than the other but then has to stop for a while (running out of stock). In the mean time the other sprinter catches up and the process starts again. It's clear that the first sprinter is faster than the second sprinter but it appears to be neck and neck.

We won't be able to see the significance of that 3:1 until next year when the console manufacturers produce consoles based on sales trends. THEN you'll see it easily because one console will sell 'more' of their shipments, but not all in one go as they are at the moment because of Christmas and early adopters.

Eventually both console manufacturers will have an average, and cater their stock to that average. At the moment their isn't an average. Wait until March and THEN you'll see the obvious.
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Unreal01  +   770d ago
You sir have too much sense for this site.
xboner   770d ago | Trolling | show
insomnium2  +   770d ago

Agreed! I'm just dumbfounded by the fact that he actually has to explain something so trivial in such great detail to people on a gaming site. What are we? 10yo? Not a dig at you gribble by any means, I agree but this site has really left me gasping for air from time to time out of pure ....stupidity....I guess...

Thank GOD I have so many people ignored. I can see from the responses they get my brain would've gone apesh*t by reading those.


my god I just read another impossible reply by xboner artef posting this. Straight to my ignore list you go. My brain is way too sensitive for BS of this magnitude. No wonder he joined this site 22 hours ago. Explains everything.
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Jilokle  +   770d ago

"Just wait till they fully activate the cloud and you will see just how good the games look. There will be no denying it with power and sales to back it up."

LOL. Do you really think that the cloud will improve graphics drastically ? It's OK to support your favorite console and brand, but let's be honest: The cloud it's not going to make the xboxjuan more powerfull than the ps4. Just accept that the ps4 have the advantage over the xboxjuan and enjoy your games. Peace.
Evilsnuggle  +   770d ago
No spining sale numbers today PS4 2380031 xBone 1830046 worldwide .In the US PS4 ahead 1447442 xbone 1331873 .The PS4 is also a head in the United Kingdom were the 360 beat PS3 PS4 380,186 XOne 250,906 . M$ is losing market share it had in it's too big markets Selling 360 . M$ need to out sell PS4 60%-40% in the USA and U.K to stay close in worldwide. Also PS4 has higher demand l then supply. PS4 Has not in Japan and Asia. i Know xboiz xbone only launched in 13 countries That's because m$ known it has small demand the other countries They lost badly to PS3
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Lior  +   770d ago
the answer is who cares, you don't see any of the profits
GribbleGrunger  +   770d ago | Well said
Ah, but we see the fruits of developer confidence in the console that sells the best. So we DO 'profit' in success.
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Letthewookiewin  +   770d ago
I agree with Grib. Systems that don't sell well dont get top shelf third party support.
EasilyTheBest  +   770d ago
Is Sony’s PlayStation 4 Really Outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One 2-to-1?

In answer to that question.

Not a Chance.
TristanPR77  +   770d ago
Let me tell you that here on planet earth is happening and I believe is 3:1
razrye  +   770d ago
@easily why is that?
ZombieKiller  +   770d ago
I'm glad I got my PS4 and am glad it's selling well whether it beats the xbox or not.

Sometimes I think we concentrate on who is winning between Sony and Microsoft so much that we lose sight of what's important...
TAURUS-555  +   770d ago
its not 2 to 1 sony its almost 3 to 1.

RIP xbox1
DigitalRaptor  +   771d ago
Worldwide, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this is true.

Once it hits Japan on Feb 22nd, that's a whole other story.
D-riders  +   770d ago
im no idiot and i walk into to stores and the xbox one is everywhere i go to places and ps4 is sold out within minutes. so its not hard to tell which is selling faster and has a higher demand
BabyObama   770d ago | Spam
SpitFireAce85  +   770d ago
Here is the amazon listing for both

One is sold out at time of this posting 11:57 EST
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raytraceme  +   770d ago
No xbone is in stock while ps4 shot up the charts to #1 and is sold out.
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Mikeyy  +   770d ago
Yes it Is. On amazon right now. Even my local Walmart has tons.
iiwii  +   770d ago
At my local Walmart yesterday, I finally saw the first PS4 on the shelf, and there was only one PS4. The stock guy was just pulling out of the isle when I walked up and there were 6 XBone's in the display case, and what looked to be about 15 or so XBone's left on the stock float he had, and I would guess he was taking them back to the stock room. I saw 0 extra PS4's on his cart.
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MasterCornholio  +   770d ago
The Xbox One is available directly from Amazon. The PS4 isn't available from Amazon but there are other sellers who have it. If you click on those sellers you will discover that they are selling the console for 599$.
TomShoe  +   770d ago
The PS4 is even sold out of back-orders at this point. They're gone through Jan. 5th, FYI.
SpitFireAce85  +   770d ago
I meant to say one console is sold out whil the
Xbone is still in stock sry Stupid name xbone lol.
MasterCornholio  +   770d ago
Its pretty obvious that the PS4 is doing better than the Xbox One. Thats what happens when you focus on gaming.
TAURUS-555  +   770d ago
thank god people learnt the lesson this time.

do you want the best gaming experience and on top of that at the best price ??...then SONY is the way to go ¡¡¡
Mikeyy  +   770d ago
Here xbox one has been fully available sitting on shelves for a while, while ps4 sells soo fast they make announcements when they get stocked and they sell instantly.

Last night amazon restocked ps4s and when I woke up this morning they were sold out.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   770d ago
Weird. Because usually the one that is sold out sells less than the one that's always stocked.

You have 100 PS4's and they all sell out. Now you have no more.

You have 200 X1's and they sell.. and then another 50 sell and then another 25 and then they stock them again and so on, while the PS4 waits to be restocked.

People will be shocked how this gen ends up.
Incipio  +   770d ago
@ miDnIghtEr20C_SfF

That was probably one of the most unintelligent statements I've read in a long time.

Tell that to Apple, when the iPhone launches and people are waiting 3 months for their phones to ship.
MysticStrummer  +   770d ago
Here's what I got from your comment : "(Spin spin spin spin)..." *puke*

The numbers are clearly in PS4's favor.

XB1 will most likely sell more than WiiU, so MS will get their first finish better than 3rd place. That must be the shock you referred to.

@stalker below - XB1 is still selling less despite being in stock. MS is taking advantage by not being behind by quite as much...? I guess that's one way to look at it.
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Majin-vegeta  +   770d ago

Lol give it up most people want the PS4 that's the truth.
MonChiChi  +   770d ago
"People will be shocked how this gen ends up."

You are right, I will be shocked when some awesome looking games drop. As far as consoles go, my shock is over now that they are out so no more shock value there.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   770d ago
How is that unintelligent? Microsoft is keeping their product in shelves, while sony is having problems pleasing the demand for the ps4. If only sony could do,a better job on putting their product on shelves that would be awesome. Microsofr is definitely taking advantage of the lack of supply from Sony.
Hicken  +   770d ago | Intelligent
Usually? Based on what?

Assuming the two are shipping in equal numbers, it's common sense that the one that sells out first- and thus would be replenished first- would have more sales. The XB1 isn't selling as quickly as the PS4, and there's no spinning that. Bitch about Sony fanboys with too much time on their hands all you want, but the XB1 spends more time on shelves- and in larger quantities- than the PS4. There's no point in acting like all this stock people see in stores just isn't there. Hell, I thought my store was sold out, but we had at least three XB1s when I left last night at closing, and no PS4s. Not talking about display boxes, either, but systems in glass cases.

But none of that counts, because I prefer Sony more, right? In fact, anybody who's seen XB1s on shelves while Microsoft claimed they were sold out is actually a Sony fanboy, making stuff up, right?

You go on believing the two are selling at similar rates. I think we all know who'll be shocked when this generation ends.
Bigpappy  +   770d ago
You seem to have 2 bubbles because you can think logically. These people saying how fast PS4 sells out needs to read what you have been saying in this conversation. Because PS4 is selling out does not automatically mean that more people want it over X1. I does mean that it is selling all that Sony supplies.
thekhurg  +   770d ago
You assume both companies are shipping the same number of units and that MS is refreshing that stock because it's selling out.

That is where your assumption is wrong.

They're both shipping roughly the same number of units, Sony is actually selling out, MS isn't. So it's not a case of 200, then 50, then 25, etc...

It's a case of 200 and wait wait wait wait wait wait for them to sell out. Gives the appearance of more stock when it's just a matter of the console is selling a LOT slower than its competition.

Just look at Amazon as proof. The Xbox One has been in stock there far more often than the PS4 has, yet the PS4 is higher on the 2013 sales. PS4 is currently 6th, and the Xbox One is current 18th.
LeCreuset  +   770d ago

If you think saying, "Weird. Because usually the one that is sold out sells less than the one that's always stocked," is logical then you should be glad there isn't a down bubble option for being ridiculous.
rainslacker  +   770d ago
Your argument falls apart, because based on sales predictions from the rather unreliable VGChartz(which I only reference because Xbox fans threw those numbers in PS fans face all last gen), the supply seems to be about even between the two. Most analysts before the launch believed that Sony would also be able to supply more to the market.

The only reasonable spin would be that Sony has spread out that stock more around the globe, yet they obviously know to supply more to the bigger regions, as PS4 is outselling X1 in those regions.

So, in other words, Sony has a bit more supply, and is selling out, but MS has less supply in more focused regions and still fails to sell out.
Wh15ky  +   770d ago
@ midnighter20...

For that, rather ridiculous statement to be true, microsoft would have to be manufacturing double the amount of consoles that sony is.

Now, either show some proof that ms are managing to achieve this or just stop!
zerog  +   770d ago
The fact you're missing is is that in a lot of stores the x1 is in stock because they are not selling well. My brother is the stockroom supervisor at our local walmart and knows everything that comes in on the trucks. Its an automated system that has stuff sent to the store as things are sold to replinish stock. Anywhere from 4 to 10 ps4s come in every week and are constantly on back order while only 1 or 2 x1s come in each week. There has been x1s on shelf since launch while the ps4s are gone within hours. Sony may not be meeting demand but they are selling more while ms is exceeding demand and selling less.
Triella  +   770d ago
"the supply seems to be about even between the two."

Thing is in the real world they are not even at all : MS manufacturing forcast figures are at 6.2m for end of June, while Sony has the same forecast at around 5.5m for end of March. The difference is that Sony manufactures at a minimum 900K PS4/month while MS is producing 620K XBO/month.

I've seen MS lower these figures form 7m in September and they have not been reviewd since. On the other hand, I've heard about Sony ramping up production to meet demand and ensure supply for Japanese launch.
ocelot07  +   770d ago
Am a PS4 owner and have no desire to buy a xb1. But here in the UK at least I don't understand how the PS4 can outsell the XB1 since the PS4 is out of stock 99% of the time.

For example go and look at ect No PS4's instock at all not even in bundles. Yet the XB1 can be bought no problems as it is instock. Here in the UK each store only seem to get about 10 PS4's per store when new stock arrives and go within seconds.
thejigisup  +   770d ago
Its pretty simple to understand really. Ps4 can outsell Xb1 simply by selling more units. Demand for xb1 could be the reason there are still xb1 units on shelves.

I could go pick up a HTC 8S Windows Phone. Its in stock but demand for it isn't too great, in fact other phones are selling out or have no stock because they have a greater demand to supply ratio. does that help?
Bigpappy  +   770d ago
No. Because if that where the case PS4 would be outselling X1 4:1. The fact is the difference in sales world wide is still very close and particularly in the U.K.
ocelot07  +   770d ago
I do understand. It is just me having a blond moment. As I mentioned in my post. Here in the UK stores only seem to get new stock of PS4's twice a week and only seem to get a handful each time.

For example a local interdependent store last week received 4 standard PS4's. 4 assassin's creed bundles 2 killzone bundles and 2 mega pack bundles. So he had 12 PS4's to sell. He told me the mega pack sold out as soon as he opened the doors for the day. The rest where sold out by 10am 1 hour after opening and has yet to receive another batch due to Christmas.

He had a few XB1's instock for the last weeks and not sold out. In his words not mine he has only sold 8 of the 22 he had instock in the past 2 weeks. He actually sold more Wii U consoles than the XB1 in the whole of December.

Am really glad Sony are doing very well. They truly have delivered us a great console.
ShinraE5  +   770d ago
I do believe the PS4 is outselling the X1 based on the general net reaction.

However, I am one to at least take notice when someone from an established arena such as Time states there could be question as to the exact sales rate over random net users. I could be odd.

Also, when we were looking for our X1, we had to fight tooth and nail for ours when there were several PS4s in stock. Although from what I hear this isn't the norm, this could be a sign it isn't as broken of a ratio as some may claim.

Lastly, MS isn't focused on gaming? They had a WIDE net of games available at launch (Forza, Ryse, KI, DR3) and have many in work (Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Project Spark, etc.). You can accuse MS of many things but they are definitely game focused, at least at this point.

I miss the days when gamers focused more on what great games were being made and less on what system beats what and about some blind devotion to a company is wants your dollar and nothing more (hint: all of them)
djplonker  +   770d ago
4 shooters 2 action 1 racing and 1 misc is not a wide net!

ms wants the casuals and when you sed my princess dress up or 10 books on one disc like the wii / 3ds they havent done it and at £450 no casual is going to splash out on that the wii was half the price thats was half of the reason it did so well!
ShinraE5  +   770d ago
I didn't list all of them, they also had Crimson Dragon and Lococycle available as well. And have already added Halo Spartan Assault and Max: Curse of the Brotherhood (if I got the title right). So the net is fairly nice so far.

The second part didn't even come off as English...
LeCreuset  +   770d ago
People say MS isn't gaming focused because at least three of the launch exclusives that you mentioned (Ryse, Forza, DR3) have been hampered by the Xbox's limitations.
ShinraE5  +   770d ago
They aren't focused on games...because they released games that (according to some) were hampered?

While I can concede to Ryse's mixed reactions (although many users who actually played it seem to enjoy it, in contrast to the professional circle), Forza and DR3 were wonderfully received.

And as one who beat DR3 and normal and nightmare, enjoyed the bevy of combos and the city itself, I did not see these limitations in play.
SynestheticRoar  +   770d ago
It's like five to one in my city, but don't tell anyone.
ichdich  +   770d ago
Who cares, there is no Titanfall for the PS4
so whats the point?
ocelot07  +   770d ago
That can be said for anything really. Xbox One or does not have Uncharted so who cares? Xbox or PS4 don't have DayZ so who cares?
ddkshah  +   770d ago
ps4 is getting dayz standalone lol xbone left in the dust.
DigitalRaptor  +   770d ago
Watch out, PS4 is getting a DayZ port.

CaptainSellers  +   770d ago
I know right? It's not like anyone with a cheap 360 can't play it... oh wait.
ocelot07  +   770d ago
Captainellers is completely true. Most Xbots seem to think Titanfall is only available on Xbox One. When it is infact available on 360 and PC.

My £350 PC will play Titanfall at higher resolution than the One and at a higher FPS. Or if I wanted to keep it simple my £20 Xbox 360 (yes £20 check out they have arcade console for £20 keeps going in and out of stock) will play it just fine. Sure it will looks rubbish but am all about the gameplay not graphics.
MysticStrummer  +   770d ago
Titanfall will be on 360/PC so as a system seller it won't be a game changer.

For a multiplayer only title, give me Planetside 2 all day and all night. It's on PC also, but just comparing the two games Planetside 2 is definitely what I'd be spending my time on. It will also be free and not require PS+ to play online.
MetaReapre  +   770d ago
Who cares, Titanfall is coming to PC.
modesign  +   770d ago
i cant wait for this game to come out and everyone calls it generic and repeditive.
Unreal01  +   770d ago
Yeah this Titanfall hype is already too much. It'll be fun, but not a game changer. I have a PC & a 360 but I think I'll give this a miss. Believe it or not, it's not my kind of thing.
djplonker  +   770d ago
A quick check of amazon uk tells me the ps4 is out of stock but the day one edition is and so are the other two (with and without fifa)
bornsinner  +   770d ago
all the numbers we currently know are

ps4 2.1 million 32 countries (now 48)
xbone 2.0 million 13 countries

they are both selling well
Incipio  +   770d ago
Wrong. PS4 is at 2.8

Xbox one is at 2.1
Belking  +   770d ago that is a big difference. Prove that's its 2.8. Latest numbers from Sony is 2.1 and that sure as he'll isn't 2 to 1. Ms has the more expensive console and us still doing well at launch. Something Sony didn't do when ps3 launched. Now if you wanna talk something getting beat 4 or 5 to one that would be 3ds beating vita and also Xbox 360 creamed ps3 thus past Black Friday and this month.
Unreal01  +   770d ago
I can't wait until the figures start to show PS4 hammering the Xbox One. Hopefully people like Belking can crawl back in their hole, or just apologise or something for being silly.
DigitalRaptor  +   770d ago
According to many sources, PS4 stock comes in and sells out within hours. Meanwhile there are still stores with shelves full of Xbones. Even Day One editions, which is shocking really.

Let's not forget that PS4 sold 250k in the second week of December, in the US alone and continues to sell that number on a weekly basis:

The only thing stopping that is supply drought, but Sony still seems to be managing to allocate stock -- and it continues to sell out.

"Ms has the more expensive console and us still doing well at launch. Something Sony didn't do when ps3 launched."

My word, you are so full of sh*t. PS3 was the fastest selling console of last generation, when it was available for purchase. Within its first year it outsold what the 360 sold in that year, and the result was the same for almost every single year that followed. Why do you think that sales gap between PS3 and 360 kept dwindling, and dwindling and dwindling?

It certainly doesn't come from selling less consoles than the competition, that's for sure.

"Xbox 360 creamed ps3 thus past Black Friday and this month."

The logical response to that would be 'who in their right mind is buying a 360 over a PS3 at this stage, when PS3 has all the f***ing games?'. The next logical conclusion to make is that 360 is selling more, because the Xbone is selling less. Go figure.
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Incipio  +   770d ago
Xbox One is available in huge quantities in all big-box stores near me. Target, Wal-mart, Best buy...everyone has them in stock.

PS4 is still nowhere to be found. Most of the local stores don't even have a display unit. Hell...they probably sold it at a discount haha
fattyuk  +   770d ago
Who cares!

We all know what is the better games console in the future, it's great being able to use my vita to play whilst out of the room,

and my brother actually uses the voice commands with the playstation camera - it actually works rather good..... without it being shoved in sideways for people who don't want it(me) even he just uses it as a novelty and not a "must have" feature
Death  +   770d ago
We all know what is the better games console in the future? I disagree. We all know which console will play the exclusive games we like. The answer is both consoles since everyone has their own opinion on which games they prefer.

As for the Playstation camera, it will always remain a novelty since the attach rate will never be high enough to warrant developer support. Kinect is still a gamble with a 100% attach rate, but it has a much higher chance of actually being used to evolve gaming.
GrandpaSnake  +   770d ago
you do know that the ps4 camera has sold more than the kinect and its not even included.
fattyuk  +   770d ago
"As for the Playstation camera, it will always remain a novelty since the attach rate will never be high enough to warrant developer support"

Yeah i guess your right, all that kinetic (ooops sorry thats 8 year old tech, i ment kinect) support is super crazy atm! those exclusive games that have been released in the past and the games that are coming for it soon are something spectacular ain't they!
#14.1.2 (Edited 770d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Batnut00  +   770d ago
But so far, the PS4 Camera has had strong sales. Surely, that would be lead to believe that a support around it could be built? And I'm basing my strong sales around the fact that The PS4 is sold out around multiple online retailers, and I only managed to snag one last camera that was at my local gamestop. If anything, I'm hoping this pushes Sony to utilize the Move more effectively, perhaps in coalition with the VR tech they are currently working on.
Death  +   770d ago
Please hit us with a source that states the PS4 camera has sold more than 2 million units. Kinect is included with every Xbox One so sales aren't that hard to determine.

You have delusions of what Kinect is. What makes you think a game has to be 100% reliant on Kinect to use it? Kinect is a supplemental device made to enhance games, not replace standard controller based games. It is part of the system, not a standalone accessory. Games can use a very small percentage of the device to 100% depending on what the developer wants.

The original Kinect had incredibly good sales for an accessory but was hardly used since the attach rate was less than 100%. Developers do not have unlimited resources to target a fragmented market. This is why accessories have always received very limited support.
JackISbacK  +   770d ago
i think that sales will be close becasue xb1 and ps4 both are great consoels and there are more gamers than fanboys and gamers care about games and they cant ignore exclusives from both sides and i'cant also ignore. ps4 is having price advantage but xb1 is also having multimedia features which also exite casual gamers and some hard core gamers ,becasue gaming on ps4 and xb1 is same ,i cant find any diference and no body can say gaming on either console is better if some body dont want these features will not buy it and gamers who like things beyond gaming will enjoy it and i'am having fun with both it dont matters to me which one have some little melllions advantage for me both are true next gen consoles and i appreciate them great work sony and microsoft ,you did some mistakes but get better with it and this is waht i call spirit of tryeing something new ,gaming is an amazing world and every one must get a taste of it ,happy new gaming 2014 to gamers.keep playing them
SpecialK  +   770d ago
Haven't read the article, I just had to comment on the photo for it.

Its awesome.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   770d ago
Here in the uk you can literally walk into any shop and buy an Xbox one now. Its been this way since the week before xmas. It tells us nothing as we don't know the supply of course. I nearly got one but couldn't justify the second console at this point. P.s. I am yet to see a ps4 available on the shelf without a sold out sticker on it.
jules  +   770d ago
i went into walmart on dec 23rd saw a ps4 in the case thought cool someone will get one for x-mas... went about shopping for food and stuff... forgot something went back the 24th still there same system same place at least 3 units... while there were also xb1's... i picked up the ps4 to compliment my xb1 day one... who really cares which sell like this or that just enjoy them... but really ps4's are not sold out everywhere...
Damageinc84  +   770d ago
Tossing it out there but I counted 10 xbox ones and 0 ps4s in stock at my local target. They had 5 or so in the case and he was wheeling around a locked cart with the other 5.
sgtGanGreen  +   770d ago
Who cares? Both consoles sold out. That said I have plenty people to play with :D
jules  +   770d ago
tossing it out there... that's 10 happy people the 25th... i would suggest shying away from target for the time being...
Damageinc84  +   770d ago
I assume this is in response to my above comment. Considering the 25th has come and gone not sure what that means as I saw 10 in stock the morning of the 28th. Personally from all the console launches I have seen I find it unusual to easily find that much stock on the shelves this soon after launch let alone after Christmas. Could mean Microsoft is keeping the units coming quicker than Sony or the units are sitting on the shelves longer. Who knows.

Side note: Yes the Target Fiasco is a mess.
christocolus  +   770d ago
Both consoles are doing really good why cant peoppe see that? Guys keep claiming they walk into stores and find xbx ones on shelves yet reports have claimed microsofts been doing a better job at shipping units to retailers so using xbx 1s availability at stores to justify that argument doesnt really count much.

My cousin tried picking an xbx one for his son last week but he couldnt get one. the next day the store had fresh shipments and he was called.he and his colleague where able to get two but yet the same store was still out of ps4s. Its very clear that ms is doing a better job with their console shipments,Its one of the reasons why you will always find xbx one available in stores.the console is selling well.. really well and ms is doing a fantastic job keeping up with supplies.

Lets see how december and january figures are cos with the figures available now it definitly isnt 2:1.
#22 (Edited 770d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
bligmerk  +   770d ago
These gamerzine websites know they only have a few more days before actual year end and overall sales numbers start coming out from official sources. All these articles like this one in the past couple weeks are just hashing and rehashing official numbers from a few weeks ago (yes, december went by that quick). From those previous numbers and the traffic since then, it looks pretty easy for the PS4 in the US to be 2 to 1 over the XBO by year end. World wide, could be 4 to 1.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   770d ago
I keep an eye on BFstats... Ps4 almost always has around 20,000 more people online, than the bone. Ps3 always has more than PC.
pop-voxuli  +   770d ago
2-1?? No, 3 or 4-1?? Oh hellz yes. Xbone is getting creamed world wide.
MCTJim  +   770d ago
Logically speaking if I released in more countries, I would expect to sell more units. If I release in less, I expect to sell less.
Hicken  +   770d ago
Logically speaking, that would depend on the amount of stock you have to sell. You're not gonna sell more than 100 if all you have is 100.

There's also consumption to consider: which countries buy more of your product. Naturally, you don't want to send most of your product to a country that doesn't buy a lot of it. This is where allocation comes into play. Sony's tried to be good with its allocation, making sure they send enough to each country that there isn't stock left over. But their supply, even then, isn't able to keep up with demand. That's why the PS4 was so hard to find here in the US, and why it's sold out in Australia until what, February?

There's more to logic than just superficial connections.
MCTJim  +   770d ago
then explain how its 2:1 when they just sold a little over 2.1 million to 2 million...figures dont add I stand by my original stance.
edonus   770d ago | Spam
Batnut00  +   770d ago
All I know is that both consoles are selling well, and it just goes to show that Console Gaming isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Take that Naysayers!!
Gamer-40  +   770d ago
Who cares?
Ps4 yet only two medicore and boring exklusive title. Knack and KZSF.
Knack: 55
KZSF: 74

Warning! Don't Believe the shit Hype.

Best selling Ps4 game. CoD Ghosts.
Yes, the "shit" CoD.
78. What? End of story.
#29 (Edited 770d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
iistuii  +   770d ago
All I know is where I live & game I'm the only one who has changed from Xbox to Playstation this time round as I don't need kinetic & it's a cheaper console. Everyone else who I game with stuck with the Xbox again. But who knows, more like who cares. As long as they release an xbox without kinetic in future I will own both just like last gen.
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