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The Last of Us Music Video – Calamity Made Beautiful

Naughty Dog has put out a The Last of Us music video today that samples the game’s somber soundtrack set to various scenes from the campaign. It’s a great reminder of the power of The Last of Us, and its ability to take hold of you emotionally and not let go until the final moments. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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ssj4wolf  +   110d ago
Simply Beautiful.
khan_saab  +   110d ago
All the emotions we experienced in the single player is conveyed beautifully in this three minute video. Awesome job Naughty Dogs. you guys are truly talented and a great gem in this industry.
solidjun5  +   110d ago
Wonderful. ^_^
goldwyncq  +   110d ago
Why didn't they include the giraffes scene?
Stick89  +   110d ago
Spoiler perhaps? A lot of the scenes they chose don't give away much of anything if you've never played before and don't have any context on when they occur.
goldwyncq  +   110d ago
And yet they included the scene where Joel gets impaled at the university.
Stick89  +   110d ago
Yet the video doesn't actually show him getting impaled...good job spoiling it for everyone -.-
-Foxtrot  +   110d ago
and yet this guy didn't get Best Soundtrack at the VGX <sigh>
14Feb-R  +   110d ago
GTAV beat every single thing. It should be a good thing but not this time. I hate how they don't reward a game like this where it takes gaming to another level while GTA is at least a step behind it.

GTA should get the second place in everything except for the size of the world. The last of us is the reason why i still play video games. If i didn't play it i would have stopped playing because all the games feels predictable and repeated . Everything feels pointless for me. I'm bored really fast not like before. No wow factor. I still haven't finished GTAV because of the last of us. It's that good for me. It's the reason why i bought the ps4. To play games like it that innovate not just the old stuff we used to play..
morganfell  +   110d ago
I can't even look at The Last of Us as a video game. I have tried to but I cannot. It's a gutwrenching and often emotionally draining experience. This title has singlehandedly elevated the entire industry and multimedia entertainment on the whole. It is one of only two games where I can honestly say, if you are a gamer and you do not play this title, then you are lesser for it and perhaps not the gamer you believe yourself to be.

I have seen The Last of Us convert more adult video game haters that belittle my hobby into pure gamers than all other titles combined.
TomahawkX  +   110d ago
I Can't wait for the DLC so I can dive back into the world of The Last of Us. Probably the most engaging, and immersive experience I've had this year.
madworldps4  +   110d ago
level 360  +   110d ago
Would be great to see The Last of Us win at the Oscars.

Simply best represent how games have progressed I believe.

Thank You!, Thank You NaughtyDog!
Kratos_1986  +   110d ago
The Last Of Us what can i say....


thanks you Naughty Dog you guys are a major reason why one would buy a playstation console
EternalGamer  +   110d ago
I bought a new ps3 just to play this game. Damn xbox 360 is collecting dust right now. Still need to catch up uncharted series and other ps3 gems before I move to next gen though.
SynestheticRoar  +   110d ago
The music is awesome. Just like the game.
mayberry  +   110d ago
As a game, movie and music fan, the last of us is my entertainment mecca! Love it!
CannonB8  +   109d ago
I think it might be time to re-play this.

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