Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics: Halo 4 vs. Killzone Shadow Fall

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst writes: "In our "Last Gen vs. Next Gen Graphics" feature, we pit the best late-in-the-lifecycle game of our choosing from the previous gen, to as similar a title as we can find in the next gen line-up. We’re not restricted to one console line, as in this series PS3 vs. Xbox One, Xbox 360 vs. PS4, PS3 vs. PS4, and Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One graphics comparisons are all fair game. We post up decent in-game and some in-engine cinematic shots of both games, and we leave the decision all to you as to which game looks better."


Proper HD resolution images have been added per feedback from users.

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Kayant1329d ago

Seriously where do you get these screen shots from? These are damn awful and compressed to death especially KZ:SF. Doesn't do either real justice.


Halo 4 -

More KZ:SF -->

Halo 4 -->

Irishguy951329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Killzone rapes Halo always in the graphics department. But never in the gameplay department. At best it has equaled Halo(Killzone 2) and that was only once. I find Halo 4 to be below the rest of the halo's too though(Yeah even with better graphics :/ ). And won't be surprised if Halo 5 is.

Edit - Killzone 2 was the only Killzone with that feeling. Killzone 3 and SF through it away. GG admitted to it. Because casual cod players didn't like that feeling. GG have really lost their minds with what they're up too now. Although it's not surprising. Instead of adding some new to killzone they added bullet time and seeing through walls. Slow clap for them.

WeAreLegion1329d ago

I prefer Killzone's game play, but they're very different games. Tribes was Halo before Halo and it still plays better, IMO.

vishmarx1329d ago

halo is obvously inferior to SF...
but not KZ 2 lol no.
even though KZ 2 is prolly the best fps of the last gen

ForgottenProphecy1329d ago

I'd disagree. I just like the realistic, heavy feel of Killzone

Do you mean superior, not inferior?

combatcash1329d ago

Halo Reach IMO was more impressive visually than killzone.

AndrewLB1329d ago

I'm pretty sure those killzone screenshots on his page are not the final retail graphics.

mikeslemonade1329d ago

Never seen Halo 4 but Halo Reach and Halo 3 were two of the worst graphics of last generation in comparison to highly rated games.

Some other bad looking last gen games were:
Saints Row

A better comparison would be COD or BF of last generation to Kilzone.

TheGreatAndPowerful1329d ago

>Killzone rapes Halo always in the graphics department but never in the gameplay department.

and yet Halo 4's MP is basically dead right now. heh

assdan1329d ago

I honestly don't understand halo's appeal. I've always hated it whenever I played it. The environments seem empty, the graphics are OK, and the gameplay is horendous. People literally never die in multiplayer.

PeaSFor1329d ago

Halo rely way WAY too much on aim assist for me, everything is sticky when they cross your reticle.

Mosiac771329d ago

Killzone in no way rapes Halo. Killzone has had many opportunities to be a great FPS games and has missed that every time. Where they went wrong was when they called Killzone 1 the halo killer. You never want to compare your games with a master piece or it will hunt you forever. The designs and graphics of KZ are alway good even KZ1 for being a PS2 game, but we're they fall short are on gameplay, voice acting and multiplayer. And believe me I always have hopes for this franchise. I've played every KZ hoping that it will come close to How fun Halo is but you can't replace the one that started it all. It just like God of War, how many have try to copy them and always fail. Stay away from the masters path.

joab7771328d ago

This article is stupid. I played them both through 2x each and the multi extensively. Wasnt a big fan of either sp, but gameplay wise, I like halo sp story and SF multi.

Graphics wise...don't spend time looking at screenshots of different gens. Play them and u will realize that it isn't even a discussion. Killzone Shadowfall is one of the best looking next gen console games to date. Yeah, halo 4 looked good on the 360 but lets hav this discussion when halo 5 releases. Though one of the ppl resposible for halo 4's good looks now works for Naughty Dog!

Azmatik1328d ago

Im so sick of screen shot comparisons screen shit never count u dont see it in motion and when u do see it in motion thats when u see all the jaggies from the AA and the true graphics. I can take a screenshot of one of the oldest games and itl make it look good.

TheGrimReaper1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Learn WHO called KZ 1 a Halo killer, come back again ;)

I like KZ more than Halo, it's a more grounded sci-fi approach imho.
BUT one thing which KZ really lacks: Coop SP!
So much fun playing Halo with a buddy next to you!

OT: Yeah, let's compare games from two different gens! -.-"
If you want to show the improvements, compare it to KZ3...

VforVideogames1328d ago

HALO rapes KZ in every department last and new gen hands down. but by the way this article its stupid.

Utalkin2me1328d ago


Says the kid that has never played KZ obviously.

ChrisW1328d ago

Which of those screen shots are actually CGI?

Muffins12231328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Not any of its art desighn,it dose not..killzone has great graphics but like many comments about it,its been called a grey fest,ugly,and dull looking.K SF looks amazing and did a better job this time with its style especially in like the forest level but it still dose not have 343s talent in making the games scenery look amazing like halo 4s levels.It never game me any jaw droppin moments like halo 4 or other halos did.

mikeslemonade1328d ago

sigh.. Halo fans are as bad as Nintendo fans. All they do is say "Halo rapes ________" without any facts. Debating with kids are the worst.

badz1491328d ago

why is this comparison even surfaced? Halo 4 is not even the best looking game last gen and it even looks inferior compared to KZ2/KZ3. and suddenly comparison to KZSF seems warranted? Halo has its great side, sure, but graphic is NOT one of it!

hazardman1328d ago

IdK I feel like shadow fall hit the sweet spot gameplay wise for me of the 4.

Ps4Console1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

KillZone's graphics were good but there is nothing new in the game we haven't seen before sadly it's average at best graphics are brilliant but we want new gameplay .

snoopgg1328d ago

Halo 4 graphics are no where close. Killzone 3 graphics on the ps3 blows them away. As far as halos gameplay, that game was only good when there were no other fps out there to play. The only people keeping that franchise going are kids.

saber000051328d ago

I've played all of Halo games, and I've played Killzone. I personally like Killzone better. It's not overly hyped compared to Halo. Just my opinion. I actually enjoyed KZ's campaign a lot. They brought a LOT of new gameplay stuff that I've never seen or played before. Perfect example is the falling maps. It was EPIC.

But hey, that's just my two cents. ;)

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karamsoul1329d ago

To be consistent, 1280x720 screenshots were used for both games.

Stick891329d ago


Let's take an advantage one side has and completely disregard it so that it looks more like the other one...sweet logic bro.

gigoran1329d ago

karamsoul, that's a pathetic excuse. To be consistent? You're comparing a previous generation of technology to the current generation. You don't do a comparison of an old vhs copy of star wars to a bluray version and dumb it down. This certainly will be the last of your posts that I read.

karamsoul1329d ago

I'll switch em up. Thanks for the feedback.

assdan1329d ago

This isnt a proper comparison if one of the games is in a smaller resution than it should be. That's like taking the turbo out of a car in a street race because the other cars don't have one.

N0gg1nsh0tz1328d ago

I just inspected the screenshots from the article and Hillzone's ones are 1080p resolution. Halo's are 720p. I like halo but, it doesn't beat Killzone: SF in graphics. Not sure about other aspects of the game but i'll find out when i get my PS4. (When i manage to get one :/) Stop trolling and go back to 9gag.

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ATi_Elite1329d ago

I can't wait to see Contra NES vs. KZ:SF PS4

If you are gonna compare something then Compare KZ:Sf to BF4 PS4