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What's Inside Microsoft's Xbox One Console

What's Inside Microsoft's Xbox One Console. (Tech, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   364d ago
Hmm interesting now i know is in it!
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Mister_Dawg  +   364d ago
I'm amazed this can produce the high quality visuals it can. Especially considering the size of the graphics card inside my pc.

MS gets achievement points themselves.
ABizzel1  +   364d ago
Your graphics card isn't as big as you think. Most of that space from your graphics card is the shell, heat skin (heat distribution away from the hardware), and the fans attached to it. It's pretty much a flat board just like this without them.
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newtrality   364d ago | Spam
TechNews  +   364d ago
If they just worked on making graphics cards for PC's smaller instead of wasting their time pumping out graphic card after graphic card we would have everything smaller by now..Everything could be integrated easily with high performance parts but they want us to keep buying new every time and we the consumer have nothing better to do but spend on money on little performance upgrades every could months to make them richer.
combatcash  +   364d ago
You don't have to keep buying new cards. I had an hd 5850 and just recently upgraded to a gtx 670 which was worth it. It's always good to have options, you don't have to use them.
Az1mov  +   364d ago
exactly my thoughts on the graphics card business
Mister_Dawg  +   363d ago
The chips are getting smaller. But AMD and Nvidia are cramming more and more stream processors etc onto them, which in turn counters the smaller die production process. They are increasing the frequencies to get more computations per second and higher memory bandwidths. There is currently no sensible method you could fit a middle to high end graphics chip onto the same cpu die, without starting a major house fire. And no I don't class PS4 as having even a mid range graphics chip. In time, the power efficiencies will allow more powerful apu's. Just not at the good end of pc gaming just yet.
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whoyouwit04  +   364d ago
They look like they are just confused a s hell.
wynams  +   364d ago
Hicken  +   364d ago
Made of Doritos and posted by Mountain Dew flavored clouds.
pyramidshead  +   363d ago
ziggurcat  +   364d ago
I kid you not, they're still going on about xbone hardware secret sauce over at the misterx delusioblog... The latest: a lawsuit is preventing images (X-rays) of the xbone chip from being released... I'd like to know how this magical lawsuit that no one knows about is preventing devs from accessing this alleged secret sauce.
Kryptix  +   364d ago
lol Dude...I laughed my ass off. I can't believe he still talks to himself and people still think that's someone else. I seen similar grammar mistakes and typing style on MisterX and his insider, the fuck is wrong with people in that website. lol
pyramidshead  +   363d ago
invisible tech and stacked chips that can't be picked up on X-Rays. The same delusional fairy tales that no other blog or news outlet or tech blog has picked up on.

It should speak volumes that all of the secret sauces and the toxic speculation about the XB1's secret power or power advantage comes from an amateur blogger on the internet.

For example, the author of the blog has recently been trolled with people posting on 'anonymous' but stating their names as Microsoft execs, and their comments confirm all the findings MisterCteam and MisterX believe in. A low and behold, the next blog post is MisterX taking them as gospel because it fits in with the content previously discussed....basically TRUSTING anonymous comments posing as MS execs...

How anyone can read his blog and think it is at all credible needs serious psychological help. I advise a heavy dose of reading his posts and comments sections if you're suffering from accepting reality.
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Kryptix  +   363d ago
It's all about tricking the mind and the one playing the pied piper knows what he's doing. Just work around the problems and give the followers a delusion that they can accept and give their brand loyalty justice. It's pretty pathetic, these are the same people that fall for every avertisement, fall in for constant shit shown on TV...

To be honest, I believe MisterX is a Microsoft employee. The plan was to release "leaks" (knowledge that he knew from working there) and get as many followers as possible to twist their minds to defend the upcoming Xbox One. Now you have something like a cult leader, posting blogs to attack websites like N4G and Neogaf, 2 of the popular news sharing websites. And if those numbers fall, he's going to release "leaks" that will turn out to be true and then mix them in with a bunch of lies. Repeating the cycle as much as needed.

He definitely exploited the weak minded...it's not a mental problem, just the same people that believe Call of Duty is a new game every year...those type of people.
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Bonerboy  +   364d ago
devwan  +   364d ago
Missed opportunities and shattered dreams.
pyramidshead  +   363d ago
Amen, the XB1 could have been an absolutely powerhouse, unrivaled. Like literally. MS could have pumped unlimited money into this division but they didn't. Quite sad :(
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nerdman67  +   364d ago
Components for processing and a fan, along with a disk drive.
Wow, didnt know those would be there. Always finding new things to surprise you. I thought it was going to be full of angry fanboys ranting about how much it sucks
Chrisgamerguy  +   364d ago
Rocket science level stuff kids

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