Mirror's Edge HD Trailer from PlayStation Day

Here is the first trailer for Mirror's Edge, a first person Parkour-flavoured shooter-platformer from Dice, coming this year for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

This is a trailer direct from the PlayStation Day conference.


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sonarus3822d ago

Not too sure i appreciate the first person view but it looks good

Cwalat3822d ago

correction... it looks AWESOME !!!

wow, DICE are really doing the PS3 right ;D

green3822d ago

It looks amazing.The colours are really vibrant giving it a refreshing look to all the greyed out FPS gamers around.

Definitely one to look out for.

gamesR4fun3822d ago

ya looks freaking insane
nice to see a fresh take on the ol fps :D

nirwanda3822d ago

yeah I know what you mean with the fps view to me it looks like crackdown in first person without the weapons and cars hope its open world and not linear if you look at the buildings it look like you have to stay on top of them you never see her just climbing anything.

chaosatom3333822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

This is innovation, this is gaming.

I don't say this too often, but DAY1.

GTAiv---> Haze ----> Mgs4 ----> E3----> Explosion-----> Socom ----> LBP------> Eight Days-----> MIRROR's EDGE ---> Resistance 2 -----> White Knights ----> KILLZONE2 ------> Uncharted 2 ---> GT5---> Heavy Rain-----> FFX13 or versus-----> God of war -----> inFamous---> L.A. Noire -----> Getaway

Feihc Retsam3821d ago

The environments are very stark, and what's up with the fake reflections? When you run at a mirrored window, you should see yourself.

The overall look is TOO polished and clean, and the city looked to be completely vacant as the camera looked down into the streets.

It looks like TIME CRISIS

yesah3821d ago

you forgot Prototype, Dead Space, and that amazingly shaded Naruto game.

Kakkoii3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

All you guys talking about this being an FPS..

But this isn't an FPS.

Yes you can pick up someones gun if you need to. But it will hamper your speed and performance. And you can only use the ammo that's in the gun. Dice has made it clear that this is not a shooter type game.

This game is focused on hand to hand combat. So I would call it a FPF.. First Person Fighter lol.

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crunchie1013822d ago

Yes, yes, and triple YES.

Sorry if i seem arogant by expressing such excitement about a trailer that I submitted, but oh god this game looks beautiful.

kalistyles3822d ago

The game looks so refreshing and provides such a different feel to the first person genre. Love the colors. Very interested.

Fishy Fingers3822d ago

Can't knock it, looks great and its a really nice take on the FPS genre.

Only concern, perhaps it may become tiresome over time? Guess I'll have to buy it and find out :)

Too many games, to little time, what a time to be a gamer. Just keeps getting better and better :)

neogeo3822d ago

I don't like it. It looks empty. the city has no life. In the fight mode it looks very bad. low polly's EA better put more into this game