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Gran Turismo 6, Call of Duty: Ghosts, ACIV, and More For $39.99 or Less In After-Christmas Game Sale

PSLS: As part of Amazon.com’s after Christmas sale, a number of the year’s best games are on sale for $39.99 or less – a great way to spend your Christmas cash or gift card money. Even recently released titles like Gran Turismo 6 have been reduced to just $39.99. (Amazon.com, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Gran Turismo 6, PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

frostypants  +   113d ago
Call of Duty Ghosts! Awesome...I needed another beer coaster.
Sev  +   113d ago
LOL - It's not that bad.
Pillsbury1  +   113d ago
Yeah it's it's not that bad... It also serves as a dog frisbee!
PLAYER5095  +   113d ago
ghosts is out of stock
dark-kyon  +   113d ago
if you have a steering wheel gran turismo 6 is a must buy.
memots  +   106d ago
yup, Loving it with my g25.

all the cars feel great. All the way the cars handles is amazing.

My only gripe is some of those shadow and graphic but what do you expect from a almost 8 years old console.
Also the sound. God they need better sound.

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