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What Will the PS4 and Xbox One Redesigns Look Like?

The PS4 and Xbox One are fresh off the assembly line, and they’re both incredibly popular this holiday shopping season. That feeling of novelty and excitement doesn’t last long, though. After a while, sales will start to dip. Consoles will get discounted, and then the whole world starts to wonder when a redesign is coming out. (PS4, Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   585d ago
obivously slim down first then possible features are going to be added to the XB1 and PS4.
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mikeslemonade  +   585d ago
Given the similarity of the design, the X1 slim might look like the PS4 without the slanted look.
abzdine  +   584d ago
it will be same as PStwo but offset like PS4 if they decide to take the power brick out.
minimur12  +   584d ago
I doubt they all be able to make the ps4 that small, that was marginally larger than a DVD case, and was powered on something like 9 volts. machines are getting a lot more complex andll need more parts lol, but the ps4 is surprisingly slim now, a lot of people would agree on that, Xbox can make a lot of improvements on slimming it down though that's for sure lmao that things a beast (when I first used swipe to type beast in it came up as breast lol)
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darthv72  +   584d ago
A refined and improved power supply and board shrink are most likely the obvious things to change. Especially on the X1. The wifi module is a separate piece that has a better chance of being integrated.

the PS4 redesign could result in the removal of the internalized power supply for one that is external like they did with the slim PS2. to be honest there really isnt anything wrong with an external power supply. so much easier to replace than having to open the unit.

I've had to replace the power boards in various consoles before and while not terribly difficult (depends on the console) it is not as convenient as just getting a replacement that plugs into the back.

On the X1, there is lots of space for airflow so it is possible they will reduce the trace length in a board revision. At most we are looking at about 1/3 of the current size that could be reduced.

The revised X1 will look more like the current ps4 and the ps4 will look like an original wii but angular.
KratosSaveUs  +   585d ago
Usually the slimmed downed version lose features not gain features.
yezz  +   585d ago
Exactly, my original fat ps3 has more features than the slim one.. It will probably be just the same with a bit slimmer body and there will be more hard drive options.. Loving the size and look of the current ps4.
Sarcasm  +   584d ago
Except there isn't much to lose on the PS4.

The only thing I can think of is maybe they change the slot loading disc drive.

I see them upping the hard drive space and that's about it.
Oh_Yeah  +   584d ago
It's a trade off, loss of features for a quieter more compact machine is a + in my book. Besides what features can they really take away from the ps4? Less USB ports? Like anyone uses more than one...
admiralvic  +   585d ago
The point of revisions are typically to reduce costs and increase profits. Like how the Vita dropped the OLED screen, 2DS dropped 3D, PS3 dropped BC / 4 USB ports / Media center.

The only time they add features is when they think they can get more for the system (3DS XL), features become standard (Wifi on the 360) or when they're trying to get people to buy another (slim / more efficient).
Magicite  +   584d ago
X1 will look like bulky wardrobe even as slim version.
PS4 will be as slim as PS1/2.
Mister_Dawg  +   584d ago
You really think the PS4 is gonna get much smaller and NOT go thermonuclear?
ovnipc  +   584d ago
I like ps3 original more than any ps3 smil. The xbox s looks nice but the xbox e looks bad. The new consoles before they worry about making them slim they should worrry about fixing the os cause both suck. I own both and the xbox 360 os its better than the xbox one. And ps4 os its to simple and its needs more funtions.
pedrof93  +   584d ago
In what did Ps4 OS displeased you ?
iamnsuperman  +   585d ago
Smaller and cheaper

I don't think you will see any hardware changes (even the smaller stuff like bluetooth) as it can cause a load or problems selling peripherals (both first and third party stuff). All the companies can do is use cheaper parts and scale it down
yeahokchief  +   585d ago
i agree with this guy.

sony's 2nd edition models usually come cheaper with cheaper components. look at the ps3 slim. it removed some of the fancier buttons and 2 of the usb ports with a matte plastic instead of the glossy finish. or look at the vita which went from oled to lcd.

i'd say they'll launch with larger hard drives though as hard drive prices drop with the advances in capacity.
Hitman0769  +   585d ago
I'd prefer no redesign. Just sell these for about 5 years then release a new generation of hardware. 8-9 years is too effing long...
Sarcasm  +   584d ago
Except it's been 7-8 years. Semantics aside, I agree anything beyond 5 years is pretty f'in long. I'm ready for a PS5 in 2018.
MidnytRain  +   584d ago
I'll pick up the slim at some point. You say that like they have to do one or the other. Wasn't Sony making the PS One redesign all the way up until the PS3 came out?
Knightshade  +   585d ago
I just don't care. I don't play the box, I play the games on the box.
R3ddBuddah  +   585d ago
*in ;).
hazardman  +   585d ago
Im ok with my PS4 as is for long run. The design is sleek and its already like having a slim. Cant wait to see what they do with Xbox One Slim design tho...
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2pacalypsenow  +   585d ago
lol 1 tb SSD LOL!!!!! consoles dont even have 1tb HDD stock in 2013 and HDD have been around since the 70's
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azshorty2003  +   584d ago
Yea, when I read line my eyebrow shot up like The Rocks and said 'huh?'.

OttoniBastos  +   585d ago
The PS4 is so tiny that slim version will be a portable!
AceBlazer13  +   585d ago
Near impossible , but if sony can get ps4 as small as ps2 slim that would be amazing. That thing could fit in some of my pants pockets
KratosSaveUs  +   585d ago
Idk how they can make the PS4 any smaller than it is. But I like to have the old consoles more than the redesign. I'm trying to keep my same PS4 for the whole gen and many years after.
feraldrgn  +   585d ago
I await the days when we lose our consoles down the side of our couch.
MacUser1986  +   585d ago
Geez they just came out give it time and enjoy the systems...
LAWSON72  +   585d ago
The PS4 IMO should not change for a longtime. It looks awesome and I hope for a white version eventually
SlavisH2  +   584d ago
Both systems look ugly as hell I don't care if I hurt some fan girls feels.
Hicken  +   584d ago
So, in other words, you're just trolling? You do a lot of that, huh?

Anyway, I dunno about the PS4. I like how it looks already; can't say I'm looking forward to a Slim model, but I imagine Sony's already got some concepts in mind.

As for the XB1, it's so nondescript... There's plenty of room for it to be slimmed down, but I'd hope they do a little something to make it stand out, too.
SlavisH2  +   584d ago
U mad? I guess I hurt your feelings, lol. U should look up trolling. The topic is redesign. I want both redesigned because I don't like their design personally. I don't care what u think that is why my original post was in response to the article not u. U must enjoy following me though since you're trying to stay up to date on my activity. I don't know who u r though :P
Hicken  +   584d ago
What you said was that both systems were ugly. You offered NOTHING on the subject of a redesign. Just came in, said something that had nothing to do with the subject- the redesign of their consoles- and left. If you had said even the first thing about redesigns/slim versions, it would have been different.

As for me "following" you, it doesn't take much to remember a person and what they type around here. I've seen enough of your comments, though, that I know I'm about to read something pointless when I see that you've posted.

Am I mad? Can't see why I would be. Also can't see why my feelings would be hurt. But yeah, you go on and believe that if you want. Ignorance is bliss, after all.
SlavisH2  +   584d ago
Ok man. U know when they redesign a system it looks different. I don't like the look of either system so i am looking forward to when the redesign are released. I did think i needed to write it out but whatever.
johny5  +   584d ago
If they make it any smaller...
The PS4 redesign might be as small as the wii!
Rimeskeem  +   584d ago
The slim design for PS4..... Im thinking a USB or something?
Rock_On_PS4  +   584d ago
Slimline versions of the current systems within 2 or 3 years will be launched in line with price cuts. Specs will remain roughly the same. PS2, PS3,Wii and XBox 360 released slim and slimmer versions over their life spans.
madjedi  +   584d ago
The smallest either will get in it's life span is the super slim ps3's size, you still have to account for the disc drive and 2.5 inch hdd.

They could eventually release a sku that is digital only, ie no disc drive but that's the smallest they could get.

I don't expect any significant revisions for either system really, maybe a cooling and mobo change when the use 22 nm cores and 14 if it makes it that long. I do expect ms to eventually phase out the behemoth vcr sku.

With the space requirements for games exploding with mandatory installs on both systems, i think they should redesign them to accommodate 3.5 inch drives.

My 500 gig ps4 is a maybe 260-270 gigs left, any that is with 4 or 5 retails game and maybe 4 or 5 downloadable games. So current capacity 2.5 inchs drives aren't going to cut it.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   584d ago
Well, I hope the ps4 redesign includes bluetooth
(yeah, not happening)
HollywoodShowbiz  +   584d ago
The phat PS3 still looks M-azing. Never going out of stizyle!
Tzuno  +   584d ago
Ps2 was small and gorgeous. If they can bring down to that size with current gen then hats down.
taijutsu363  +   584d ago
Go from a parallelogram to a perfect sqaure hell maybe even a triangle!
McDaygo  +   584d ago
Should be pretty easy to make the xbox one better looking, it's not bad, it's just a solid meh. The PS4 is small but equally as meh to me. But I never liked the designs of last gen, until their first refresh. The 360 improved a good amount, and the PS3 slim was a HUGE improvement over the initial design. End of the day I don't really stare at my consoles, if they work and don't break I'm happy.
PurpHerbison  +   584d ago
Bring back the George Foreman design Sony!
purp13m0nk3y  +   584d ago
They won't do a redesign untill they shrink the manufacturing process.

At the moment the APU's that power the PS4 and Xbox1 are currently manufactured on the TSMC 28 nm process node. Neither SONY or M$ will bother with a redesign untill they shift to a smaller process (20nm if they folow industry trends)

This shift will be to reduce manufacturing costs and to increase yealds while reducing power consumption of the console. Reduced power consumption will also result in a decrease in waste heat so the consoles can be made with smaller cooling systems.

A redesign before a die shrink would make zero sense from a business point of view.
kingdom18  +   584d ago
How much slimmer can the PS4 get?

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