Sony PS Day: No Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most expected gaming events as of late, the Sony PlayStation Day, is now over. Final Fantasy XIII, perhaps the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusive, wasn't there. The game wasn't even mentioned in the keynote.

The game will probably have an appearance during E3, as Square Enix recently confirmed they are attending the event.

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HighDefinition3576d ago

The beast is a about to be UNLEASHED.

TGS all that.

Cwalat3576d ago

Amen brother...

E3, and TGS... :D

08 awesome.. 09 even more awesome...


chaosatom3333576d ago

just the screenshot makes me think how good the FF series is going to be.

Real gamer 4 life3576d ago

Ofcourse they are going to save ff13 for tgs. Japan wil have a total meltdown when this game shead some light.

Expy3576d ago

Playstation day is mostly bout first party/second party developers and hardware news. 3rd party stuff usually appears at bigger events.

Apocalypse Shadow3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

couldn't have said it any better.

ffxiii will be used at E3 or TGS to further push ps3 momentum.but once ffxiii and VS demos gets dropped on psn,haters will cry.

and haters that call themselves "neutral" because they couldn't live without ps3(and excuse it as,"i'm a gamer."),will try to hide their bitterness that they're exclusive to ps3 by saying we got infinite undiscovery like it's even on the same level as FF.


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