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Our most-anticipated games in 2014

Games in Asia: "Gamers say this at the start of every new year, but 2014 is looking damn exciting. There are a ton of new games already announced, but here are the ones that really have us on the edge of our seats waiting to play." (3DS, Bravely Default, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, Kingdom Under Fire II, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360)

vergilxx3  +   112d ago
Hell yeah im waiting for Final Fantasy X for vita
NukaCola  +   112d ago
I wish Kingdom Hearts comes to Vita as well.
kayoss  +   112d ago
It's sad when us fans of the final fantasy series is more excited about a final fantasy game that was released over more then 12 years ago then the upcoming final fantasy 13-3.
killbillvolume12  +   112d ago
Well said well fucking said. I am also loving ff7 and 8 on steam as well ;D
GenericNameHere  +   112d ago
I'm excited for both Lightning Returns and FFX/X-2 HD.

I've already invested around 190 hours combined for both FFXIII and FFXIII-2. 110 hours to platinum FFXIII, and around 80 hours to platinum FFXIII-2. I found both games great, and the combat fast and sleek. Switching paradigms can be very hectic and challenging, yet fun. Since I've already spent almost 200 hours on the Lightning saga, might as well get Lightning Returns and finish the trilogy.

As for X/X-2, I just can't wait to revisit them with contents that never came to the US. I can't wait to play FFX again, even though I just beat the game for the first time last year. I've had X-2 before, but haven't finished it. I was like at a desert or something, and just stopped. I'll try to finally finish it next year though.

As for why more people are excited for FFX/X-2 HD, remember that DQVIII are releasing on iOS devices. Yes, really. I'll say it again. Dragon Quest VIII... On iOS. This is Square Enix we're talking about. I'm extremely happy that the world of Spira in HD is on PS3 instead of iOS. I'm guessing Sony will never get a mainline DQ game ever again, but Nintendo also won't ever get a mainline FF game again.
Bebedora  +   112d ago
I did FFX really good. Bought FFX-2 and found the sexism in it just stupid and disturbing. So after 15 hrs of play I couldn't touch it. My loss I guess. But I still want to know what made you want to invest so many hours in FFXIII. What was it? I am just wondering b/c I am curious. I might give it a try.
GenericNameHere  +   112d ago
Well, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, AND Pokémon Soul Silver (my cousin got Heart Gold) all did come out around the same time, which was early March 2010. I cycled through those games. If I remember correctly, I got the platinums for both GOWIII and FFXIII the next month. GOW plat on April 4, and FF plat around the 20th.

As you can see, I was basically done with FF in less than 2 months, so while FFXIII was already being called the worst FF ever by a lot of fans, it was still the "early" kind of hate. I just blocked out the negativity surrounding the game, and went through it by my own pace. What made me play the game was... It wasn't that bad. Well, you can look at my post history, and you can see I've also been guilting of bad-mouthing the game, but in all honesty, I kinda liked it. Graphics were good (it and GOWIII around the same time, oh my beautiful PS3 haha!), I could actually tell the difference between Fal'Cie, L'Cie, Pulse, etc (something the "haters" said they didn't understand), the gameplay was exciting, there were some really intense and awesome CG cutscenes, there were awesome bosses, etc. The OST? Phenomenal! I guess I could go in-depth about what I liked about these, but in general, I just personally like them.

The main story probably took me around 45 hours to complete. I don't remember how long it took me to finish the stories in other FF games, but I do remember FFIV's, and that game was only 20 hours long. The extra 65 hours? GRINDING!! The platinum was a chore. Go look up the trophy list. They're all straight-forward, but good luck spending dozens of hours finishing them. At least FFXIII-2 didn't have a trophy for getting all items.

Btw, do you like elevator music? If so, click on this video and listen to it
I fancy myself as a person who like classical music, and this is just one of the many songs in the FFXIII OST I can listen to anytime. It's called Yaschas Massif. You don't get to hear until you get to Gran Pulse, but when I did, I was like "whoa! This music is dang good!". It's a shame FFXIII-2's OST (or at least the one that came with the CE) wasn't as good.
vergilxx3  +   112d ago
Yeah It's funny isn't it?
I guess ff games back then had it's magic
Gooch_suplex_Hold  +   112d ago
Persona 5 is mine.
The_Villager   112d ago | Trolling | show

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