Stunning New Killzone 2 Screen Released

Sony's press site had been updated with this image of Killzone 2, hopefully followed by more soon.

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sonarus3874d ago

I'm not going to lie, that looks fantastic

HighDefinition3874d ago

Is becoming a REALITY.

This day has been insane.

thor3874d ago

Yeah it has that cool grainy look you get from ambient occlusion as well (faked here of course), but still the character models look on par with crysis from this distance :O

Statix3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Thor, I'm not sure you know what you're talking about. Ambient occlusion doesn't cause a "grainy look." Nor do you or I know whether it's "faked" here. I kinda doubt you know what ambient occlusion is; maybe you can elucidate it for everyone.

jwatt3874d ago

Yes it's day time, well I was confident they weren't going to have the whole game at night.

thor3874d ago

Actually I've done 3d art for years. Ambient occlusion gives it that kind of finish. I know perfectly well what it means, it simulates the percentage of surrounding light that can reach a surface, rather than just deciding whether things are in shade or not. I know it's faked, well approximated shall we say, because it takes an awful long time and a raytracer to do it properly. They have probably baked some AO maps beforehand, but they won't change as objects and characters move around. It makes for more realistic lighting, though.

Ghoul3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )


no need to get angry here thor said it absolutly right, and yes it DOES give you a slightly "grainy" look to it couse most aoc maps arent that highres to save texture memory, that way you get some rather unsmoothed aoc bakemaps.
you overreacted to the word grainy couse most people wont see the grainyness us 3d artists see.

and yes it is faked as realtime aoc isnt ready yet, we have some very promising engines and thirdparty code coming this way but its more then 4-6 years away to see it in action in a video game.

Expy3874d ago

Processing is the PS3's domain, it's what it does best, and it is a raytracer as well (Cell Processor).

Statix3874d ago

Well in that case, consider me "pwned." It seems like you probably know quite a bit more about the subject than I do, and aren't the "noob" that I initially thought you were.

Ghoul3874d ago


every cpu is a raytracer as raytracing (like the name suggests) is just a render method tracing every ray instead of the regular realtime fake textures you use like, reflection maps, aoc, etc.

even the ps3 wont give us ingame raytracing in this gen, i even doubt any gaming system will ever do it since raytracing isnt needed its far to expensive to calculate for the little + in realism you can easily fake without the average joe seeing the difference.

titntin3874d ago

Ambient occlusion maps are greyscale images, and as such, are not a big drain on memory at all - there is certainly no need to use a low resolution that would cause graininess. Indeed, the only graininess I've seen in AO maps comes from 3D artists who don't know how to set up the ray tracer to achieve decent smooth results. AO maps are often baked into the vertices's as lighting info anyway (the last two next gen engines I worked on used this method) so the texture map isn't even stored. There's not a 3D games artist in the world could look at that image and say they were using AO maps or not - and the 'film grain look' that appears to be being referred to is most likely a post video process as its perfectly viewable in non occluded areas.
Sorry to be picky, but I've been a digital games artist and and animator for more than 15 years, so I feel compelled to offer those observations.

As for the image - it looks great, and profession aside, as a long time gamer I'm excited to see games imagery starting to achieve this standard and I hope the game play lives up to the great visuals.
There's a look to the shots I've seen from this title that shows an extremely well released lighting engine making this one of the best most realistic lit games I've ever seen and a cut above some of the other engines out there.
I actually turned down a contract at the beginning of the year working on these environments (I didn't want to move away from the wife for the duration of the contract) - but I have to say, looking at this screen shot and anticipating more, I might regret that decision! :)

Honolulu3874d ago

Met some of the good people from Illuminate Labs some weeks ago at the pub, and they said they're using some kind of dynamic occlusion technique that goes by the normal map among other things. It's not completely accurate though, but it sure looks awesome nonetheless.

Ghoul3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

@ tintin

well said thanks for taking the time to write this acurate reply :D
you are right though you cant spot AO maps in the open that easy

in fact for everyone interested in GG deffered rendering technology

damn interested paper for gamedev/artists and gamers alike

page25 shows you the incredible scene lighting GG accomplished in killzone2 wich for me is the most impressive realtime lighting i have ever seen

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St03874d ago

hmm looks good, wouldn't say it was "Stunning" though

decapitator3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Yeah, stunning is an understatement. You mean amazing right ? Agree with you if thats what you mean.

Fishy Fingers3874d ago

1 screen? Most games, that wouldn't excite me, but this is KillZone 2 :)

IIamback3874d ago

Am i the only one not impressed? It looks even more dumbed down....

pwnsause3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

thats cause the image is compressed. BTW this is the first image that we actually see daylight in KZ2. lighting looks amazing. possibly up to Crysis standards when it comes to lighting.

Fishy Fingers3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

1 screen is hardly enough to judge something.

But just from that I can see...

Volumetric clouds
What look like soft shadows
Huge amount of AA
Real time dynamic lighting
Massive draw distance

.. all that from a compressed shoot. Not bad for a game with over six months true development time remaining ;)

Personally I want to see some flames/fire, that was my only concern with the E3 gameplay videos, but hell, even that wasn't bad.

sonarus3874d ago

You might be the only one. The backgrounds look a little dull which can be expected of an incomplete game but the characters and the lighting are simply stunning

Statix3874d ago

Honestly, it looks improved to me. And trust me, I'm a realist, not a fanboy, when it comes to evaluating graphical quality; I criticized the PS3 version of GTA4 heavily for its graphics when it came out. But this is one of the best, at least better, looking screenshots of Killzone 2 that we've seen.

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DarkSniper3874d ago

Killzone 2 will undoubtedly be ten times more superior than anything offered on competing consoles. With Guerilla hard at work, you can make a safe bet in saying that Sony once again delivered their promise. Next Gen starts when Sony says so.


Montrealien3874d ago

with a 60 million plus budget it sur as hell better be the best thing this side of FPS shooters.

Mwaan3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

lol. So the next gen starts in 2009? Character models look outstanding. I'm way more into this game than Resistance. Can't wait to hear what people have to say about the demo. If they can pull off those visuals without any compromises, I might kneel before my PS3.