January PlayStation Plus Free Games Leaked: Don't Starve, DmC, BioShock Infinite and More

A promotion video appeared in the PlayStation plus version of the PlayStation store may have just leaked the free games that will be available for free in January


The video is confirmed and legit. Visible on the Free games section of the PlayStation Plus area of the PS Store. It's safe to assume that the list is official.

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Eonjay1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Don't Starve!

Snookies121365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I won't, I promise. :]

Lol, seriously though. It's a fun game. Have it on PC, and I think it'll fit nicely on PS4.

imtheman20131365d ago

I really hope Don't Starve is actually a PS+ game in January! Love it on PC, and I'm excited to see indie games like it making their way to the PS4!

-EvoAnubis-1365d ago

@imtheman2013: It is. That was confirmed quite sometime ago, actually. Outlast will be next, and then probably the PS+ version of Drive Club.

TomShoe1365d ago

But but but... you don't own the games!

imtheman20131365d ago

@-EvoAnubis- yeah, I checked back and saw that it was confirmed! It looks like PS+ is going to be great this year :)

AliTheSnake11365d ago

Holy shit that's a lot of good games. I think January's free games just justified my PSN plus purchase.

Skip_Bayless1365d ago

That's what I call a value.

Great to own "all 3 systems" (PS4, PS3, Vita)

badz1491365d ago

Bioshock *freaking* Infinite?? in Malaysia, we just got Bioshock for free! granted that we pay less for PS+ and there aren't THAT many of us PS+ subscribers here, we also want newer games too. please...

aaron58291365d ago


my fellow countryman...

zeee1365d ago

Bioshock Infinite? HELL YEAH! Thank you Sony! Thank you, thank you so much! Wonderful collection to start 2014!!!

nunley331365d ago

Good list but I just bought bioshock infinite while on sale in the psn store so I hope it's something else. I will try DMC out and hope some of those January sales EU store is getting comes to the NA store.

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Derekvinyard131365d ago

quick question guys, i have ps plus but it will be ending in February. if i download bioshock can i still play it when it ends without renewing?

Bathyj1365d ago

No, any games you get on discount on PSPlus you keep but Amy games you get free you lose. Personally, I'd renew, it's so worth it, especially with so many free games coming out now, but that's your choice. Enjoy .

edgeofsins1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Ignore Bathyj...

Any games you download with PSPlus are kept, but not accessible if you are no longer subscribed. When you resubscribe you will get access to previous free content again.

So simply yes if you download Bioshock in January for free, but aren't subscribed in February you still have the game but you just can't play it until subscribed again. So once you have it no worries about losing it.

BcozoftheImplication1365d ago

No mate sorry you can't but that would be good! What you can do tho is tag the game then if you ever re-new it again it'll be there waiting! Meh...

Xalaris1365d ago


Great idea, let's ignore someone who's statement was completely accurate.

I really don't know what reason you have for brushing aside Bathyj, so forgive me for labeling you a dumbass. The fact is that any game that you download (or rather, buy) at a discounted price from a PS+ subscription are games that you keep FOREVER, whereas games you download for free are annulled once your subscription expires. With that said, you can renew those games as soon as you renew your subscription.

So everyone else reading this, please ignore edgeofsins.

kreate1365d ago

Both bathy and edge are correct.

Edge is just explaining in detail of what bathy said.

edgeofsins1365d ago


Except he said you lose the games. Which is different from not being able to access them.

Don't plagiarize me.

I was helping Derekvinyard13 out and Bathyj's comment is confusing. Don't be so pathetically immature.

Ignore the rash attention seeker.

cluckey071365d ago

Xalaris- Actually edge is correct. You keep the game and can download it again at any time as long as you resubscribe at some point in the future. He was correct to say ignore that person because even though you don't get to play it you do keep it. If your intentions are to resubscribe in the future you will get everything you already purchased/downloaded.

ShiranaiJittai1365d ago

@bathyj, @edgeofsins, @Bcoz, @Xalaris, @kreate, @ cluckey.

Seriously? Is that important to be right or to correct someone else to "show them up" We can't all just get along? Ok then

Edge is correct and Bathy is half right I have no idea why so many others have gone no so and so is or isn't right.

The simplest possible way to say this.

Shuhei Yoshida verifed, explained in detail and even recommended that this is what those who own a PS3 but don't yet want to upgrade to a PS4 do. So ya...

Also I have done this and recommend people do this all the time. It is how I entice my friends to rejoin plus. I have been a plus member since the first week it was out. To be perfectly frank the value wasn't really there in that first year. Sony knew this which is why a little over a year after the first year they offered every Resident Evil game for free. To get people to resubscribe. It worked for most people. I was not a member for a total of maybe 6 days when I was waiting to get paid? My "game content expired" in that time. The "License or Unlock Key" I guess you could say.

As soon as I resubscribed all I had to do was "reactivate" said license key. You search the game on the store it knows you already "purchased" it. If it is still on your system it reactivates the key. If you uninstalled it it reinstalls for free.

Further speculation. Did anyone notice the timing of when you were suddenly only able to attach your account to two devices instead of 5? people were abusing this.

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Bathyj1365d ago

Trust me, on Christmas day,I did not starve.

Bathyj1365d ago

I don't even have time to explain all the ways that is wrong.

ramiuk11365d ago

these have already been anounced by sony anyway.
its no leak

Deeke1365d ago

Wait...wasn't this officially announced by Sony on the PlayStation European blog like weeks ago? :o

I guess the confirmation that these games are coming to NA is news, and I don't believe BioShock: Infinite was on the docket for Europe.

Craigatorian1365d ago

Brothers has been getting a lot of good rep so that seems like a good game. B.I is a game that has been getting nominated a lot, I was just about to go buy it so I could play it next year. Guess I won't have to spend a dime.

dale_denton1365d ago

sony, thank you. that is all. cant say the same for those other guys.

TAURUS-5551365d ago

cant wait to DL dont starve.

PS4 is the best console ever

avengers19781364d ago

I kinda wanted to play DMC, it'll be nice to check it out for free. Was going to get Don't starve so if it's also free that's amazing.

IMO plus will be better then ever this year when it comes to the games they give away. After all they are requiring it for online play for PS4. There is just a ton of reasons for PS3 owners to also get a PS4.

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MRMagoo1231365d ago

well DMC is already on the EU (im in australia so im pretty sure its the same as EU) so i would guess DMC will be on the US one soon. I am hoping dont starve is on the ps4 psn, i had a blast on pc with it along with terraria.

admiralvic1365d ago

EU gets revealed a lot sooner and they already have all their games besides Don't Starve.

Watari3211365d ago

Bioshock Infinite, US Plus finally stepping their game up.

ColinZeal1365d ago

Glad for you guys but as with Borderlands 2, EU is bound to get it as well. :D

Eonjay1365d ago

DmC: Devil May Cry, Bioshock Infinite, and (as though it wasn't enough) Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons

PS Plus is such a good investment. I have a VITA, PS3 and PS4. Thats an incredible about of free content coming my way.

ramiuk11365d ago

meanwhile on xbox they have gears of war 1.
ps+ payf for itself in 2 months imo.
ifu have ps3,vita dn ps4 its crazy the amount of content you get.

prob the best subscription scheme i have ever seen and be part of

grailly1365d ago

brothers is the best game of that bunch, not because the others are bad, but because brothers is so dam good!

NegativeCreep4271365d ago

I thought it was all hyperBole, but PS Plus really is a sound investment that reaps dividends within just a month or two.

Because of PS Plus Ive been playing my PS3 alot more than my PS4, and now with DMC and Bioshock Infinite coming it looks like my PS4 is going to stay cool for a little while.

cluckey071365d ago

Watari- Stepping up their game? We just got Borderlands 2. Which is one of the most beloved games of last gen. Most people simply fell in love with it and the replay value is extraordinary. It is a year older but still there isn't room to step higher. Bioshock is however very looked foreward to.

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XiSasukeUchiha1365d ago

Still freshest lineup i ever seen

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