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Tomb Raider Gets A Live Action Fan Short Film

DSOGaming writes: "Time for yet another live action fan film for yet another video-game. YouTube's 'CanCinema' has shared a new fan film that is based on the latest adventures of Lara Croft." (PC, PS3, PS4, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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jc48573  +   556d ago
you know, this is kinda interesting. It's like the real Lara Croft died, but one is born again.
Blackcanary  +   556d ago
If they made a full film i would watch it that was really good and the acting was really good to.
boing1  +   556d ago
Who's Tom Raider?
hiredhelp  +   556d ago
Well done very well done however the little girl sounded american at the end... If she gonna be a Croft she need to be English.
However i love the short movie high quality motion video nice easy story there the movements pretty good too. We english not as bad as movies try make us out to be like bunch ass wipes.
Anthotis  +   556d ago
That was really well done.

Could've used an actress with bigger boobs, though.
saber00005  +   556d ago
Hmmmm... Though I thought the short film was really good, I don't think the "new Laura" is going to cut it... But, it doesn't really matter, because I still think the "real" Laura is still alive. It seemed as though they left it open for people to interpret how they want. Notice a fallen branch by her? Also, where's the other guy? If she actually died, doesn't really make any sense as to why her friend would take her name, and just leave her friend down bellow. Laura is an experienced archeologist and has tons of experience. Having her die, kinda blows off all the previous "old" games with her. It also kinda damns the recent video game since it would seem that this short movie was arranged to take place around or shortly after the "Tomb Raider: A Survivor is Born". :P Yes, play as a warrior survivor, then have her die shortly after.

But regardless of my rambling, I thought this short film was pretty good, and I would rate this short film a 9/10. Minis 1 point, due to the fact that Laura was able to kill all these experienced gunman, but was "killed off" by an inexperienced scardy cat loser.

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