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Amazon Rewards PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Buyers with Another Bonus Offer

Hardcore Gamer: If getting your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One wasn't enough, Amazon is offering buyers the chance to save $5 on select games. (Battlefield 4, Need For Speed: Rivals, PS4, Xbox One)

proskatercam  +   114d ago
I really need to pull the trigger on a next gen console already. As much as I want to play Dead Rising 3, I could probably only afford one or the other...
mikeslemonade  +   114d ago
Dead Rising Sigma on PS4.
ForgottenProphecy  +   114d ago
Honestly, the game line-up isn't solid enough on either side to choose just yet. I got my PS4 day one cause I had higher hopes for Killzone's single player, and I expected Watch Dogs Day 1, but PS4 is looking to have the better line-up of games later down the line again.
ramiuk1  +   113d ago
was easy choice for me.
left xbox and joined sony.

i also left last gen games like AC4,bf4,ghosts and im loving fifa 14,bf,ac4 on my ps4 so i have stuff to play.
completed killzone and its amazing visually but only gets really good 3/4 of way through
ChrisGTR1  +   113d ago
..why? both the ps4 and xbone suck really bad right now. i dont see a single game on next gen so far i can honestly say i need to play. just chill people eventually they'll get some good games for now im enjoying my ps3 and gaming pc :D

now if the ps4 had backwards c/ it be a whole different story , i would of bought that day one. but it doesnt so ill wait a year or two for games to come out
TruthBTold  +   113d ago
I bought PS4 and got fifa 14 (most played game) and KZ. Since I now joined PSOlus I also downloaded free games for my PS3 since I still play TLOU. So buying the PS4 has also allowed me to play more free games on my PS3. BL2 and Little Big Karting for free. Next month more free games. Should keep us busy while the new gen comes out with more games.
LAWSON72  +   113d ago
I agree all I need for the next year is my PS3 and gaming PC though I may consider a Wii U and/or 3DS sometime next year
bungahead  +   113d ago
Dead Rising sucks
admiralvic  +   114d ago
It's crazy the amount of support Amazon is giving customers. I've seen them upgrade people to free 2 day shipping on next gen consoles, constantly upgrading people to "day 1" editions, the free Amazon VOD credit and 10% off a PSN digital game, $5 dollar VOD credit with select purchases, the B2G1 free upgrade voucher and now this. Needless to say, they have my support for some time to come.
cell989  +   113d ago
That's why Amazon is king of online sales, their service is very admirable too
XiSasukeUchiha  +   114d ago
PS4 Offers might be more vauable?
thehitman  +   114d ago
I made away on Amazon like a bandit. I got a PS4 with PS+ and four games at the price of only $600 including tax/shipping.
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redknight80  +   114d ago
Wow, props on the bargain hunting! I was too impatient and got my launch day version with PS+ and just one game for around $540. I did rent some other games though so it made up for all that.
thehitman  +   114d ago
I did the same but if you worked around the Amazon deals they had that first week leading up with buy 1 get 1 free on game pre-order they gave you a code in your e-mail and go through customer support to add 1 free game. Then I bought another game and it applied another promotional extra free game to it for only $60.

Nabbed KZ with the bundle+NBA 2k14 free and bought AC4 and got BF4 free and with Amazon Prime free shipping on all of it.
admiralvic  +   114d ago
You just need to keep an open eye.

You could have easily preordered and got the standard system for $400.
PS Plus was $30 on Black Friday (we knew about this about a month in advance).
Target had a B2G1 free sale, BB had a buy 3 get a $35 gift card deal, Amazon matched Target and gave $10 dollars off Knack or KZ SF if you preordered Drive Club (even if you did it after the delay, perhaps even now) and places like Walmart were willing to match Target.

Doing all of the above could net you the same deal for $595 before taxes (many don't get taxed from Amazon and have prime, so this stuff might be moot).

@ thehitman

Thats cool you scammed Amazon, but keep that stuff to yourself. You basically got the B1G1 voucher from the bundle and convinced someone to I believe give you B1G1 a free game thanks to the bundle too. The point of the voucher was not to give B1G1, but actually give you B2G1, which matched their upcoming deal. So if you preordered 1 game, then you got the chance to buy another and get the free deal. People who preordered 2 games simply got a voucher for a free game, which really cements this point. Most people will never get this deal and you're extremely lucky to have even got it.
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thehitman  +   113d ago

I didnt scam Amazon I just used my head where a lot of people did not. If you had pre-ordered the PS4 bundle that came with a game they gave you a free code for an extra game in your e-mail I only had them apply it to my current bundle. Then I just went to buy another game seperately and they gave me another game due to their BUY 1 Get 1 free. Not buy 2. Amazon had 2 promotions leading up to launch for a few days and if you took advantage of them you made out like I did.

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admiralvic  +   113d ago
@ thehitman

My god, can you read my reply?

The promotion was still B2G1, it was just broken up.

Preorder 1 game, get a voucher for B1G1
Preorder 2 games, get a voucher for a free game

Thats it. It was not some loyalty promotion about how you preordered a game and got B1G1, it was Amazon doing a "make good" by giving faithful supporters first crack at games.
ramiuk1  +   113d ago
same bundle is about $900 dollars in uk
Eonjay  +   114d ago
I have a lot of games already and its mainly thanks to all the great sales on Amazon and elsewhere.
heisenberguk  +   113d ago
I've had 4 money off codes from amazon uk altogether, £7 off ps plus, killzone, knack and £10 off assassins creed 4

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