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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons NineKnights.net Review

When I saw Brothers released on Summer of Arcade for 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade I passed over it. Boy, do I regret that now! (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 10/10

come_bom  +   523d ago
For me it was one of the best, if not the best, downloadable title from last console generation.
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NineKnights  +   523d ago
Agreed. I felt like this game came out of no where!
PeaSFor  +   523d ago
BTW Its gonna be on PS+ in January
_QQ_  +   523d ago
I have this in my steam backlog, can't wait to get to it.
IronChefWong  +   523d ago
Free for PS Plus in January whatt uppp!
NineKnights  +   523d ago
Yeah just saw that post. Wish Microsoft would get with the times... free Is free... but....
IronChefWong  +   523d ago
I'll definitely have to check this out, but I'm really excited for Don't Starve. I was really waiting for them to confirm it for the North American update.
NineKnights  +   523d ago
Another lucky pickup for PlayStation gamers lol. I've heard great things, and will probably pick it up next time I see it for sale on steam.
DigitalRaptor  +   523d ago
Just bought this in the January sale. Heard great things already and this solidifies that.
ElementX  +   523d ago
I just finished this a couple days ago. It's a beautiful game and while not challenging, it was a fun experience.
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Jevous  +   523d ago
It's this year's Journey.
Venox2008  +   523d ago
this game is amazing, I agree with score.. this game really feels alive, btw on 3D TV it looks even more amazing :)))
JoGam  +   523d ago
Its in 3D?
Venox2008  +   523d ago
no, but my tv can convert 2D to 3D, sure it's not as good as it game had 3D inside, but it's still good, really :)
BoNeSaW23  +   522d ago
Can't wait for January! It's good to be a PLUS member!

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