Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

When I saw Brothers released on Summer of Arcade for 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade I passed over it. Boy, do I regret that now!

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come_bom1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

For me it was one of the best, if not the best, downloadable title from last console generation.

NineKnights1010d ago

Agreed. I felt like this game came out of no where!

PeaSFor1010d ago

BTW Its gonna be on PS+ in January

_QQ_1010d ago

I have this in my steam backlog, can't wait to get to it.

IronChefWong1010d ago

Free for PS Plus in January whatt uppp!

NineKnights1010d ago

Yeah just saw that post. Wish Microsoft would get with the times... free Is free... but....

IronChefWong1010d ago

I'll definitely have to check this out, but I'm really excited for Don't Starve. I was really waiting for them to confirm it for the North American update.

NineKnights1010d ago

Another lucky pickup for PlayStation gamers lol. I've heard great things, and will probably pick it up next time I see it for sale on steam.

DigitalRaptor1010d ago

Just bought this in the January sale. Heard great things already and this solidifies that.

ElementX1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

I just finished this a couple days ago. It's a beautiful game and while not challenging, it was a fun experience.

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