Home to Debut at the End of the Year - 1UP

1UP reports:

"Playstation 3 owners hoping to see a Home debut any time soon will have to wait a little bit longer.

During his Playstation Day keynote this morning, Sony's Kaz Hirai announced that Home will not see public release until the end of the year. Kaz apologized for the delay, but said that he did not want Home to open to the public until he's happy with it. He also took the time to highlight the Playstation Network, saying that it has now reached 8 million sign-ups worldwide.

With LittleBigPlanet debuting in October, expect Home to follow soon after..."

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Mr_Showtime13873d ago

Stick to your word this time, dont dissapoint again

wibble3873d ago


I've mentally played Home many times and I'm bored of it already. Scrap it, Sony.

and anyway, isn't GTA online a form of Home, but with cars and stuff? :)