Media Create hardware sales (12/16 - 12/22)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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MatrixxGT1304d ago

I know the holiday sales is a boost but nice to see vita, wiiU, 3ds doing really well. All new consoles topping their successors.

tubers1304d ago

Topping their successors?

Do we have sources if they're really doing better in YoY compared to predecessors?

I'm confident the Wii and PSP had better sales in the same time frame.

ritsuka6661303d ago

All new consoles topping their successors. '''

Ps Vita is not topping PSP dude.

ssj4wolf1304d ago

Nice to see the vita doing better.

GribbleGrunger1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Three people don't think it's nice to see the Vita doing better, but I agree ... and merry Christmas

And a Happy Christmas to anyone, regardless of what console they bought, what opinions the have or how much they've disagreed with me. We are just people who play games. Exchanging blows over this plastic war doesn't mean we can't still end up friends.

Edit: Happy Christmas to the person who disagreed with me. There are worse things in life than consoles. :)

Unreal011304d ago

I agree. Merry Christmas everyone, and to whoever got an Xbox One, PS4, Wii U or whatever, I hope you're enjoying it :)

GribbleGrunger1304d ago

@Unreal01: Happy chrismas, fella! :)

Protagonist1304d ago

It is the same little creatures, that claims gamers are hating on the Wii U, while all the same, they act it towards the Vita.

Realplaya1304d ago

Wow the Wii U the little engine that could. So Nintendo has a bright outlook for themselves all they have to do is pull a 3ds keep pumping out 3ds type software levels. They need to avoid the drought and in the summer they can drop a game or two when nothing usually comes out they'll be fine.

Wii U Fit January retail
DK tropical freeze in feb
MK8 in march or April
Zelda warriors game in may and a few others.

I can only see them getting better as time goes on.

Protagonist1304d ago

@Realplaya to your comment below.

What in the world are you talking about? You should check how Nintendo fanboys behave, before you make a comment of assuming

Relax with your stealth comments and tell the Nintendo fanboys "I think you should sit back relax and just play some video games as I always say unless you have stock in a company all you are doing is making the man rich."

PS dont bother answering back.

Realplaya1304d ago

@ Protagonist are you really serious you decided to hide your response in a earlier post that's sorta pathetic but it's ok. for one I'm a grown man and as long as I have a voice just like you I can voice my opinion I am not a journalist and I don't get a check from the big 3.

You know as well as I do you can pull 20 articles a month where both Microsoft and Sony gamers rhode Nintendo gamers hard. I can probably find multiple post from you. But that's not my intention. I will say it again sir you take the cake.

Fell free to comment ;)

Gabenbrah1304d ago

Great to see the Wii U doing so well, can only imagine the sales once those 2014 Nintendo exclusives release.

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The story is too old to be commented.