PS Day: PS3 outselling 360 since Oct '07

Sony Europe boss David Reeves has said that PS3 has been outselling its closest rival (Xbox 360) since October 2007.

Speaking at Sony's PlayStation Day event in London, Reeves added that PS3 has now sold more units throughout Europe than Xbox 360.

It's now sold more than Microsoft's console despite 360 getting an 18-month head start, he added.

To date, PS3 has sold five million units in Europe, PSP 12 million and PS2 48 million.

Reeves said Sony is particularly proud of PS3 unit sales in Europe as it's been achieved in a similar time frame to PS2.

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toughNAME3876d ago

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Playstation Day!

Kaz Hirai3876d ago

Today is a great day for the PerfectionStation legacy! Victory is imminent, my loyal disciples!
Emperor Kutaragi- next we must take America! Then the ENTIRE WORLD will belong to us!

37 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Sir Ken Kutaragi3876d ago

'PS3 outselling 360 since Oct '07' ;-P (Of course!!!) ;)

+I think our time as 'Sir Ken Kutaragi' and 'Kaz Hirai' and other names will be over soon my dear friend :-(

Look at -

and look at 'zslash' Comment.

He says -

'On a related note, you guys should stop people from registering under the names of company executives.

Look at these guys:

All they do is bash other consoles and make pro 360 / PS3 posts.'

Er erm!!! ;-D

Why can't i use 'Ken Kutaragi' name for??????????????????
he says - 'All they do is bash other consoles and make pro 360 / PS3 posts'!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

What about - Mart,power of green,pp,ben hates you,realweaponchange,demon,blu r111,jenzo,t-0_ot-,callofwar22,
icewake etc etc??????????????????????????? ?????????????

+The Moderator said -

'The "hunt and kill" on these types of user accounts is in-process' ?????

WOW!!! xBoy FanBoy ALERT!!! ;-D
Why is he going to hunt me down for??? I have not done anything wrong???
Can't i defend the PlayStation Brand then???
+I'm not rude, i don't swear???


'PLAY-BEYOND!!! My Dear Disciples!!! Keep up the Fight!!!;)

Lunch3876d ago

Great job,I always knew EU was Sony land when it comes to games

Surfman3876d ago

i love europe
and canada

The Wood3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I don't mind if Sony decide they want to shout from the mountains at every opportunity if warranted but really hope they don't follow MS's trend mainly in the fact that they always seem to mention the 'others' in press conferences like everything is some type of keynote speech and we're doing better than x type sh*t. Its annoying. Humility shows more class even if you were doing well when everybody else thought and said you weren't.

Other than that, Well done Sony. Europe was always your second home.

PirateThom3876d ago

They didn't lie, though.

It's not like "we're so much better than Microsoft", he's just stating fact.

The Wood3876d ago

facts are facts and good news shouldnt be held back just to be overly polite but I find it annoying when companies bad mouth or use other companies as leverage to boost their own. There are other ways, like I said I just hope they don't stick to this new trend. Keep it humble. Let the others speak. Release figures to a third party who could then say x is doing better that y, I dont know

Ben10543876d ago

doesnt normally compare themselfs to others (microsoft), normally they compare the ps3 to the ps2 or the last year of ps3 sales. unlike microsoft, "we can now comfirm we are outsellin ps3 2-1", "gta 4 is sellin twice as many on xbox", "we are the best"

HighDefinition3876d ago

Alot of people are under the misconception that the 360 is outselling the PS3 still.

But I agree w/ what you saying.

bubble as always.

meepmoopmeep3876d ago

i agree, The_Wood

keep it humble and don't be like the other guy.
but then again, the other guys never got as much flack as any Playstation ever conceived.

Mr Marbles3876d ago

but these companies don't exist to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about them. They exist to make their share holders money. Bragging about how much better than your competition you are, is what sells stock. If wall street sees MS as stronger than Sony, they dump Sony stock and buy MS, Sony wants MS to appear to be weaker than them, thus we get all the bashing and boasting from BOTH sides, plus Sony started this crap long before MS got into console gaming, it is Sony's nature to be arrogant and boastful, always has been, MS just tries to do the same.

The Wood3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

In Europe and Asia spokespeople from the original companies home rarely dismiss their competitors. I rarely hear a BMW spokesperson downplaying Mercedes or Honda dismissing Toyota. Up until about 12 years ago companies weren't even allowed to mention other companies in a negative light in advertising and public speeches (Europe) I hear its always been allowed in the States. For me it just seems like insecurities/fear. You can 'big up' your own status without downplaying others. If your mouth is constantly full of the names of your competitors then it wreaks of fear to me personally. The non-indigenous spokes people of these organisations seem to adopt this type of behaviour more than the indigenous ones. Im sure its a cultural thing. The format war was arguably bigger than the console war yet I rarely saw spokespeople from Sony et el or Toshiba Japan badmouth each other to the extent at which the console war has.

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gonzopia3876d ago

That's eight months of outselling, which is impressive, and is a fact that certainly should be covered better by North American gaming media, who seem to ignore stats like these.