Online Services Shutting Off For Gran Turismo 5 & Resistance Trilogy

JPS Writes: "PS3 gamers should know that online services for Gran Turismo 5 and the Resistance trilogy are going offline."

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ShadyDevil1490d ago

That totally makes me almost want to cry. :( Resistance Trilogy Especially. Resistance 2 co-op was unforgettable.

calis1490d ago

R2 was friggin awesome, except it just got wraithers ruining it.

Surprised they are doing all the Resistance games at once. R1 is still going.

Thankfully I got my 10k trophy.

showtimefolks1489d ago

to this day the worst thing abut resistance 3 was removal of 8 player co-op. How could Insomniac remove a feature that was played more than any other online mode

it was a perfect co-op because you need specials on the team, not everyone could be a soldier. you had to have medics,soldiers,ones who would provide more ammo etc, to success otherwise quick death and game over

cyril sneer1489d ago

Yeah i never understood why they took out the coop for the third game used to love playing as a medic.

Felonycarclub81489d ago

I hate when this happens, Wish there was a way to be able to play old online games

combatcash1489d ago

Maybe peer to peer isn't too bad. GT 5 and The most recent Resistance games aren't that old.

This sucks for people that actually still play these online.

Tornadobounce1489d ago

Ha. I'm still playing rainbow six vegas

Indo1489d ago

Rainbow Vegas 2 was the funniest multiplayer game I got last gen. And had actual players using mics

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The story is too old to be commented.
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