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Online Services Shutting Off For Gran Turismo 5 & Resistance Trilogy

JPS Writes: "PS3 gamers should know that online services for Gran Turismo 5 and the Resistance trilogy are going offline." (Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, Resistance: Fall of Man)

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ShadyDevil  +   615d ago
That totally makes me almost want to cry. :( Resistance Trilogy Especially. Resistance 2 co-op was unforgettable.
calis  +   615d ago
R2 was friggin awesome, except it just got wraithers ruining it.

Surprised they are doing all the Resistance games at once. R1 is still going.

Thankfully I got my 10k trophy.
showtimefolks  +   614d ago
to this day the worst thing abut resistance 3 was removal of 8 player co-op. How could Insomniac remove a feature that was played more than any other online mode

it was a perfect co-op because you need specials on the team, not everyone could be a soldier. you had to have medics,soldiers,ones who would provide more ammo etc, to success otherwise quick death and game over
cyril sneer  +   614d ago
Yeah i never understood why they took out the coop for the third game used to love playing as a medic.
mrmarvel29  +   615d ago
Felonycarclub8  +   614d ago
I hate when this happens, Wish there was a way to be able to play old online games
combatcash  +   614d ago
Maybe peer to peer isn't too bad. GT 5 and The most recent Resistance games aren't that old.

This sucks for people that actually still play these online.
Tornadobounce  +   614d ago
Ha. I'm still playing rainbow six vegas
wishingW3L  +   614d ago
me too. XD
Indo  +   614d ago
Rainbow Vegas 2 was the funniest multiplayer game I got last gen. And had actual players using mics
TheFallenAngel  +   614d ago
Isn't this a duplicate of http://n4g.com/news/1424528...
NarooN  +   614d ago
Yeah, this was already posted.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   614d ago
call me a giant noobie if you must, but i always thought p2p servers are sustained by the userbase playing? am i wrong? did these games use dedicated servers?
wishingW3L  +   614d ago
most PS3 exclusive games ran on dedicated servers except for Uncharted. So Uncharted will last till Sony shuts down the PS3's PSN.
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fr0sty  +   614d ago
Which is quite funny when you consider all the fanboys who have been making noise over how cool their supposedly exclusive dedicated servers were.

It's a sad thing when a game is killed like this. MAG was easily one of my favorite shooters of the generation, and it dies next month. Unlike Resistance and GT5 though, it has no offline mode. Thank god Warhawk is still going.

Of all the things that PC gamers like to brag about which are exaggerated or simply are not true, this is one thing that they have consoles on. You rarely hear of PC games no longer working due to having the servers shut down.

In the end, though, the trade off for having more (and higher budget) exclusives, as well as getting the mutliplats first on most occasions is worth it to me.
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TheKayle1  +   614d ago
the difference is that sony rent dedis..so it need to turn it off when they seem to go in loss...meanwhile ms with their infrastructure can keep them up for how much they want (check f3 f4 etc etc)
jerethdagryphon  +   614d ago
Now that will suck when that happens . Perhaps they will lett us download a copy of out psn stuff as a backup before otherwise we loose stuff we paid for
tigertron  +   614d ago
R.I.P Resistance: FOM. You were my favourite FPS. :(

*Sigh* At least Warhawk is still alive, for now...
Master of Unlocking  +   614d ago
This is an absolute disgrace, GT5 has been out for 3 years only, and I don't plan on buying GT6 now, not with the very few differences it has with GT5.
Plus, Resistance trilogy? Resistance 3 came out what, a mere 2 years ago?
They've already shut off the Motorstorm servers; when there were still plenty of people playing Motorstorm Pacific Rift, MGS4, and they're going to close the MAG servers early in the new year 2014. I can't express how this feels...wait, I can, it's a goddamn rip off, a gyp, call it w/e you want, but this shouldn't happen! How difficult can it be to add a peer-to-peer option, or w/e it's called, to a game that had its servers shut off? They could just release a patch to enable it after they shut off the servers, for crying out loud! How do PC devs do?
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SoapShoes  +   613d ago
R3 is too soon but it really is a wasteland. GT6 is way better than GT5, only someone who hasn't played it would say it is barely different. Using that logic I could say pacific rift was just the same as the first just with monster trucks... -_- Although GT5 wasn't a surprise they did the same to GT5P despite its popularity.
jerethdagryphon  +   614d ago
Agreed they should patch in ptp matchmaking before they kill online
Bobertt  +   614d ago
Damn resistance 1 was teh game that made me go buy a ps3. I remember jumping all over the place and trying to get the laark to kill my friends. Resistance 2 co op was really fun the competitive wasn't bad either.
Coach_McGuirk  +   614d ago
not cool
titans9999  +   614d ago
Another reason why I never buy on line only games! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!
Section8  +   612d ago
Neither one of those games is online only.
JOLLY1  +   613d ago
That was quick! I am surprised at the GT5 part. Just because you want people to buy your new game is no reason to shut down the old one.

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