[Gaming Trend] Fighter Within? We'd be better off without.

Gaming Trend EiC Ron Burke reviews Fighter Within and hands out his lowest score, ever. How did Daoka release something so broken?

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Insomnia_841544d ago

Lowest rated next gen games only on Xbox One. This and Lococycle.

Knightshade1544d ago

I tried to be as professional and non-brutal as I could, but seriously...this game is hardly functional. It's pretty to look at though, for whatever that's worth.

MightyNoX1544d ago

@Peasfor : I'd forgotten about that label "Better with Kinect". Hah, thanks for reminding me.

MasterCornholio1544d ago


Better with Joe.

No seriously his video with the game is hilarious.

B-radical1544d ago

No one cares about this or lococycle thank the e.t dump site it goes! Ahaha

andrewsqual1544d ago

Hopefully this kills the time and money wasted on Kinect only games from the end of 2013 on. Kinect on Xbox One and this game, proof that real games STILL DON'T WORK ON IT.

mrpsychoticstalker1544d ago

The good thing about lococycle and fighter within is that Microsoft released them day one, giving users an opportunity to experience from a wide variety of games, there are always good and bad games on launches, these two are definitely bad and I never even thought of buying either.
Just as I never even think on using the PlayStation 4's "playroom" that is just bad, in my opinion.

NeoTribe1543d ago

The playroom has become sonys stealth killer app. People are using it alot to stream.

Insomnia_841543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

You can play the Playroom, up to you if you want to stream your gameplay to the world. You might be confusing Playroom with streaming and thinking of them as one but they are two different things. One is a game and the other is a PS4 feature.

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AilonTrusk1544d ago

Ladies and Gentlemen i give you the power of kinect; making your gaming console more expensive than necessary.

NoLongerHereCBA1544d ago

Nobody was expecting this game to get high grades. Not even fanboys, so that power of Kinect crap is useless. This is just a faulty concept that shouldn't have been released at all.

Knightshade1544d ago

That's not the case though! The Kinect has enough juice to make this game work - unfortunately the developers....didn't.

MRMagoo1231544d ago

Contender for worse game ever made perhaps ?

Knightshade1544d ago

Certainly of this year. I was going to cast my vote for Aliens: Colonial Marines, but it functioned. It was low-res, the levels were out of order, and the aliens were laugh-out-loud funny to watch, but it did actually work. This on the other hand doesn't, sealing its fate as my vote for 2013's worst of the year.

Iltapalanyymi1544d ago

waggling handsfest. i knew it would fail the day i first saw it.

TruthInsider 1544d ago

Kinect really makes a difference to games like... erm.... erm... There must be loads, i just can't think, they wouldn't have spent GPU money on making Kinect mandatory for nothing would they... Would they?

What do you mean "Its only purpose is for data mining/ad revenue"?

Microsoft wouldn't do that, they are the most transparent, likeable and honest company in the world.

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