Hiphopgamer Show: GTAIV Launch And Responses To Reader Comments

Hiphopgamer takes it to the streets this week! Here are the highlights for his latest show:

* GTAIV Launch in New York with interviews
* Hiphopgamer responds to readers comments
* GTAIV video review
* Aaron Greenburg yet again
* Current sales standings of next gen platforms
* Ghostbusters better on PS3
* Much much more…

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toughNAME3874d ago

Why I don't listen to the N4G podcast more.

I don't agree with some of your opinions (a lot of them actually) but I'm lovin the show keep it up man.

egm_hiphopgamer3874d ago

so tell me what didn't you agree with? so i can have a better understanding.

tordavis3874d ago

He doesn't like the fact that you didn't mention his name this time around. :)

JVIDICAN3874d ago

only thing better than a gamer is a hiphopgamer
good show and alot more entertaining then most of the podcasts around here

PS3PWNSALL3873d ago

Best show evar man! Forget about 360 sales Playstation will dominate the entire world once again!!!!!

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