Killzone 2 release date announced

At Sony's gamer day today it has been confirmed that Killzone 2 will be released in February 2009.
4:40 BST Killzone 2 will be released in February 2009.

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gonzopia3574d ago

We knew this was going to happen, even though some of us were holding on to the idea that it would make it out in late 2008. As long as it's polished and kicks ass... I can wait a few extra months.

Lunch3574d ago

Resistance 2>KillZone 2,I'd rather buy the former than the latter coming into late 2008!

Early 2009?Killzone 2 will be mine

gaffyh3574d ago

Woah that is a lot later than I expected. I exxpect this is partly due to dev problems and partly due to the fact that Hype is much greater around Resistance 2

Silellak3574d ago

I guess we won't be seeing the KZ2 vs. GeoW2 throwdown we were all expecting/hoping for.

It's a minor loss to the PS3's 2008 line-up, but there are still enough potentially-great games coming out that it shouldn't really matter.

Sort of like how I was almost happy GTA4 was delayed last October because I had enough upcoming 360 games to worry about the rest of the year.

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Bits-N-Kibbles3574d ago

o well, a lot of other good games coming out this year to keep me occupied

IIamback3574d ago

I think we all knew this is going to happen, i just wish they were more honest about it, we are not idiots.

toughNAME3574d ago

The only one I got wrong was MGS4, which I doubt will be delayed now

resistance1003574d ago

Its probally for the best, i mean they have 2 major shooters coming out this year anyway (socom and resistance), so it would be stupid to release them close to each other.