Gamedaily: wipEout HD Preview - WipEout HD is so gorgeous that it'll make us glad we purchased HDTVs

Gamedaily writes: "Although it made an appearance on Sega's doomed Saturn console, wipEout is more or less a PlayStation staple, appearing on every machine Sony's released. That trend continues this May, when the long awaited and downloadable wipEout HD hits the PlayStation Network. Despite it being a mish mash of other games in the series, this super fast and gorgeous arcade racer should quickly satisfy your need for speed.

Similar to previous games in the series, wipEout HD is about going fast and winning by any means necessary. It's a futuristic racer chock full of twisty tracks full of neon. You race to a techno beat against a series of skilled opponents, either computer or human controlled, and you'll need to keep your wits about you. In addition to navigating the well-designed courses, you'll also need to keep an eye on your competitors, who'll pick up weapons strewn across the tracks and use them to your advantage. (It's one thing to worry about crashing into walls. It's another to worry about crashing into walls and dodging landmines.) There are 11 items in the game that you or your adversaries can grab by simply gliding through them. The leech beam, for example, lets you drain your foes' energy, while the canon tears them to shreds."

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neogeo3872d ago

I hope they show this game today

ravinash3872d ago

I hope they just release the damn thing so I can play it.