Eight Reasons to use the PlayStation 3 for your Blu-ray needs

PSLegion has compiled a list of eight reasons why should use the PlayStation 3 for your Blu-ray needs.
The list goes thru the different aspects of the PS3 and boasts many features that makes the PS3 special from other Blu-ray players.

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Montrealien3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

I wont even read the article, but I will give you one reason....

It is the most affordable, fully upgradedable Blu-player in the market right now...oh and it also play some great games.

oops, I guess that is two...or maybe even three? hehe

MikeGdaGod3874d ago

this is stupid. why would you need a reason to use something you already own?

PR0NE3874d ago

how about if you don't own it? xD

pp3874d ago

i could think of one reason because ita CRAP

BeaArthur3874d ago

After my first Blu-ray experience I can honestly say I will never buy another DVD.

resistance1003874d ago

I didn't feel that way at first, however after going back to DVD i relised how much better blu-ray is, and now refuse to buy any more DVD's

Universial and Paramount hurry up and release American Gangster and Transformers on Blu-ray

BeaArthur3874d ago

I'll probably wait for the price to drop on Blu-ray's before I start replacing my old DVD's. I can't condone spending $30 on something I already own.

TABSF3874d ago

well dvd not great but it can support hd even cd can, they are only storage discs and can do any thing on them.