GTA crisis averted: new XBLA game tomorrow

After GTA IV hijacked last week's release on the Xbox 360 to make sure the entire network didn't explode, Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays are back on schedule.

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Capt CHAOS3872d ago

People keep going on about this AAA title, or this one etc.. And totally fail to notice the very large collection of XBLA games that can be had for cheap..

dan-boy3872d ago

some of the games on there are pretty good. and i've had a few hours of enjoyment out of them.

i wouldn't expect too much praise on a thread like this. if it's positive 360 news, you can normally count the responses on both hands on

OutLaw3872d ago

I enjoy Texas Hold'em on the Xbox Live. It's a pretty relaxing game.

hamburgerhill3872d ago

Well I'm glad to see that Xbox live arcade is starting to get back on track!

Nostradamus3872d ago

They only held back their releases one week, due to GTA4, which is understandable.

If you were playing Arcade games last week, I feel for you.