Eurogamer: WipEout HD Preview

Eurogamer writes: "Games that straddle the PS3-PSP divide tend to be re-released PSone titles, or games with graphics and gameplay simple enough to avoid awkward questions, like echochrome, but WipEout HD is a welcome exception. After two excellent PSP games, both of which introduced new tracks and gameplay modes, a download-only PS3 release based on the same content makes a nice precursor to the inevitable full-scale return of Sony's futuristic racing game. It's taken ages to arrive, but the goal - pin-sharp 1080p gameplay at 60 frames-per-second - is lofty enough to justify it.

As with the PSP game, Campaign mode scatters different event types across a hexagonal grid interface, lets you pick from a couple in the centre and unlocks adjacent hexagons as you complete them. There are straightforward races; speed laps, where you're given a target lap time and seven laps to try and beat it; time trials, where the target time is for several laps; tournament, where you complete a sequence of races accumulating points for each finishing position; and Zone, where the speed increases gradually and you have to survive as long as possible."

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