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Submitted by karamsoul 774d ago | news

eBayer Selling Xbox One for Way Below Cost…Or Are They?

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "Of course this will probably be gone by the time this is published (keep reading), but one ebayer either has no desire to keep their brand-new Xbox One, or they're in some dire need of money. Seller iknowthetruelv doesn't seem like a scammer, either, with 165 instances of feedback, all at 100%. So why hasn't this $380 Xbox One sold yet?" (Xbox One)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   774d ago
Xbone $379.99
Shipping/Handling $199.99

It still expensive, as heck don't be tricked people sorry for drag your heels
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ftwrthtx  +   774d ago
Someone will fall for it thinking it's a good deal. Lame.
Bigpappy  +   774d ago
That is a very old eBay trick (Get them on the shipping cost).
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   774d ago
Even on Amazon uk -
steve30x   774d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
Seraphim  +   774d ago
back end someone on shipping so ebay fees are lower. It is an old trick & something you have to often watch out for if you use ebay. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before ebay is going to require sellers to post actual shipping for all listings using a USPS/UPS/FedEx calculator based off package size/weight. Anyway, pointless, ridiculous article. shame this crap gets posted here
Godmars290  +   774d ago
Ah, humanity...

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theDECAY  +   774d ago
I dig the MST3K reference.
Chris12  +   774d ago
People are missing the point here, as is the article writer. The postage is clearly marked and the guy has good feedback. What he is doing is what many sellers do on eBay, they inflate postage to the maximum to avoid seller fee's as final fees are not paid on postage. It's something that many eBay sellers have been doing for years.

I'm not suggesting the rights or wrongs of fee avoidance, but I would suggest that is the sellers motive.
Gabenbrah  +   774d ago
I actually got my Xbox One for $520 with FIFA 14 and CoD Ghosts (In Australia, Xbox One's cost $600) Just have to be looking at the right time for the best deals.
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2muchw1nn1ng  +   774d ago
Wow. I honestly don't know whether to be surprised in a good way or bad, seeing as how it isn't good for a console to be selling at such a loss just a month after launch. Anyway, how'd you get that deal?
Gabenbrah  +   774d ago
I was looking on eBay randomly to buy something (Online shopping addiction) and saw a eBay Sales banner on the front page, clicked it and saw an eBayer selling a ton of Xbox One's and PS4's for $50 - $100 off retail with games. They were gone in minutes, luckily I got a PS4 for $500 ($550 retail in Australia) and got an Xbox One for $520 with 2 games as mentioned before.
2muchw1nn1ng  +   774d ago
WOW. Really? When was this sale?

And LOL, I'm also somewhat of an online shopping addict .
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karamsoul  +   774d ago
Good point.
kryteris  +   774d ago
$540 w/ tax, plus shipping fee's could easily be no profit for him. Or if a retailer very little extra profit.
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BattleTorn  +   774d ago
Oh the humanity!!

This has never been done on eBay ever before!!!
steve30x  +   774d ago
Theres an Irish website with people selling the PS4 at super high prices €650 €600 €900 €800

or an xbox one for €850
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bigdog_bud  +   774d ago
this is the reason that ebay now charges sellers 10% on shipping fees.

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