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Submitted by doctorstrange 780d ago | news

No Man’s Sky and Joe Danger Developer Hello Games “Totally Flooded”, "Everything in the Office Lost"

Hello Games, the developer of the lovable Joe Danger series and upcoming sci-fi epic No Man’s Sky, has been hit by flooding, destroying everything in the indie developer’s office. - PSLS (Dev, Hello Games, No Man's Sky, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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Eonjay  +   780d ago
Yeah I read this on their twitter feed. It sucks.
FamilyGuy  +   780d ago
Wow, Merry F@#kin Christmas, that sucks.
AliTheSnake1  +   779d ago
Inside job to get more publicity and launch a Kickstarter. Lol just kiddin. Although it makes sense.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   779d ago
Oh well. Shit happens. Get up get over it.

And it ain't sad... It's unfortunate. No lives were lost these developers could walk into any studio and get a job.

Think about the families who have ah loved ones killed on Christmas Day that's a sad story. Some business getting flooded is nothing to shead a tear over
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Kayant  +   780d ago
Yep I hope their data is backed up and safe also hope they are fine as well :p.
Foolsjoker  +   780d ago
Sad news...just in time for the holidays.
Prime157  +   780d ago
Insurance, backup, and everyone surviving, please?! More info!
ThichQuangDuck  +   780d ago
No backup it appears.... They talked about not wanting to go back in HDD I am calling lower your expectations highly delayed or cancelled
iiwii  +   779d ago
If I were Sony, I would be paying for professional data recovery on those hard drives. That's a whole lot of time and effort down the drain. It has to be worth the price of data recovery.
Hellsvacancy  +   780d ago
Is this a first for N4G? zero disagrees, that's is very uncommon

On topic this is VERY sad news, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it's not all a total loss
3-4-5  +   779d ago
One of the few games that looks just amazingly promising and this happens....:-(

Not cool

This is the type of thing that should happen to Superman 64, not this game.
extermin8or  +   779d ago
oh damn, saw the pics from guilford and... i've never seen it flood there before and when I'm not at uni I go there all the time... This is such a shame.
Mr Pumblechook  +   779d ago
Surely they have off-site backups? :(
-Foxtrot  +   780d ago
So the one good thing at the VGX could be gone?
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Intentions  +   780d ago
Not really, they can just make it again, although it will take a while.

Just hope they had it backed up or something, its sad when company's gets it data completely wiped.
imXify  +   780d ago
That's pretty wierd, I thought the basic rule when working as a dev is always having an external hard drive and sync it every day with the main drive before leaving.
Perjoss  +   780d ago
Agreed, you'd have to be totally insane to pump so many hours of hard work into something and not have it backed up at least once. Even if they lost all their work they seem to be a very talented bunch and very passionate about their games, so as long as no harm came to the devs its all good imo. Good luck to them whatever happens.
extermin8or  +   779d ago
They probably did, but it was probably locked away at the office or something over xmas and flooding.... would probably have gotten all that stuff too-don't forget they are a small like 15 man team (I think) :/ might even be smaller...
porkChop  +   780d ago
Most studios use things like perforce or alienbrain to back up all their data to off-site servers.
boing1  +   780d ago
Not sure why you get a disagree. We're using perforce in our company.
Bladesfist  +   780d ago
I am just a hobbyist game dev and I do these things, any major game dev will probably have multiple backup solutions and version control systems.
Riderz1337  +   780d ago
Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo should help them fund this game or something. It sucks to hear this happening to a four man/woman team. Hopefully they didn't lose any valuable data and they had back ups.

Would love it if some big publisher/developer helps them out though, especially since Christmas is tomorrow...Help them out!!!
mhunterjr  +   780d ago
That would be nice... But I think we'd be hard pressed to find a publisher who would help them without any strings attached.
Riderz1337  +   780d ago
Yea that's true, which sucks. Probably they would ask for exclusivity deals or something =(.

Sucks for Hello games though, on Christmas Eve this happens to them =(
Studio-YaMi  +   780d ago
If one of the big three helps them out without strings attached,I will have so much respect for whoever will help these guys get back on track again.

Such a shame,the best of VGX went down the drain ... :(
XiSasukeUchiha  +   780d ago
Learn from this experience and get a back up computer for secure purposes or get some more backup files
Wedge19  +   780d ago
Huge bummer! And on Christmas Eve of all days. Hope all is well and they bounce back quick
krontaar  +   780d ago
Heard this excuse before. Project zomboid anyone?
Pintheshadows  +   780d ago
Are you being horrible for the sake of it or does it come naturally?
KwietStorm  +   780d ago
mixelon  +   780d ago
Excuse? Having 2 laptops stolen when not properly prepared is a hell of a lot different to having your entire office engulfed by water in a random act of nature.

Pretty sure they have backups or they'd likely have said something on twitter.
krontaar  +   779d ago
They are similar in the fact that neither actually happened.
mixelon  +   779d ago
Neither actually happened? Are you insane? The Zomboid guys caught back up on the lost time as quickly as they could and massive chunks of Guildford ARE flooded, including where Hello Games are based. It takes a tiny amount of research to confirm that.

Holy crap. People have no grasp on reality at all. How is it easier for people to believe foul play or conspiracy when a well documented event has just taken place?
krontaar  +   779d ago
Right, keep spewing nonsense. How convenient that neither company could live up to expectations and suddenly both "lose" all of their work.
aliengmr  +   779d ago
krontaar is totally right, this "flood" story was concocted by these developers in order to not make their game. We all know that you can't just stop making a game, you have to have an elaborate cover story to hide the fact that you can't make the game you were making. I mean duh!

Bet their celebrating now that they don't have to make a game people had interest in. know...that's what you do...right? Its not like they could have completed work on a concept that is, in reality, quite a few years old at this point.
MoveTheGlow  +   779d ago
How to get news from a primary source:

Step 1. Process the information as you read it.

Step 2. Translate it into shenanigans worth snarking about.


(Really, Krontaar? Really?)
extermin8or  +   779d ago
Living near guilford, and having seen the photo's of whats happened which is pretty much unprecedented aswell-I doubt they are lying we're talking anywhere even remotely near the river is probably at least 3-5ft under water which is ALOT..... In some photo's the bridges which are raised considerably higher than the river can't be seen anymore save for the tops of the barriers... so this really isn't their fault bar that they whould ideally hve had some kind of backup although depending on how complex the stuff was (seeing as they were going to use procedually generated content) it might well have been backed up but just kept on site (a mistake however in an area that hasn't seriously flooded to this extent to my knowledge certainly in living memory if not longer...)
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mixelon  +   779d ago
They didn't lose all their work. Even in the case of Zomboid thry just reverted to an earlier versuon - it wasn't 100% gone. Zomboid is OUT (early access, much more developed than the version they lost.) I was just playing it! And NMS is almost certainly has no problems at all other than a short period of developer distraction. They have backups. Jeez.

Seriously? Are you trolling? Please tell me you're trolling!

You're seriously saying they - after specifically seeking publicity for a game that nobody knew about until VGX.. Got cold feet and were looking for some way out of the responsibility - so they decided to flush thousands of man hours down the toilet because.. Reasons. Then they saw that their neighbourhood was flooded and threw all their hardware in? The perfect plan!!!

Or are you accusing them of using it as an excuse to just lie about it despite the fact that the neighbourhood was definitely 100% verifiably flooded? Are developers immune to flooding now?

There are no words for how stupid that is.
LAWSON72  +   780d ago
Reminds me of when a power outage occurs in Game Dev Story lol. I got mad when that happened can imagine something like that happening in real life. Hope the game is not hit hard
CyrusLemont  +   780d ago
WHAT!?! That's devastating :( sure they can rebuild the game, but that doesn't change the fact they've probably lost thousands of man hours into their work and all their personal data has probably been lost as well. Poor guys, hopefully they start a kickstarter or something to raise funds to stay financially afloat and keep the project going. Probably one of the most promising upcoming developers. No Man's Land will make them huge if it lives up to what we saw at VGX. I wonder if that Robert guy from Star Citizen can help gather his backers to help out these guys. Considering he has a huge community of PC space gaming enthusiasts, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave a helping hand.
CyrusLemont  +   780d ago
No man's Sky*, my bad.
TH3BR3W  +   780d ago
If they had a kickstarter I would not hesitate to give up a hundred or two to them and I know a few people who would at least give a hundred. Hopefully they backed it up.
modesign  +   780d ago
well shit.
ivan510  +   780d ago
I have a feeling some bigger companies will help them out some how.
SoulSercher620  +   780d ago
That's really unfortunate. Hope they can rebuild soon. They don't deserve this.
HaveAsandwich  +   780d ago
so they have absolutely zero backups, offsite. no way.
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ELpork  +   780d ago
Ish, that's crappy.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   780d ago
we all know they were busy "playing" the game >_>
maniacmayhem  +   780d ago
Very suspect....

I don't know you think maybe these guys over promised on the game and couldn't deliver so they decided to "flood" their studio??

I know, I know I thought I hit you all with some illuminati, conspiracy for the holiday season.

I really, really hope they have this game backed up somewhere on something. And yes I agree with a poster above, Sony/Nintendo/MS should be racing to these guys rescue.
denero1  +   780d ago
I think like you in that regard hell in highschool they told us over and over to save our material big projects/websites/scripts

afterwards it becomes second nature to save or risk losing everything it's crazy to think these guys did all that and didn't have a backup
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mixelon  +   780d ago
Guildford was definitely partially flooded. Im more concerned for the neighbouring families (as im sure they are too).. Im pretty sure they'll have backup.


A shitty xmas for them though. :(
Pintheshadows  +   780d ago
You're are an idiot maniacmayhem. Most of Kent is flooded right now. You know the thing t=you are on called 'the internet'?. It allows you to look stuff like this up and not look like an absolute numpty conspiracy theorist.
maniacmayhem  +   779d ago
It's called a joke sh#thead which is why I said:

"I know, I know I thought I hit you all with some illuminati, conspiracy for the holiday season."

Which was followed by "I hope they have the game backed up," meaning I know what happened.

Take the bright holiday stick out your arse and cheer up mate or bloke or whatever you all say out there.
DoctorJones  +   780d ago
England was hit by a pretty severe storm and a lot of people have had trouble. Most of my fencing is down from it. They're not making it up, how is it suspect?
monkey nuts  +   780d ago
Most of the uk has been hit. Wales, Scotland and England. A village not more than 3 miles from where I live has flooded, all the storm drainage has overflowed due to the sheer amount of precipitation we've had these last few days. Absolute nightmare before Christmas, but people are helping each other, as bad as it is, times like these when you realise that communities are there for each other.

OT : I'm sure they had external backups or the twitter post would have mentioned the fact that they had lost everything.
DoctorJones  +   779d ago
Yeah sorry, I should have mentioned the UK as a whole really, I just said about England because of where Hello Games was based, but everywhere has been hit badly.
Pintheshadows  +   779d ago
Or, you know, you could learn what humour is you lemur licking animal shagger.
ziggurcat  +   780d ago
That really sucks, but the game looked boring as hell...
TheGreyWarrior  +   780d ago
This why we must all accept the clouwdz, they are our savior!
showtimefolks  +   780d ago
hope sony/ms and nintendo along with other publishers team up and provide some funding. That way the game could be co-published and be on every platform
Gamerita  +   780d ago
bad news indeed but to be honest the game looked utter crap.
Inception  +   780d ago
Man, i love their game so i knew their pain when flooding destroyed your stuff / property. Because in my country, flooding is a yearly event. It's really really sucks to clean up your house every single f*kin year when the floods came. I hated my government too who always gives empty promise about prevent this disaster, but turns out they did nothing :(
Ps4Console  +   780d ago
Merry Christmas to all at N4G keep up the great work & may the new year be a great one for all & peace to all around the world .
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Mexxan  +   780d ago
Smells fishy. Average consumers know to back up - so a game dev doesn't? Hmmm..... To ambitious a project?
mixelon  +   780d ago
The only thing fishy is people extrapolating based off nothing at all.

They didn't even say they don't have backup. Chances are they DO have backup.
aliengmr  +   779d ago
They probably have a backup, just not anything to use it on. Kinda need a computer to make a game.
Maxor  +   780d ago
So now this game will take 5 years to come out instead of 4. No biggie. I'm not sure why people are so excited about this game when zero actual gameplay was shown.
#23 (Edited 780d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Pintheshadows  +   780d ago
'when zero actual gameplay was shown.'

All they showed was gameplay.
Maxor  +   779d ago
LOL you thought that 30 secs was gameplay?
FragMnTagM  +   779d ago
I have a feeling that Maxor will be eating his words when this game comes out.

That was all gameplay. Look at a high-res video and look at the jaggies on the cockpit before he gets in. That was definitely gameplay.
Pintheshadows  +   779d ago
Are you serious?! You sir are a total danger to sheep's ringpieces. What is it with all the animal shagging degenerates on this site?
#23.3 (Edited 779d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mister_G  +   780d ago
Hope they have some off-site backups :-S
Holeran  +   779d ago
Bummer, sorry to hear about this. Hope you guys get all the help you need and aren't down to long.
hankmoody  +   779d ago
Wow. Talk about bad timing.
jay2  +   779d ago
Feel sorry for them .

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