VG247: The Bourne Conspiracy demo: impressions

Full impressions of the Xbox 360 demo of The Bourne Conspiracy.

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t-0_ot-3545d ago

Actually wasn't that bad, in my opinion.

Tetsuryu3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

How's the combat itself?

ThaGeNeCySt3545d ago

frustrating at times... but it's super simple... Y for power punch... X for regular punch... A to block.. hold X or Y for kicks... B for take down moves when u have enough adrenaline... the game is very high paced though... feels like a game SEGA would have made.

Eamon3545d ago

Is it on Live marketplace yet. I just checked and it wasn't there...

Maybe its not out in EU yet since I live in UK

Richdad3544d ago

Here in India, from last night

Whoooop3545d ago

Games based on movies that are developed later on with more time are good most of the time.

It looks interesting and the hand to hand combat looks cool.