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Submitted by Treezy504 780d ago | rumor

Sony Registers Dead Nation Trademark, PS4 Game is Imminent

Junkie Monkeys: It was not very long ago when Housemarque teased that they were working on another game for the PlayStation 4. While it was pretty obvious that their next game is more than likely Dead Nation 2 for the PlayStation 4, we never quite got a confirmation, just a tease. Today I’ve found more evidence that we will possibly be seeing more Dead Nation very soon. (Dead Nation, Dead Nation 2, PS3, PS4)

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SwordandShield  +   780d ago | Well said
Yes!!! Day one for sure.
Treezy504  +   780d ago
I really would love a sequel, the co-op in the first one was amazing, plus it got very challenging on harder difficulties. Great game, deserves a sequel.
piroh  +   780d ago
i got platinum. best PSN game ever even though i never finished Road of devastation DLC, hard as hell
abzdine  +   779d ago
waaaaaa, please make it happen
Old McGroin  +   779d ago
Agreed Treezy504, excellent game when played co-op and really liked the kill comparison by nation. Unfortunately when I bought it there was hardly anyone to play co-op with online so didn't get a huge amount of the way through it, definitely a day one buy for me on PS4 though (if I have a PS4 by the time it comes out!)
Eonjay  +   779d ago
Its is pretty much confirmed...
Bebedora  +   779d ago
I'll wait for the patch.
Godmars290  +   780d ago
Would be nice to see a DN game with open world environment which uses the same 3/4 view. You have to build safe houses before checking out an area and maybe have to deal with fellow survivors.
Kryptix  +   779d ago
This with 4-player coop would be amazing.

Really loved the first one and the structure of collecting points and upgrading your weapons and gear was fun. Hopefully we get to see more weapons in each catagory, like different assault rifles, smgs, shotguns, etc. and a survival mode with 100+ waves would be a nice addition.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   780d ago
Nice to see more games so 101 more new IPs after this
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SlapHappyJesus  +   780d ago

I just realized I was playing Nation Red . . .
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nikrel  +   780d ago
Thank goodness! I was just at the Dead Nation website watching videos remembering the game, such a fun game can't wait for a PS4 ver.
doctorstrange  +   780d ago
While I want this, quick thing - Sony regularly re-trademarks old games that they're still selling.
Pintheshadows  +   780d ago
YES! YES! YES! I can't wait. Dead Nation is one of the best twin stick games I have ever played and it looks great. I'd actually take a full title though.
LOL_WUT  +   779d ago
This game was fun but I enjoyed zombie apocalypse better ;)
Pintheshadows  +   779d ago
I didn't really like Zombie Pocalypse very much but to each their own. Happy Christmas.
MasterofMagnetism  +   780d ago
Hope this is a sequel and not just a PS4 port of the original.
DigitalRaptor  +   779d ago
Got a feeling this is an enhanced port for PS4 and Vita, handled by Sony.

I wouldn't complain, but I'd rather see Dead Nation 2 from Housemarque.
MasterofMagnetism  +   779d ago
I wouldn't complain too if it was just a port because I loved the original. I would much rather prefer a sequel like everyone else. Hope we hear about it soon.
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JW1080  +   779d ago
I think you might be right. I say why not both. A port for PS4 and Vita of the original Dead Nation for those who never got a chance to play it or would like to replay it on the PS4. Then Dead Nation 2. Everyone wins that way.
KillerBanana7  +   780d ago
YES, I loved Dead Nation!!!!! Still waiting on the vita release though :)
boing1  +   780d ago
I'm soooo in!
cyberninja  +   779d ago
Love the dead nation!!! Bring it sony!!!
Evolve  +   779d ago
Like the first one, DAY ONE for sure. I just wish they fix the problem with the online servers.
WeAreLegion  +   779d ago
Yes, please! And maybe a first person mode?
JW1080  +   779d ago
Hell freaking yeah! Bring it on. 2014 just got a little better. I enjoyed the first one with my brother on co-op. Was a really fun game.
jokia005  +   779d ago
dead nation psvita port was announced at e3 this year.
i think this is it.
ironmonkey  +   779d ago
omg yes!!!!!!!
Zefros  +   779d ago
Dead nation 2 is day one.
remanutd55  +   779d ago
So when is the vita version coming out?
hankmoody  +   779d ago
I recently got a projector and playing Dead Nation on a big ass 100"+ screen really makes all the difference. You can actually see the detail on the dude's clothes. One of the best zombie games ever. A four player version of this would rock.

(I was playing on a 37" screen before so you can imagine why I'd be so excited)
HaveAsandwich  +   779d ago
helldivers ftw1
snookiegamer  +   779d ago
Dead Nation was good, but I would love if they made it 3rd person rather than top down view. Something similar to that State of Decay downloadable Zombie/survival game by Zombie studios on 360/PC, which I didn't get to play as I have PS3.

Just my thoughts.....
Gamerita  +   779d ago
uncharted or this game will force me to buy PS4.

dead nation was super game & so was star dust. house of marque is 2nd to naughty dog.
smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Wait why would Sony have to trademark it if it was just a port or a PS4 version? Surely if it is just the same game it doesn't need to be registered again right? I mean the only reason it would need to be trademarked if it was something else right like a second Dead Nation.Or am I wrong?
Twinblade  +   779d ago
Meh.. I was hoping we get something like State of Decay.

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