Xbox 360 drive for €9.99 in Ireland

It may be a redundant format, but Irish bargain-hunters can get a 360 HD DVD drive (and media remote) for a ridiculous €9.99

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Calcio3542d ago

Worth it just for the media remote

FLOPbox 3603542d ago

<-----Xbox 360... the entertainment system for all your needs!!

See, Xbox 360 is cutting edge!!

A cutting Edge FLOP!!!!!

And we all know it hahahaha

crimsonfox3542d ago

made me grin i thought about smileing but then i decided it wasnt that funny

Skerj3542d ago

Whoa doesn't the media remote cost more than that by itself? That is a deal.

MURKERR3542d ago

and i tempted to but this deal for some crazy reason even though i know it wont work without the actual console itself

caffman3542d ago

you can put it on your pc. the drivers are online

Valin3542d ago

Just went down to xtravison now and picked up one for 9.99 with King Kong and the media remote. Also the guy sold me Shrek 3 and Transformers for 7.99 each! that half the price of the DVD editions.

ENNO3542d ago

The one in clondalkin???

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The story is too old to be commented.