IGN: Valkyria Chronicles Import Impressions

"It's been a while since we played a truly brilliant RPG from SEGA. Thinking about it, the last one was probably Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast back in 2001. Part of the problem in recent years has been SEGA's lack of focus, with a handful of mediocre Shining Force spin-offs and dilution of Phantasy Star Online doing little to remind us of the Big S that was responsible for publishing such awesome RPGs as Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon Saga. From what we've played of the Japanese version so far, Valkyria Chronicles could be right up there among SEGA's finest."

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SPARTAAN3848d ago

any idea on when the english version is coming

Homicide3847d ago

Its coming out Fall 2008, most likely August.

Lets-Game3848d ago

This game is awesome, my friend played the jap version and I was watching, it looked great I didnt understand anything in jap but he kinda explained to me whats going on and the visuals were good so I think its great from what I seen. He still plays it, gonna go check it out some more later on today. waiting for english version.:)

Rikitatsu3848d ago

and SEGA haters bite the dust

Valkriya Chronicles FTW !

clintos593848d ago

A must have game for me. :)

spacetoilet3848d ago

As a fan of original sound and voice tracks, that they would offer an English subbed version, with full original Japanese voice and sound.
I don't want a dub job. I mean, in this age of blu ray, we should have choice of both no? I mean a 50 gig disc!

lodossrage3847d ago

But it's more to do with manpower rather than disc space. After all, those are humans that go along with those voices. Not machines.

hay3847d ago

Yeah, but they have the jap version already so just record english and put both on the disc. 25gb should be enough.

lodossrage3847d ago

It all comes down to whether or not sega is willing to spend the extra time and money for english voice overs.

Given sega's current position, they might not be willing to put in the extra effort.

Although, it's stuff like not putting in a maximum effort that has sega in the "shadow of their former selves" position that they're in now.

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